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  1. Iamnotarabot

    My 12yo son with a PDD-NOS diagnosis and video games

    It depends heavely on the game , what game is he playing precisely? When I was his age, ( still feel the same today honestly) when I started a game with a story I liked I felt the urge to finish it and it was an obsession, I talked with some friend about it and I was realy surprised to learn...
  2. Iamnotarabot

    Unable to relax and addicted to being productive

    Well It could be worse, imaging being absolutly inproductive whatsoever and still unable to relax, this is me lol. I post this quick response because I find your post also on reddit, that was fun. If you have any tips on how to be more productive then I'd like to know. hehe
  3. Iamnotarabot

    Do you have problems with chores too or is it just me?

    When I'm alone, my appartement easily become a big mess, very fast. I think it's closer to adhd than autism but it could be both.
  4. Iamnotarabot

    Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker

    Lucas film and Disney are not handling SW very well, we can't deny that, but IMO Palpatine was supposed to play a role in some way, maybe not as the main antagonist of the trilogy, but still with some influence on the story. Force ghost interract with people they cared about, and Sith ghost are...
  5. Iamnotarabot

    Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker

    I understand, this trilogy make no sense. I gave up on making any sense out of it.
  6. Iamnotarabot

    Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker

    I'm a casual yet passionate fan of star wars, its part of my childhood. Watched many movies and played a lot of video games /toys... And I hated the last jedi so much, It made me loose all interest in the new trilogy. I have boycotted SOLO, but a friend of mine wanted to see episode 9. We went...
  7. Iamnotarabot

    Do you have a favorite spatula?

    What I know is that I hate wooden spatula I feel it gives a weird taste to what I cook.
  8. Iamnotarabot

    Resident Evil 3

    Well I didnt play the remake of re2 yet but from what I have seen it uses the same "base" than re2. It will probably be more polished than re2 yes and this is great, maybe you prefer re3 than re2 yourself? I like Jill new face.
  9. Iamnotarabot

    Add more options to diagnosis status.

    It could be another excuse for someone willing to dissmiss your diagnosis, like , iv done some research and this doesnt exist anymore, it problamy means you have nothing at all , the usual BS xD. But yeah you dont have to say that to anyone anyway, just go with the current terms so that other...
  10. Iamnotarabot

    Add more options to diagnosis status.

    Well I guess changing that would implie another "new" diagnosis process.
  11. Iamnotarabot


    Never been treated for adhd or asd. So I can't tell. But I never had hyper active add in school anyway, I just zoned out and no one cared ( and honestly I think it was for the best) In my opinion , having the ability to leave the classroom anytime you want is just the worst idea ever. If I...
  12. Iamnotarabot

    sent sister physical evidence

    Good to hear, I dont know if she has autistic traits but autistic people are fact based most of the time they need concrete evidence to believe in something, I still doubt my own diagnosis. You motivated me to do some more reasearch on the topic, it actually means something, apparently problem...
  13. Iamnotarabot

    sent sister physical evidence

    Mine is also closer to the 2nd case but no one told me anything was wrong, I also found the same things as you when I did it, I think we find the same source. All you have left now is to do the gene test LOL, save some money xD
  14. Iamnotarabot

    Figurative Language (you can bet your bootie)

    It's raining cats and dogs.
  15. Iamnotarabot

    Unable to tolerate casual touching (dating)

    Last time a girl tried to kiss me I ran away in panick.
  16. Iamnotarabot

    Gaming backlog motivational partners, anyone?

    https://www.ign.com/articles/2014/03/17/gdc-most-players-donat-finish-games Iv deleted most of my gaming related stuff and I dont want to go back in ( and pay again), so I can't help sorry.
  17. Iamnotarabot

    Refrigerator Mother

    Autistic kids have autistic parents, what a surprise lol. EDIT : Well that was too short, in my opinion it make sence that autistic kids may have one or two parents who struggle to share and communicate their emotions since they might be autistic aswell. This is the same question as " what...
  18. Iamnotarabot

    Yeast, Gluten and Autism

    I feel pretty sluggish when I consume wheat in general , brain fog, bloating, mood swings. And usually it last long. I always feels worse after eating than before, unless I avoid wheat. But IMO it's bad for most people, its just that autistic people are more bothered by it. ( But maybe it's...
  19. Iamnotarabot

    Having ASD as men means being lonley

    Violence against men - Wikipedia I didnt use a specific source, its just something i'v known for a while now, It's like asking the source that told you the earth was f..I mean round (I know its not exactly round lol) xD It depends on the country, it depends on the time period, it's too complexe...
  20. Iamnotarabot

    Having ASD as men means being lonley

    Well more otfen women on the spectrum are not severe cases but I dont see someone severely autistic posting something like this on a forum , I mean. But I think you meant "autistic people with worse situations and other struggles" , I think you are not wrong but taking responsibility is still...
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