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  1. Ken

    Your autism diagnosis and how it affected your life

    There have been may posts along this line, including polls, but I am more interested in those who received an early diagnosis and how it helped or didn't or hindered. Did it contribute to a satisfying, independent, navigation through the NT world? Did it provide a path to a successful...
  2. Ken

    Cataract Surgery

    I'm not sure where I should post this, so I put it here... Have any of you had cataract surgery and if so, how was it? What was the pros and cons? Any long term issues? My eye doctor says I will be needing the surgery somewhat soon and I am very concerned. Everyone I know that has had it ended...
  3. Ken

    Doctor's Appointment Anxiety

    I am still suffering from traumatic anxiety following last year’s annual doctor’s visit. Now, my next visit is due on October 3, 2022 and I am extremely stressed and depressed with dread. I would simply not go. I don’t think I really need annual exams, however, I am a type 1 diabetic and...
  4. Ken

    What is the Most Fantastic Experience You Have Ever Had?

    What is the most fantastic, breath taking experience you have ever had? Only your most fantastically good experiences. You can list more than one. I have a few, but no time to write them at this moment due to work schedule. I hope to post mine in a few days. Sorry for the delay, but I'm just...
  5. Ken

    You can't argue with a goat

    I just love this so much I wanted to share. I have it on my desktop and watch it when I need a boost.
  6. Ken

    Brain experiment reverses effects of autism-linked gene

    I saw this article this morning and would like to hear your thoughts... Lab-Grown Brain Experiment Reverses The Effects of Autism-Linked Gene For me, articles like this sets me on fire. It implies that Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome is an autistic spectrum disorder characterized by intellectual...
  7. Ken

    Interesting article on brain structure and autism

    Actually, possibly interesting. I haven't had time to read it yet. Rapid Growth of a Key Brain Structure May Be Behind Autism Just from the title, however, I suspect the rapid structure growth may be more likely a symptom instead of a cause. Just guessing - will have to read it...
  8. Ken

    Tyson's Run

    I just watched the movie, Tyson's Run on Friday. I'm curious if anyone else here has watched it and if so, what do you think. It's about a 15 year old autistic boy that was inspired to run a marathon in order to make his father not be so disappointed in him. My thoughts a little later. I'm at...
  9. Ken

    Scientific Studies and Understanding Autism

    I often find communications and expression to be very frustrating. I have finally come to realize that my perception of most everything is not the same as for most people. It also appears to me that medical science studies in neurology and psychology only document symptoms, traits, etc. of...
  10. Ken

    Depression Season

    Well, it’s here – the depression season. I think I am perpetually depressed, but the level varies. Anxiety elevates and exaggerates the depression. I have had a pretty good summer. Actually, it has been mostly good for me ever since COVID 19. But, now it’s social gathering season and most...
  11. Ken

    Air Fresheners

    My wife likes to use air fresheners and I hate it. If there is an unpleasant smell she sprays an air freshener to make it smell better. But, for me, it never makes it smell better. It still smells the same except that now there are two smells. I still smell the original smell and the air...
  12. Ken

    To Those Under 40 Whose Diagnosis Made Things Worse

    I notice that many of the newly diagnosed people under the age of 40 are disappointed and feel their life is worse after or because of the diagnosis. It pains me to see this, because I feel being diagnosed as autistic should not be seen as a bad thing. In fact, I think it should just be an...
  13. Ken


    I often claim to suffer anxiety from social things like being approached by someone or being watched, etc. Children induce anxiety to meltdown levels. When I say I am experiencing anxiety, I usually get the question, “what are you afraid of?” or “what are you worried about?”, etc. The problem...
  14. Ken

    Educating the Autistic

    My first awareness of what autism really is was when watching, in passing, a news cast where Greta Thunberg was giving a speech and mentioned she was autistic (2019). She did not fit what I thought autism was, so I started researching. That is when I discovered that all my life mysteries was...
  15. Ken

    How do you feel about you autism diagnosis?

    How many of you was disappointed, devastated, surprised or happy to be diagnosed with autism? (Self-diagnosis is also valid.) For me it was an elated revelation. As far back as I can remember, I have known that I was “defective”. From as early as I can remember until the day he died, my father...
  16. Ken


    I self-diagnosed in 2019 after watching a video of Greta Thunberg and then learning she was autistic. I was astonished and could not believe it. I thought autism was "Rainman". She was nothing like Rainman. That puzzlement prompted me to research autism. The more I learned, the more I started...
  17. Ken

    Fingernails on a chalkboard

    It appears that the sound of scratching fingernails on a chalkboard is extremely irritating to most people. How many of you are affected this way? It never affected me because I was born with a hearing defect, but that is not my point. There are other sounds that do affect me in a way that...
  18. Ken


    One of the many revelations I had upon discovering I am autistic is the answer to why I so often have such frustrating communication issues. The problem seems to mostly occur when directly speaking to someone, but not so much with printed text or talking on the telephone. The issue is that...
  19. Ken

    Why do people scream?

    I am curious as to your thoughts on why people scream. It seems that most people scream when afraid. Many, when something terrible occurs, stop all action and just scream. For the life of me, I can’t see a benefit to screaming. When something scares me, I usually lock-up, but I never scream. I...
  20. Ken

    Fear of Children

    I am curious how many of you are afraid of children. I have been afraid of children my entire life – even when I was a child. Hearing children scream sends chills up my spine, terrifying me to near petrified. I am afraid of people in general, but children are the most fearful. I can generally...
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