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  1. velociraptor

    I'm scared to start collecting things again but I really want to

    I'm 53 and having to deal with collections left behind by aging relatives. It's horrible. It has caused me to reconsider my own possessions. I need to pare down what I own so I don't put my daughter in the same situation I'm currently caught in. I suggest collecting for quality, not quantity...
  2. velociraptor

    I Got Hella Issues

    Just pick one area to improve on and work at it until you are able to move the dial. Once you get to where you are functioning better with it move on to the next area. Trying to fix everything at once is overwhelming and guarantees you'll quit in frustration. Recovery is best broken down into...
  3. velociraptor

    What was the last thing you cooked?

    I just tossed a round roast into the sous vide. It comes out in 36 hours.
  4. velociraptor

    Local Asperger's support group

    I think I fall under 1, classic aspie. Don't talk a lot unless it's something that is a passion for me. Good luck shutting me up then. I'm much more sociable online than in person. Support groups are a mixed bag for me. AA has worked out well - I've got over 30 years sober there and I can...
  5. velociraptor

    Heat wave days and my energy

    It has been a real challenge to get outside with my cameras in this heat, that is for sure. I'm trying to be more active early and late in the day. Not much good to you as I'm primarily a landscape photographer whereas your love seems to be events and gatherings.
  6. velociraptor

    How confident are you finding work?

    The problem with having ASD isn't that we enjoy living by a more rigid set of rules than most NTs, the problem is that we all have different rules and want everyone else to use them. :grinning:
  7. velociraptor

    How confident are you finding work?

    My wife the English teacher fulfills that role in my life. I leave her a love note. I'll later find it stuck to the fridge with a magnet and any errors circled in red ink.
  8. velociraptor

    How confident are you finding work?

    I've been continuously employed since 1995 so I'm not sure I need advice?
  9. velociraptor

    Camera Filters

    The standard camera on my phone does a significant amount of processing to each image on its own with just the default settings it came with. Unprocessed images are likely a rarity given the dominance of mobile phones as cameras now.
  10. velociraptor

    Fitness thread--what was your workout today?

    I'm so glad to hear that you're having more success - that's awesome! I "knuckled up" and went for a 45 minute walk in today's heat. It's 31C out there. The pomade in my hair melted!
  11. velociraptor

    Epoxy Daggers, Just Sharing

    Beautifully done. I am impressed.
  12. velociraptor

    Fitness thread--what was your workout today?

    You would need to install a Web browser. Perhaps one of the ones mentioned in this article? https://windowsreport.com/steam-vr-web-browser/ Sorry for the hassle - would just like to get you a free, fun exercise game. :)
  13. velociraptor

    Fitness thread--what was your workout today?

    You can play it in a Web browser in your VR headset. I open the browser in my OQ2 and surf to: www.moonrider.xyz It loads in the browser window. There's a button at bottom right you click to launch into full VR. It's supposed to be compatible with the majority of headsets on the market. Hope...
  14. velociraptor

    Fitness thread--what was your workout today?

    Give Moon Rider a shot if you can. Massive song library and it's free. You can choose between using sabers or punching.
  15. velociraptor

    Fitness thread--what was your workout today?

    I was always the last kid chosen for any team back in school because of how useless I was. Couldn't catch, couldn't throw, couldn't hit, couldn't block someone (unless I wasn't supposed to), etc. If I can do okay at this stuff then anyone can. It's mainly a matter of getting past your self-doubt...
  16. velociraptor

    Fitness thread--what was your workout today?

    I'm not sure if Moon Rider is available for your Valve. It should be if you can open a browser. I simply play it in the browser on my OQ2. Just surf to: Moon Rider Here are some lame videos of me playing: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqzmSW7gyXaL134FF6YRrcPshmSBSrbTS Keep in mind...
  17. velociraptor

    Just a really difficult photo?

    Canadian law applies for @Sherlock77 https://torontoobserver.ca/2020/04/19/navigating-the-ethics-of-street-photography-in-toronto/ He is posting his images in a legal and ethical manner according to Canadian conventions.
  18. velociraptor

    Just a really difficult photo?

    Engagement Shoot, 2022-05-22, Railroaded Again by Sean MCormick, on Flickr Engagement Shoot, 2022-05-22, Bended Knee, Colour and Vignette by Sean MCormick, on Flickr I love shooting under difficult lighting conditions. The challenge makes it more fun. :blush:
  19. velociraptor

    Just a really difficult photo?

    Not screwed up at all. You had fun finding the subject. You had fun capturing the image. You will go straight back to a good memory every time you look at the image. That's a success. The fact that you took an image differently from how I would have isn't that important. Please don't let a...
  20. velociraptor

    Just a really difficult photo?

    I hope you don't mind an honest critique of the trailer image. I dislike it when others are insincere to me so I do my best not to propagate that error. Here is my take: I think you did just fine with the light. Everything is properly exposed and nothing is blown out. My problem is that I'm not...
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