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  1. MNAus

    Don't Be Shy To Introduce Yourself

    Hi there, I'm not dissimilar. I have all the classic autism stuff - sensitivity, like routines, black/white thinking, rules-focused, dislike social stuff, etc - but I am also easily distracted, quickly bored, terrible with details, have a head full of noise (including lines from a song on repeat...
  2. MNAus

    Question for those with Autism

    I'm not at the point where I want to hurt people, but I am at the point where the only way to keep my head above water is to play dirty. Only problem is I don't really know how. My brain defaults to "they're probably going to do what they say" and "they're probably going to keep their word". So...
  3. MNAus

    Still single

    Something I observed for my own life, which you may or may not feel is relevant. I get a bit of a desperation vibe which might be leading to a negative approach. How to explain this.... hmmm If you've ever watched those assault course TV programs - the comedy ones with people getting knocked...
  4. MNAus

    "Literally" doesn't mean literally any more

    Of course language evolves, but it grates a bit when it evolves through error. I think it's great when people use a word in a totally new way. A lot of slang has this. I think someone posted "gnarly". That's such a great word. But the "literally" one gets me too. It's actually now defined both...
  5. MNAus

    Question for those with Autism

    One other comment. Quite a lot of the challenges of autism, for me personally at least, become accentuated when I feel cornered or lack self belief. Things like needing predictability, stimming, black/white thinking, rigidity in thinking, etc. are accentuated when I don't believe in my ability...
  6. MNAus

    Question for those with Autism

    Honestly? Really honestly? I would have told myself to be far more selfish and not to assume people play by the rules.
  7. MNAus

    Very low dose ssri

    ASD can have comorbidities, but for the actual disability itself there is no medication, I believe. There is only management of symptoms, which makes sense. If you believe that your grandson is suffering from depression as a result of ASD or perhaps as a comorbidity, it's probably wise to talk...
  8. MNAus

    Why am I so unlucky?

    Oft said, but comparison is the thief of joy (probably been said in this thread already). Here's a very logical perspective. There are, right now, 8,090,630,040 on this planet (yikes). IF it was possible to subjectively score these people for all their luck and achievement, then rank them...
  9. MNAus

    Having trouble pacing myself, first I feel great and then I get a meltdown

    I have similar challenges, but if I self-reflect (which of course means highly subjective) I feel it's more than just a case of pacing. There's something driving that. I think the point on measuring self-worth on academic intelligence is very insightful. I would guess for quite a lot of "HFA"...
  10. MNAus

    Empathy and Autism

    I think that's probably how I understand it too. It's like "he/she doesn't perform the usual cultural norms of our social group at this point. QED he/she feels nothing". Which, of course, is a load of rubbish. That's doubly so when the NT performing the actions doesn't actually empathise, but is...
  11. MNAus

    What do you do on repeat?

    Food is my main repeat. I had the same meal every weekend for about 19 years :)
  12. MNAus


    My experience also. Just straight back to work. It's given me information that helps me be a bit more forgiving of myself, but it doesn't remove the stress. There's no support, there's just homelessness if you buckle. Back when I was still trying to do the whole working for a manager in...
  13. MNAus

    What does a shutdown look like for high functioning autism to you?

    So I don't really shut down. In fact I do the opposite, I go faster, but to the outside world my capabilities look like they're shutting down. First thing is stims will increase a LOT, I'll quickly head into fight, fight or fight territory (if you see what I mean), I'll sound more desperate in...
  14. MNAus

    Rant - I feel stupid

    That's actually very helpful. Thanks, I get it. Re: functional programming. Yeah, I know most the languages can support it, but you'll probably find the vast majority of Python taking that imperative approach, which can make it confusing to learn in a functional-declarative way. I think it's...
  15. MNAus

    'Toe walking' quick question.

    I'm a toe walker, as are the kids. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure it's to reduce the amount of sensory information coming into my brain. Grass, carpets, gravel, etc touching my arches is a bit of an sensory overload (I know that sound crazy). Could also been a tension thing. I know I...
  16. MNAus

    Rant - I feel stupid

    I have a similar mental block with matrices. Don't know why but i can't get to the how and why it works, so I need to learn rote and that really doesn't sink in as well. Like matrix multiplication. You put one on its side. Why? I'm sure I could learn it but it's been such a long time as...
  17. MNAus

    Highly functioning autism or just a strange behavior in my 10 year old?...

    For me it's pretty simple. I got good at masking but behind the scenes it was a looped tape of "let me go. I want to go. Am I doing this right? Probably not, I'm so sorry. I want to go"
  18. MNAus

    Highly functioning autism or just a strange behavior in my 10 year old?...

    No problem. But, as I said, autism is a broad spectrum; others may not have the same experience. Regardless, glad my experience helped.
  19. MNAus

    Highly functioning autism or just a strange behavior in my 10 year old?...

    But also, when you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras,
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