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    Jeremy Bentham's severed head to be displayed as scientists look for clues of autism

    I was not making a generalized statement. I only meant my own body, not everyone else's. I doubt the loss of one body will be a big detriment to science moving on. I am just fine with everyone else contributing their bodies to science if they prefer. I do not think we are nothing but a walking...
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    Jeremy Bentham's severed head to be displayed as scientists look for clues of autism

    Dead bodies put on display seem gross and sickening to me. I like a nice clean cremation instead. The idea of speeding up the return of my body to nature seems much better than slow decomposition, or worse, arrested decomposition. Sometimes people do not get a choice about such things. A doctor...
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    Do you ever go non-verbal or semi-verbal?

    Fortunately, I do not go non-verbal or partially, very often. It happens to me when I am very tired and trying to still get things done. I can just about depend on this happening when I move. A few other things trigger me becoming partially or completely non-verbal, but they are not as...
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    Hello :)

    Hi Owlet. Welcome to AF!!! This is a good site with lots of nice, friendly people here. I am sure you will enjoy it.
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    I am not sure the solution to your problem is entirely within yourself. I believe that you are suffering from caregivers burnout. You need some way to get a break from being a caregiver on a regular basis. People suffer from taking care of one person all the time, let alone three people. I do...
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    I wish someone would invent.... (Aspie Version)

    I saw that movie. It is really good, although not necessarily comfortable to watch, and think about. I liked it anyway.
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    I can't delay a melt down

    The bolded words in your quote struck me first. I am able to delay a melt down and others on this site have been able to do the same. That does not mean everyone can do this, of course. Saying that it is impossible, pretty much guarantees that you will not be able to do it. Having a meltdown in...
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    Is your relationship like a 'business' agreement....?

    A book that was about the differences between men and women was a national bestseller not so long ago. One of those differences was our way of dealing with problems and the difficulties this difference causes between men and women. The book was not about Aspie men and NT women. It was about...
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    Is it bad that I don't view my autism as a gift?

    No, it is not bad for you not to regard your Aspergers as a gift. It is, however, not nearly as fun for you. I believe that every single person has a reason for existing, and I think that includes us Aspies and Auties. I am working on a hypothesis that Aspies and Auties are especially...
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    I wish someone would invent.... (Aspie Version)

    I would like to install lots of wind turbines in Washington DC, and in every state capitol. This would provide enough power so we could shut down the oil pipelines, end coal and other fossil fuel use, stop pollution, and halt climate change. We would have to make congressional sessions year...
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    Lurkers, come in from the cold. Are you Aspies or Aspie curious and part of the tribe?

    This thread is a great idea! I encourage lurkers to participate or join occasionally, but this is much better. For you perennial lurkers, please consider joining or participating more. You will have more fun and learn more than by only watching the rest of us. If you have not done your...
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    Aspergers and avoidance

    I have a problem related to trauma. It is called Disassociative Disorder. There are several versions of it. Mine is the one where you can lose touch with what is happening to your body. When this thing kicks in, a Dr. can ask me where something that should be very painful, hurts, and I can't...
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    Hi. I just realized I am on the spectrum.

    I figured out that I have Aspergers, myself. I was not ready to be able to believe it when two different men told me they thought I had Aspergers, years ago. It took me that long to run across what things people with Aspergers feel and do by accident and which described me. This started me doing...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi Fitzo. Welcome to AF!!! I vote be very cautious who you share your diagnosis with. I had told only a few about my certainty I had Asperergers, but one had a very bad reaction to it. That left me feeling bad and recovery took a little while. Others on here have written of similar...
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    How do you get into a relationship?

    I think it might be a good idea to be frank about why your behavior changed. That could automatically move your relationship to the next level.
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    Aspergers and avoidance

    Sorry Ocarina. Trying the link several ways again: Dealing with Uncomfortable Feelings & Creating Positive Ones The site is named Tiny Buddha. The post is about dealing with emotions. There are lots more posts on this site on the subject. This one seemed almost made to order for what you...
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    Sensory overload first-aid kit

    A lot of sites listed on search engines have a graph that shows busiest, down to least busy days and times to shop there. I like to look at those to pick a less busy time to shop. I buy on the sales because I need to save money. I just look at those little graphs to find less busy times to...
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    Sensory overload first-aid kit

    I like to do accupressure on myself when I am feeling overloaded. Here is a site about it: Acupuncture Points Database - Locations, Functions and Clinical Usage You do not need to know much to do accupressure on yourself because you can tell where it hurts. Every main accupressure point is also...
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    I think I want a bunny named Larry

    Small Rabbit Breeds. Comparing the smallest rabbit breeds Bunnies can make a surprising amount of noise and can sulk and have tantrums. I have not had my own bunnies, but have been around some belonging to other people. I got the chance to see bunnies being cute little pests at times. Most of...
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    Bullet Journal - Asperger and ADHD

    Thanks for the bullet journal link. It looks like it might be helpful. Here is another link about bullet journals I found: How to Bullet Journal: The Absolute Ultimate Guide. I am very interested in organizing techniques. I have already tried card files for scheduling, which have the advantage...
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