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Search results

  1. velociraptor

    A photo blogging challenge.

    I have started a photo blog (diary) again. It's daily. https://baddaywithacamera.ca/ I am challenging @Sherlock77 to start one as well. I can provide technical advice for anyone who is flummoxed on how to do that. It is up to @Sherlock77 to pick the next person if he takes up the gauntlet...
  2. velociraptor

    Some Spring Photos

    The Station, Trans-Canada Highway, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-02-09 I am so looking forward to green growing things.
  3. velociraptor

    Am I too old school?

    I think the best camera to use is the one that inspires you to use it. If that means humping a 4x5 view camera up the side of a mountain then I salute you. I think those photographers who take the craftsman approach to photography will always be picky about their tools. For those who just want a...
  4. velociraptor

    Am I too old school?

    The Canon G7X is being advertised for, "Digital 4K Vlogging Camera and Vertical 4K Video Support." Oh, and it also takes still images, but no one cares about that, eh? The truth is that photographers who are on top of things have realized that their phones are as good as or better than the G7X...
  5. velociraptor

    When A.I. Generated Art Becomes Something You Cannot Unsee

    No. I dismissed 90% of what you said. Big difference.
  6. velociraptor

    When A.I. Generated Art Becomes Something You Cannot Unsee

    A person giving instructions to the artist is still not an artist. At best, they are the Art Director.
  7. velociraptor

    Am I too old school?

    Not with me. :hearteyes:
  8. velociraptor

    Life at -32 Celsius

    I just stayed inside and indulged indoor hobbies. LOL.
  9. velociraptor

    When A.I. Generated Art Becomes Something You Cannot Unsee

    I don't understand the point of AI "art". Why should I bother to look at something that someone else couldn't be bothered to create on their own? Yes, it will be used a lot in advertising, but I'm also great at avoiding looking at that.
  10. velociraptor

    Am I too old school?

    It would get 5,000 likes, but from people whose likes I don't like to have. Quality is always better than quantity.
  11. velociraptor

    Can arts programs "break the ice" in meeting new people?

    It is always a pleasure to meet other photographers.
  12. velociraptor

    Who likes Christmas?

    This is a wretched time of year for me. Bad experiences as a child and memories from them. Frustration as an adult as I could never enjoy a Christmas with my own daughter how I wanted because everything always had be be about my wife's sodding family. I can't wait until it is over and done with.
  13. velociraptor

    My entire being is made up of hatred.

    This is not a pleasant way to live. Are you considering therapy?
  14. velociraptor

    Must I be hyper creative?

    Vintage Bubble Light, Our Christmas Tree, Strathmore, Alberta. 2023-12-09 In-camera double exposure.
  15. velociraptor

    Haven't been around for a while...

    I have been enjoying your street photography on both IG and FB. I wish I was as prolific photographically as you are.
  16. velociraptor

    Must I be hyper creative?

    I just realized that my R5 does double exposures. There will be messing around tomorrow.
  17. velociraptor

    Who Likes Leaves?

    I love leaves when they are fresh and green. Having them turn depresses me. Having them gone is even worse. Ours have been on the ground since mid-September.
  18. velociraptor

    Haven't been around for a while...

    My daughter is doing a photography course in her last year of university, so she has taken off with one of my Canon dSLR bodies and all of my autofocus lenses. I have only been using manual focus glass since September and I'm enjoying it. That's the only big change in my photography. Patio...
  19. velociraptor

    Haven't been around for a while...

    Bridge & Power Plant Before Dawn (Closer View), Walterdale Bridge, Edmonton, AB, 2023-11-12 Did I miss anything? I have still been making pics in the interim. :)
  20. velociraptor

    Dating: How can I get a girlfriend?

    I would suggest working to adopt a growth mindset. Negativity is not attractive to a potential mate.
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