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  1. Gift2humanity

    Liking older men

    I have a friend in her early thirties who likes older men. She hangs out with us, our ages range from 47 right through to 60. I am 57.
  2. Gift2humanity

    *Little* Things That Annoy You (Pet Peeves)

    People interrupting you right in the middle of you trying to tell them something, like they know what you are going to say. I don't just mean social, I mean medical or other stuff.
  3. Gift2humanity

    Has anyone else experienced whenever someone makes an insensitive/bigoted comment to you or someone else only to justify it with rational arguments?

    To me there is people to whom there is no arguing with, it's in their nature to twist things. To me, it's about balancing preserving our personal boundaries and knowing when to "walk away" physically or mentally/emotinoally.
  4. Gift2humanity

    I’ve been diagnosed!

    I was relieved as I'd had failed diagnoses prior. It's thanks to the mental health team that I got reassessed. I talked about it a lot. I wanted people not to expect of me what they expect of neurotypicals. I'm only just getting to know how little I understand about autism. I'm only just...
  5. Gift2humanity

    Neri here

  6. Gift2humanity

    Do you feel the presence of God in your life?

    Yes, not in a religious way though. I feel comforted by knowing there is a God. I was Catholic, but by the age of 14, I felt there was not enough proof. I did some ecstasy alone in 2001 and found myself writing a fantasy short story narrated through the eyes of a 12 year old boy, about faith and...
  7. Gift2humanity

    What Are Your Clothing Quirks?

    I used to wear or try to wear whatever clothes my current "Friends" had, then when I got older I tend to wear colourful clothes, a bit hippyish. I buy second hand mainly, good quality for a fraction of the price.
  8. Gift2humanity

    What’s your Stim that nobody knows but you?

    I'm so sorry that happened to you, and that you didn't know you were autistic until age 64. I used to get grief for stimming as well, rocking back and forth. I don't really know stims that no-one else knows, I probably have loads, I put soft things on my cheek, even things in shops.
  9. Gift2humanity

    What social things do you have difficulties with?

    When people have been wronged, they get apologies. When I have been wronged, people stop speaking to me, then they start up again just like nothing has happened.
  10. Gift2humanity

    Do you love yourself better or others?

    That sounds heartbreaking. I used to hate myself, but, now, I only hate the mistakes I made because, not only could they ruin my life, they could ruin the lives of others.
  11. Gift2humanity

    What social things do you have difficulties with?

    I know someone like that, he gets easily embarrassed and is very self conscious, yet he is good at socialising and while he is shy, he does socialise a lot, so I know what you mean.
  12. Gift2humanity

    Do you fear Doctors?

    Sorry you have so much pain and congratulations on getting off oxy. I started taking kratom for depression last year and I am still on it, a few months after I started it, I got horrible side effects, it's been more trouble than it's worth for me, to be honest, due to the mental side effects. I...
  13. Gift2humanity

    Do you love yourself better or others?

    I try to love myself but I don't love things I have done as they have left me feeling vulnerable.
  14. Gift2humanity

    Have you ever had struggles being yourself?

    Not being myself cost me dearly, so I am myself now.
  15. Gift2humanity

    anyone feeling this?

    1.I did try to be normal but not so much since I got diagnosed. 2.The only time I heard voices was when I took too much speed and got psychotic. Speed psychosis mimics schizophrenia. I believe that people who hear voices are a bit like mediums, but not in as much control as mediums. 3.My head is...
  16. Gift2humanity

    Noise sensory issues..

    On the train platform, if I see a freight train coming, as they are always louder than normal passenger trains, and feel "too much" I block my ears. There used to be an RAF base near me, and I spent the first few years of my life living in RAF bases, and the planes were sometimes too loud. I...
  17. Gift2humanity

    Could it be autism? Diagnosed with CPTSD and feeling very confused.

    That is a real shame you feel like an imposter. I think a lot of the things you describe sound autistic in my lay man's view. It's funny, I am diagnosed with autism, and I want a diagnosis of CPTSD, as my old psychiatrist said I have one, but my current one thinks it's part of the BPD I a...
  18. Gift2humanity

    Emotions question?

    Having loads of questions and feeling like there is no one to ask is a really painful feeling. Bard.google.com is better than google, it's an artificial intelligence chatbot, so you can ask it more specific questions. Then there is chatGPT another chatbot, but that only "knows" stuff upto...
  19. Gift2humanity

    What social things do you have difficulties with?

    In verbal conflict situations, I cannot think of a suitable response in the moment to stand up for myself. I remember confronting one work colleague, a few weeks after she had said something, as I didn't want to be trodden on, and even she commented that I should say it at the time as "The...
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