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    Love on the Spectrum Season 2 Casting

    Some shows intentionally make their contestants look bad or worse than they really are. It's called the power of editing. And I will give you an example down below. For example, if one of the contestants says "I really dislike competing in the hot sun. Keith is really good and will likely win...
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    As an NT How do I know when I should ask out my (potentially Aspie) crush?

    Ask him out. If he's attracted to you, he'll say yes. If he's not attracted to you, he'll say no.
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    Is "pretending to be boring" one of the rejection techniques?

    This isn't really a common rejection technique but I am sure that some women do indeed, intentionally act boring or obnoxious in the hopes that the man who's trying to pursue them will back off. From my experience, these are the most common ways that a woman isn't interested in a man. 1. Being...
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    Love on the Spectrum Season 2 Casting

    @paloftoon So after you were interviewed, did they ever email you back and told you that you didn't get the part? How long did it take for them to get back to you? Because I want to know what to expect assuming I didn't get the part, which I probably didn't.
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    Love on the Spectrum Season 2 Casting

    It could be your location as well to why you weren't selected. If you don't live in a big city for example, it might be harder to find a suitable partner and the producers might take city size and location into consideration. It could be that you're a "straight white male" and they already...
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    “The longer you wait, the harder it gets.”

    Just go to The Philippines. It's pretty much the easiest country in the world to meet women. If you're white, you'll get 100+ matches on Tinder easily.
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    How can you tell if someone "likes" you?

    How do you know if a girl likes you? The simple answer is, they don't. Have a good day.
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    Dating Corner

    Username: TheDarkHorse Gender: I am a god, so I have no gender. Age: My age in incomprehendable to you mere mortals. Sexuality: I identify as grandeglutesexual. I love me some big booty girls. Location: Your mom's house Religion: Church of Jar Jar Binks Politics: Politics have no...
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    Man that online dating is complicated.

    I used online dating on and off for many years and only once did I ever get a date, and she completely ghosted and left me on read afterwards. I used Tinder when it was popular and still viable back in 2015 and it was me and two other friends who signed up around the same time. My two friends...
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    Love on the Spectrum Season 2 Casting

    I wouldn't worry about it. I have a distant relative, my grandpa's, brother's, son to be exact who right now is probably in his 60s if I had to guess. My family suspects he's on the autism spectrum but he grew up in a small rural town back when autism, particularly higher functioning autism...
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    Love on the Spectrum Season 2 Casting

    I sent them an email back in October and didn't hear back from them until early March. I was also set up to do a zoom interview shortly afterwards as well. The interview itself wasn't too bad. The person I talked to was a young woman who appeared to be in her early to mid twenties and like the...
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