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  1. Outdated

    No more blinking and flashing adverts

    My internet experience just got a lot more comfortable - I disabled animated GIFs. I knew there used to be a setting there in Firefox somewhere, it took a bit of searching to find where they've hidden it now. It has made such a difference to me that I thought I should share it with others...
  2. Outdated

    New Telescope

    I couldn't find another appropriate thread to post this in, but I wanted to share: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-12-05/square-kilometre-array-telescope-construction-begins-in-wa/101733396
  3. Outdated

    Communication issues

    This is just ponderings and musings here, but maybe some of you can relate. What sent my mind in this direction was once again describing my issues with phones. English is the most extensive language in the world and my vocabulary is certainly not negligible, but I struggle to find the correct...
  4. Outdated

    Small change, big impact.

    I just caught myself checking the cost of car hire in different cities. Apparently I’m planning a holiday. It might be nice if sometimes I discussed these things with me first. :) I did a quick self analysis. Yes, I am planning a holiday. Why? It’s the new camera. They haven’t even posted it...
  5. Outdated

    Camera suggestions?

    I have to have another hobby again, or return to an old one. I decided maybe photography might spark a bit of enthusiasm in me again and get me out of the house more. It’s been an on and off hobby since I was a kid. I’m seriously thinking about another Canon SLR, that’s what my last camera was...
  6. Outdated

    Crass advertising

    Just doing a bit of online shopping and I noticed that my usual supermarket is advertising Halloween Specials. That probably seems quite normal to most of you except that I live in a country that doesn't celebrate halloween. They've upset their normal advertising routine this year, a big day in...
  7. Outdated

    Pickles on a Hamburger?

    I can’t stand them. Many Aussies can’t. There’s a few “American” food places opening up in Australia now but they never seem to last long, they’re over priced, their chips are skinny like bits of string and they put pickles on everything. A classic Aussie hamburger has a thick meat patty...
  8. Outdated

    First Computer?

    I was just remembering my first and I wonder if anyone else has fond stories to share. I was 19 years old in 1984. This was just before the Commodore 64 came out. I bought mine second hand from a Ham Radio operator, a TRS-80 that had been extended to it’s maximum of 48 Kb of memory, along with...
  9. Outdated

    Weather Affected

    Spring has finally sprung, and oh what a difference it has made to me. For 4 days now I haven’t had to have a heater on, clear blue skies and bright sunshine with gentle breezes have lifted my mood dramatically. I can open windows and let fresh air in. Some of you will find this disgusting but...
  10. Outdated

    Phone Calls

    I know a lot of other people have this problem but I wonder to what extent. I hate making phone calls. Right now it’s 2:00 am and I don’t want to go to bed yet because in the morning I have to make a phone call. It’s ridiculous, it’s not a tough phone call I have to make, just phone some...
  11. Outdated

    Ways to pay for membership

    I wouldn't mind being a member, I've found this forum to be an incredibly helpful service and I don't mind contributing. The trouble is that I don't have a phone, and the only payment option I could find is through PayPal. No phone means you can't have a PayPal account. I sent a message about...
  12. Outdated

    Electric Bikes

    OK, so I’m lazy. I bought myself an electrically assisted bike, with decent pack racks so I can use it to do a bit of shopping. https://www.dirodi.com.au/product/dirodi-primo-electric-bike/ I haven’t ridden it much yet, too wet and cold outside. It takes a bit of getting used to one of these...
  13. Outdated

    Advice that actually worked

    If you had to pick out one single piece of advice worth more than any other thing you’ve ever been told in your life, which one would it be? For me it was from my grandfather, an amazingly clever man and always very calm and quiet to be around. None of us had heard of things like autism back...
  14. Outdated

    A question for older members

    As I got in to my 50s my autistic traits seemed to get worse, or more pronounced. Logic tells me that it’s probably just part of the process of getting older. Less energy and less inclination to keep holding up the mask, a little less caring of what others think, grumpy old man syndrome, etc...
  15. Outdated

    The loss of an old friend.

    The end of an era. I just had a phone call from my property manager, I’m not allowed to have my little gas stove any more. Having a gas bottle is against safety regulations. That little stove has saved me so much money over the years. Being very cheap to run is only part of the story, the fact...
  16. Outdated

    A question of philosophy

    Most of us are quite familiar now with a steady progression of new technologies. From new chip designs to entirely new concepts of device design and usage. The human brain is very much like a computer. Is there a chance that the human genome is working on a new chip design and I'm just one of...
  17. Outdated

    From out of the darkness

    Just a very inspiring story I found, a young man who was completely non-communicative until 18 months ago has just finished high school and is now looking forward to uni. https://education.nsw.gov.au/news/latest-news/charlie-emerges-as-an-advocate-from-a-cocoon-of-silence
  18. Outdated

    Speech Therapy

    A common thread I notice amongst worried parents of ADS children has to do with their ability to communicate. We're not all the same but this idea might be helpful to some, speech therapy can also increase confidence. Here's my experience, this is from the early 70s when no one had heard of...
  19. Outdated

    Autistic focus

    Many years ago when I was living with a girlfriend, I started and finished work much earlier than her each day so it just made sense that I always cooked. One afternoon I put on a nice beef stew and I figured I had at least an hour to spare before having to do anything else so I sat in the...
  20. Outdated

    Another Newbie

    Hi All, It took me a while to find this forum, I hope I fit in. 57 year old Australian man, high function polymath, and generally very reclusive. I chose the nic Outdated because I don’t use any social media and I don’t do live chat and I don’t use mobile phones. I like forums though. I grew...
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