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  1. Suzette

    I'm trying to write a book that has Autistic Characters in it

    Believable charcters are always a challenge. Try using some the the people in your real life for inspiration. Can you imagine what some of the real life people you know would do if put into your novel? Don't worry about if they seem NT or ND. Your charcters should feel like real people and...
  2. Suzette

    Food spiciness survey!

    I chose 3. I like a little heat. But I am very sensitive to flavors and spicy / piquant foods can be painful even at low levels. I once bit into a dried schezuan pepper that was hiding under a piece of beef and I nearly passed out. I literally slid under the table! Strangely though when I...
  3. Suzette

    I don't want to hurt NPC feelings.

    That That was back in Sims 2. They are up to 4 now :)
  4. Suzette

    I don't want to hurt NPC feelings.

    I play the Sims from time to time. You have god like powers and an manipulate the sim to commit crime, immoral acts or simply stop bathing. You can, if you want, create a scenario where the sim experiences "death by flies" or an accident while running with scissors. In fact there are many...
  5. Suzette

    what's the weirdest dream you had? or any dreams, really :)

    Hmm...55 years of dreams, where to start? Weird, weird? Weird, scary? Weird, funny? Weird, amazing? I've got them all! Let's do weird, amazing! I have to stage this dream so you will understand just how weird and amazing it was. I grew up in the western U.S and, at the time of this dream...
  6. Suzette

    How to Avoid Being Triggered

    I am no expert but I have found great relief of my own trauma by rewritting the thoughts and messages I was giving myself. Exactly as we have done here. Doing so allowed me to emphasize very real aspects of life at the time the trauma occurred and effectively remember past events differently...
  7. Suzette

    How to Avoid Being Triggered

    Lets try rewriting that thought so it is still true for you, but feels better. How about "I used to envy men who seemed to have easy access to sexual partners. But now I realize that sometimes they got their way through manipulation. I feel really good about myself because I don't manipulate...
  8. Suzette

    How to Avoid Being Triggered

    I did business with Thais from Bangkok, they would be offended. One way to not be a target is to be more reserved in your behavior. Be direct in your dealings. Do not make small talk. Don't be rude but don't be sucked in to instant friendship or commraderie.
  9. Suzette

    Being Friendly

    Not true! The teachers are being polite like you! And they will repeat their greeting over and over again. Now if a teacher approaches you specifically, then yes, you must greet them properly.
  10. Suzette

    How to Avoid Being Triggered

    With all love @Gerald Wilgus, why do you choose to continue to associate your teen self identity with YOU today? This question isn't meant to be confrontational. Rather I pose it as a question for you to ponder. Yes, I understand there is trauma there. But your question implies that 69...
  11. Suzette

    Autistic people & waffles?

    @Forest Cat My waffle maker makes 4 inch waffles. Dollhouse man hole covers.
  12. Suzette

    Autistic people & waffles?

    @Callistemon, thank you. I am familiar with the term "fishing" but have only seen it expressed in a negative way. "Fishing for compliments" or "fishing for information". Regarding my "jam mam" comment, I was simply teasing you for your rather pedantic classification of various fruit...
  13. Suzette

    Autistic people & waffles?

    I absolutely have no idea what your fish joke refers to.:confused:
  14. Suzette

    What is Unspecified Intellectual Disability?

    @Oren Franz, if you were very young at the time of your original assesment, they may have chosen to add unpecified intellectual disability (retardation) to your assessment to ensure that you would continue to recieve proper help as your needs became clearer. For example, I was not diagnosed...
  15. Suzette


    Nope. It's $10 to be a V.I.P member for life. The site owner needs to pay the bills. So they get members to help sponsor the site and advertising helps make up some of the costs too. It is very fair for such a quality web site! There is literally nothing else that is such a good value.
  16. Suzette

    Autistic people & waffles?

    I probably won't try to source blood plums. I will probably use wild mountain plums. They are very tart and flavorful but not very juicy. When I have used them in the past I have augmented them with white grape juice. It will be interesting to play around with it. :) (And if it is fruit in...
  17. Suzette

    Autistic people & waffles?

    @Callistemon , thank you! I hope I get a chance to try your recipe this summer when I am in the states.
  18. Suzette

    Video games that scare you?

    Waaay back Myst was my first video game. I almost couldn't finish it because there are scenes that show a room where one of the brothers had been living and the bed was filthy. I was so creeped out by that room! I knew that only someone evil could live in that room.....
  19. Suzette

    Happy Autism Awareness Day from Thailand

    Welcome! Happy Autisim Awareness Day to you as well. (Does anyone else think that Autisim Day on April 2nd is slighty ironic since April 1st is All Fools Day? :p)
  20. Suzette

    Autistic people & waffles?

    I've gone low carb so no waffles made with flour for me but I make chaffles with cheese and egg. I need some of the plum jam though!
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