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  1. Eren

    What video game are you currently playing?

    I'm playing Halo Reach, I recently discovered the Halo universe and I'm playing them all in order of release, I really love them (I'm only playing the campaign mode)
  2. Eren

    What video game are you currently playing?

    I finished playing turbo overkill, it is an incredible indie game, mechanically very similar to doom eternal.
  3. Eren

    Dating Corner

    Username: Eren Gender: Male Age: 28 (almost 29 at November) Sexuality: Heterosexual Location: Spain Religion: Atheist/agnostic Obsessions/Interests: Nothing very specific except video games. Desired Partner Characteristics: I don't have a specific prototype of a girl, the only thing that matters...
  4. Eren

    bad jokes without realizing it

    Exactly that happens to me, I laugh in situations where I shouldn't laugh and sometimes people get really upset about it.
  5. Eren

    bad jokes without realizing it

    The same thing happens to me, I also have a "peculiar" sense of humor, many people have told me, but when I have a lot of confidence in a group I find it difficult not to say anything. It's weird, at first I can't say anything at all, and when I'm very confident it's like taking "too much...
  6. Eren

    bad jokes without realizing it

    It has always been impossible for me to relate to IRL people, but the few times that I have felt somewhat confident in a group (IRL or online) I always end up making jokes in bad taste, without realizing it, and most people ends up getting angry with me, does it happen to someone else?
  7. Eren

    I got drunk for the first time..

    The first time I got drunk was at 15 years old, I did it alone at home, hidden from my parents, it really was not a pleasant experience. I do not like alcohol
  8. Eren

    Survival horror games.

    I love The Last Of Us saga.
  9. Eren

    Any fellow Linux users on here?

    For 7 years I have used linux on my desktop computer, and for a while it was my only topic of interest (learning about it) Right now I use windows 10 mainly because I really like to play games. Even so, I am curious if there are people in this forum whose subject of interest is linux or free...
  10. Eren

    What video game are you currently playing?

    Minecraft and among us.
  11. Eren

    Loneliness, Do you feel like this? It bothers you?

    what bothers me most about autism is loneliness. I can't relate normally with others, I don't fit in anywhere, and the few times I get to know someone, we usually end up distancing ourselves, I don't know how to maintain a relationship, not even friendship. I can't stand it, I feel empty and...
  12. Eren

    Specs of computers you built

    great, thanks, I'll wait for the AMD graphics anyway, to see who offers the best.
  13. Eren

    Does anyone play minecraft?

    Does anyone play minecraft? I just bought Minecraft (Java edition) I would like to play with someone and thus meet people and learn to play together although my level of English is very bad (I am Spanish) I would try my best to try.
  14. Eren

    Specs of computers you built

    My computer: Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX PSU: RM750x CPU: Ryzen 3700x Ram: 32GB 3200 SSD: 1TB evoplus GPU: before I had a rtx 2070 super i returned it and i am waiting for the RTX 3070 to come out Will the rtx 3070 bottleneck my ryzen 3700x processor?
  15. Eren

    Hello to all

    Hi! Welcome.
  16. Eren

    31 years old and feel like I'm running out of time

    I feel the same as you even though I'm a bit younger (I'm 26 years old) And honestly I don't know how to change, I've tried to change, I've tried to be more sociable, but I literally can't. I don't know what to advise you, I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone, I feel the same.
  17. Eren

    On suicide..

    I understand you perfectly, I do not have a real connection with the world, the few "friends" I have had IRL have disappointed me, although it is true that I would feel guilty for how bad my mother would be for my suicide, I am also an only child. I tried suicide years ago too, and honestly...
  18. Eren

    Does anyone else like playing visual novel games?

    I'm not a big fan of that genre although I have enjoyed some titles like "Another Code: Two Memories" And some games from Professor Layton.
  19. Eren

    What video game are you currently playing?

    Counter Strike Global Offensive, Elite Dangerous and not long ago I finished the last of us 2.
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