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  1. A

    *Little* Things That Annoy You (Pet Peeves)

    Fire drills Airplanes Helicopters Crying babies Barking dogs Chirping birds Loud engines When people don't care enough about their car, so whenever they first start driving, it gives off a horrific screech noise Electric drills People hammering in nails etc etc I can keep going, but this sums...
  2. A

    Do you love yourself better or others?

    I have trouble understanding emotions to such a degree that I've come up with this handy "chart": Laughing or smiling + feeling neutral or good in my chest = Happy Crying + weird feeling in chest = Sad Want to destroy something or yell + weird feeling in chest = Angry Anything else becomes too...
  3. A

    What is your favourite sea creature?

    +1 for the Axolotl With my favorite animal being the Manul, due to the "personality" and looks, Axolotl comes in as a close 2nd. They're just amazing, but I never want one as a pet. They deserve to live free in the wild.
  4. A

    A-Z Adjectives

  5. A

    "Zombie HOA" crawls back out of the swamp...

    European here. I've read more than enough "Entitled People", Petty Revenge" and "Pro Revenge" stories on Reddit to understand how bad an HOA can be, when people who can't handle power gets a small amount. But can't it be used for good, if the members of the board are actually decent people who...
  6. A

    Special interest or fallen in love? Please share your experiences/thoughts

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I've decided to see if this feeling will eventually pass. Not only do I live in supported living, he lives in a different country where it's not only hotter (I can't stand heat), a different language and different culture (kissing cheeks = hello? No thanks. Eye...
  7. A

    Special interest or fallen in love? Please share your experiences/thoughts

    Multiple times throughout my life, I've experienced having a person as a special interest. It usually feels like a very intense "I need to know all about you - even the stuff you don't want me to know". But what/who I thought was my latest special interest, might have turned to me being in love...
  8. A

    Why I don’t like the puzzle piece as a symbol for autism

    I am not a fan of that either. Nor do I like the sideways image of a head, with many colors inside, like a stained glass window. To me to feels like it depicts my mind as broken. My mind is not broken - my brain is just different. I really like this presentation by Simon Baron-Cohen, whenever I...
  9. A

    Introducing myself

    Hey and welcome :)
  10. A

    Do you believe it's possible to regress in adulthood and other thoughts

    To answer the question of whether or not it can regress (or get worse), I'd say absolutely. When I still saw my therapist/mentor, I asked her roughly the same question. She took a moment to think, and I still remember the images she created in my mind with her answer. It was something along...
  11. A

    Who remembers video rental outlets?

    Yes.. I have 2 positive memories involving a Blockbuster from back then. 1. I saved up enough allowance to buy my very own MP3 player. The cheapest one I could find was sold in a Blockbuster. 8 MB of storage. Before that I had my trusty portable cassette player I got 2nd hand from my uncle. I...
  12. A

    I need to downsize a few things

    As others have said, try selling the items to collectors or maybe even smaller upcycling businesses. If that fails try online, or donate/sell to museums that focus on what you have in your possession currently. Who knows, you might have some rare antique item laying around collecting dust...
  13. A

    Keep a word; replace a word.

    Emergency room
  14. A

    A good friend is now my "obsession". Help with a DM.

    Considering they know about my ASD and issues with understanding jokes, I think they accept that I sometimes just say strange things. I've often heard the polite "uh-huh" and polite giggle when I was laughing at my own jokes. I am pretty sure they didn't understand it, but they're being polite...
  15. A

    Hej from Denmark

    You didn't "take it". We most likely started a war with Sweden, and when we realized we were going to lose (as always), we might have decided to give Norway to them as a "Sorry. We were weaker than we thought"... The amount of wars between Denmark and Sweden is insane. Even though they usually...
  16. A

    Hej from Denmark

    99 would be "nioghalvfems" which is the short version of "nioghalvfemsindstyvende". It's a mix of "halvfemte" which means 4½, "sinde" which means to muliply and "tyve" which is 20. So 90 is actually 4½ times twenty. So when we say 99 we technically say 9 and 4½ times twenty. Why we do it like...
  17. A

    Keep a word; replace a word.

    Elastic shoelace
  18. A

    Keep a word; replace a word.

    Broken pencils
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    Keep a word; replace a word.

    My problem
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