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  1. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    What traits would you put you off dating someone

    Someone who is mean with nasty and close minded and controlling views Someone who is lazy and expects you to do everything Someone who is self centred Someone with bad hygiene Someone who does not bother at all to dress up a little to impress you Someone arrogant Someone who does not care...
  2. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    So I've begun my fasting Journey/habit.

    How come? For Lent? I mean i am not judging I can understand not liking food. Because sometimes I do not like it at all and water is my favourite thing out of food and beverage However I have to eat and it is important I do or I get sick and light-headed. I need to keep my meals small and healthy.
  3. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    Akathisia and Restlessness from Benzos

    I do not know but the antipsychotivs I was on did have a negative effect on me I admit sometimes my brain is too active. But the drugs I was on had very bad side effects including taking away all my periods and libido which did not make me feel normal and very raised prolactin. But also a...
  4. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    Passive autistic.

    I am passive in the sense I struggle to ask for help too for the fear of being rejected. But I am never a pushover and if someone comes to threaten me or try to stamp on me, I never let them. I will never let someone push me over and then think they have to doors to come back into my life until...
  5. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    How do you fight/distract yourself from fears and overthinking?

    I I have fears and many regrets too which can lead to rage attacks for me. Overthinking is not good and has not served me well in my life. What helps is going out someplace quiet like a pub or library or in nature because the thoughts break apart and come clearer. It is good to shake it up a...
  6. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    Childhood Emotional Neglect and Autism

    I identify with it. It is very painful for me when I was a child I did not notice it as much It also gives a person with the a disability the chance to be taken advantage of more because you have no solid backing to rely on. For me now..I do not believe in love here
  7. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    Falling in love with singlehood: Why single status is on the rise (article)

    The reason people love it is because more and more people are just annoying others with their habits. They are less helpful, have more troubles. Good luck finding people who actually try their hardest to be nice to you and patient too sometimes considering the digital age. So therefore until...
  8. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    When showing GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION backfires and makes you worse off

    Yes I have difficulty with gratitude but also sometimes it depends on the situation and context. Sometimes I feel like it does mean something but sometimes I may struggle. But I appreciate compliments. Because then I know people think i am beautiful and am not afraid to say it and I do expect it...
  9. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    When showing GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION backfires and makes you worse off

    If I do something really nice for someone the tiniest piece of gratitude makes the difference to me. Just even something that people may not understand is just caring about you back with a geniune heart. Like the thing is I do not love other or help another for the gratitude or the applause...
  10. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    Have do any of you deal with depression?

    I get depressed. Really I do my best Try to lay low each day and do quiet things, I like being at home in the quiet. But lately I have hurt a lot more best of trauma and borderline personality disorder. Depression is no shame, life is very challenging and at times very lonely to find geniune allies.
  11. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    Maslow’s Hierarchy and Autism.

    I do not know in terms of that pyramid..I do love for both belonging and love. I do not know how to find belonging. I often want it in a family setting like a family that is there for me as much as possible and parents I can talk to when struggling. Seems like a lot of ask. I have my faith but...
  12. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    Visual Motor Perception

    I struggle to catch them. Sometimes I can, sometimes I cannot. I am not hugely sporty But I know all the tennis shots, I can kick a football and usually hit a cricket ball, play table tennis, play pool, idk what else I can definitely do them. I was a extremely slow runner but I could do high jump.
  13. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    Do you ever feel like you are in chains with an abuser?

    Like that you used to love the person dearly and you just want to be away And it hurts so bad but why would you stay with someone who shows you something then does another. I do not understand or feel like anyone is on my side and it makes me feel alone and it a situation where I am stuck but...
  14. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    Which of the 5 senses dominates your autism sensitivity?

    I struggle with it sometimes. But essentially sometimes i know the difference. I know the difference with my family. It is about whether they are safe people or not that you feel comfortable with
  15. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    Do other a-sexuals relate to these issues

    I do not know if I am asexual. In the past.... I have never went for men but had boundaries. I'm glad you found happiness I find it uncomfortable to oogle men, in case they were not interested or taken and it just it makes you look desperate and like on heat. So if you do not oogle good-looking...
  16. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    You Know You’re Autistic When…

    I I can usually multitask and I used to be able to task switch. I find them both usual at times. I can watch TV and read sometimes or do something else at the same time and/or paint and watch TV. I can do a bit of washing and then do something else and go back to the washing.
  17. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    Which of the 5 senses dominates your autism sensitivity?

    Touch is my favourite I love kisses, hugs, arm strokes, etc But it is a struggle to find others who enjoy touch on a non sensual capacity Touch is so missing in life and one of the top love languages Even just a gentle touch of the head or touching the hair. Lust and love are not the same...
  18. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    Empathy and Autism

    Well... I think some of the people on here are some of the most empathetic I have met. I am an empath and definitely have adhd. My cousin Tim has Asperger’s I have an empath brain that is a mystery and works in many different ways with many different threads. That is why I am a genuine empath...
  19. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    How do people deal with burnout?

    Rest And take more social breaks When you are burnt out complete rest for a while
  20. lovely_darlingprettybaby

    Have you ever been told you had a demon?

    One lady said I had demonic possession when I had adhd. They were the ones that made me sick because their brains have gone mush
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