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  1. Coupe


    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, @tree and @Streetwise ! :blush:
  2. Coupe

    A Funko Pop as a comfort item?

    @Moomin I also love your Funko Pop collection! The Baymax one is really cute. :blush: @Ezra That's so cool that you live near Funko HQ and have been to visit! :smiley: I heard about Funko HQ in a NetFlix documentary called "Making Fun: The Story of Funko." It looks like a really cool place...
  3. Coupe

    A Funko Pop as a comfort item?

    Hi, everyone! Sorry it has taken me so long to return to this thread, but I really do appreciate every one of your supportive, encouraging responses! :grinning: ETA: Ho lee smokes, I sure didn't mean for this to turn into a novel! CW for ableism, meltdowns, self harm, ABA/behavior mod and...
  4. Coupe

    Highly Sensitive Person Quiz.

    My score was 24 - I checked off all but 3 of the criterion.
  5. Coupe

    Why do you do things that send you into meltdown?

    CW: Self-injury mention For me, I guess it's because of my need to please people and make them happy with me - people really only enjoy my company when I'm offering to help, do/fetch/give/clean, etc. so that's what I do. It sucks, but it's what my life amounts to. No one's really interested in...
  6. Coupe

    Can’t leave the house, what can help?

    Hi @taakitz ! :grinning: I have anxiety about leaving my house too, and I hope that at least some of what I'm about to say will help: If certain kinds of sensory input bother you when you are outside or away from home (bright lights, noises, loud music, crowds, people talking, etc, then wearing...
  7. Coupe

    My evening was so anti aspie it's almost funny (not at the time I might add)

    I'm sorry to hear that you had a rough experience at Pathfinders, @Horsegirl - I would have been at the end of my rope, too - especially with the "Who Can Scream the Loudest" game! *shudder* :flushed: Don't know what made them think that game was a good idea! I hope you are feeling better now.
  8. Coupe

    A Funko Pop as a comfort item?

    CW for ableist language/terminology and self-harming stims, anxiety, sensory overload ............................................................... A month ago, I bought a Funko Pop figurine of Migo, the main character from the movie Smallfoot (a very cute animated movie about Yetis who think...
  9. Coupe

    Hardcore Rapper & Still Need Comfort Toy??

    I think your Ollie is cute! I'm in my 20s and also have many stuffed animals whom I consider my best friends, too! :grinning: That's great that Ollie helps you feel safe and calm. :)
  10. Coupe

    Scripting as a kid - kinda funny

    I also recently remembered another time I relied on scripting to communicate when I couldn't come up with the words on my own - to communicate feelings of pain, specifically. I was maybe 3 or 4 years old around this time, and was at my grandparents' house. I was in their basement, sitting on a...
  11. Coupe

    What do you collect?

    @Jena I've always loved stuffed animals, too! :grinning: I am also very comforted by them and carry at least a few small ones everywhere I go! I'm in my 20s as well.
  12. Coupe

    Do you use sensory toys to manage stress levels?

    Disney Tsum Tsums, both the plush and vinyl ones. Dory is my favorite one. :blush: I also love the "fuzzy" (flocked) vinyl Tsums that were available for a limited time at Walmart - they have the same texture as Calico Critters. Tangle toys - my current favorites are a textured Tangle Jr and a...
  13. Coupe

    Shutdowns/Meltdowns---What are they? Do all adults with ASD have them?

    I began to have meltdowns again several years ago, and my meltdowns can range anywhere from crying uncontrollably, hyperventilating, punching myself in the head or hitting my head against hard surfaces, scratching my arms/legs/face, pulling at my hair, rocking back and forth, making an almost...
  14. Coupe

    Do you have sensory problems?

    I have sensory problems that actually didn't become apparent to me until the last three years or so. I do have noise-cancelling headphones (a pink pair I converted into noise-cancelling headphones by cutting off the cords and a 3M pair), yet I also feel reluctant to wear those in public lest...
  15. Coupe

    Which internet browser do you use?

    I use Google Chrome - Internet Explorer was my go-to for a while, though. I like Safari, too - I attended a job skills program for 2 months and learned to use a Mac, and found Safari pretty easy to use. I liked using Safari better on the Mac than on my phone, for some reason. :blush:
  16. Coupe

    Sleeping with stuffed toys

    I'm another 20-something who sleeps with a bunch of plushies! :grinning: I always love hearing that I'm not the only one! :blush: I sleep with a variety of Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks characters, Tsum Tsums, Jellycats, Squishmallows, Itty Bittys, Beanie Babies and Steven Universe characters. I know...
  17. Coupe

    'Childish' hobbies

    I'm in my mid-20s and I still love stuffed animals as much as I did when I was a little kid. They've always been like friends to me. It's always been hard for me to feel safe and secure around real people (sometimes even around certain family members), so my stuffed animals (and other toys)...
  18. Coupe

    Let's Talk about Stimming

    I actually have all kinds of stims, though not all of them are good ones....my most destructive stim is probably picking at the skin/cuticles around my fingernails. I'm currently attending a program where I'm learning employment skills (which is going really well, since I've managed to adjust)...
  19. Coupe

    Worst thing a teacher has said to you?

    My 6th grade math teacher compared me to Hitler once. The math tutor I saw from 7th grade thru high school would sometimes make comments like "I don't know why this is so hard for you" (neither did I) and "duh," when something finally made sense to me. When I started living with my father and...
  20. Coupe

    Teddybears and stuffed animals?

    Yes, that is Babs! :smiley: She was my favorite in Chicken Run too - I thought she was the sweetest thing! I took that little plushie of her everywhere I went for the longest time...she was my comfort item and best friend. She still sleeps on my bed, too! :blush:
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