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  1. Tom

    Heat wave days and my energy

    I have experienced heat exhaustion several times in places like Mississipi, Nevada and South Carolina. It can be scary really. Like a car blowing it's thermostat and having no contol. So when there is a lot of heat now, I immediately through up the white flag. ;)
  2. Tom

    Heat wave days and my energy

    Yes, excessive heat is a real obstacle. Not much one can do except to try and stay cool and wait it out.
  3. Tom

    Is today holiday where you are?

    Just a tangental question - was your avatar always distorted like that? It always made me think of the Dark side of the Moon album cover, but that has straight lines.
  4. Tom

    How to win him back - the right way

    We do get many people like yourself posting about breakups. They usually seem to be looking for some insight on how people on the spectrum think or behave with the hope that there is some technical glitch in the ASD to NT interface that can be fixed. If they come before the breakup it can be...
  5. Tom

    Future children’s names

  6. Tom

    Devastating breakup - Did he hide the Asperger's?

    There are quite a few here that are ASD married to NT and several that have been together in the 30-45 year range. My own is at 37 years.
  7. Tom

    Obsessing over my diagnosis

    What you describe certainly does sound like ASD in many respects. On social skills it's not unusual I believe, for some to learn to socialize fairly well with effort and practice. Women present ASD somewhat different then men as well and that may be part of it. We are usually aware it does...
  8. Tom

    Lately I wonder if feminism is needed or not.

    I support feminism from an equalists perspective and yes think it is needed. Very. On matriarchal societies I'm game. I like strong women and was pleased to serve under them in the military. In fact I kinda have always had a thing for them and married a military woman.
  9. Tom

    Devastating breakup - Did he hide the Asperger's?

    Maybe she's right. We are all fabulously suave and debonair after all, and like our leather corinthian. ;)
  10. Tom

    Bad Poetry thread

    Ode to Mold Oh mold Thou doest astound me Thy sickly greens and black Slime sublime Like Zeus of old A champion bold Lays low Kings in their Espanola And Queens with their Granola Like Poe That weasel (he oweth me 50 bucks) Only mold can cross the Styx for free
  11. Tom

    Making NT Friends

    I learn lots of things from nature, especially ants. So... Rub antennas. If they smell like they are from same colony try and strike up a conversation. Mention you are going for a coffee and see if they want to go. I know for a fact ants drink coffee btw. If they don't smell like they are...
  12. Tom

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Always admired this guy most of the Fab Four. Always seemed most down to earth and the nicest. Beatle, Actor, Solo Career and married to a Bond Girl!
  13. Tom

    Devastating breakup - Did he hide the Asperger's?

    Joking aside (though I like joking as a way to keep the atmosphere light) it is something like that, that we try to come up with. 'Suddenly' develop an interest in autism because of some other (or fictional) person in your life that you wish to undertsand more, leaving the materials around...
  14. Tom

    Devastating breakup - Did he hide the Asperger's?

    When I got together with my spouse neither of us knew I was on the spectrum. What is called ASD-1 (folks requiring least external support) wasn't widely known. We only knew the more obvious autism of more severe cases. She did know I was quite 'different' but she liked that aspect mostly...
  15. Tom

    Devastating breakup - Did he hide the Asperger's?

    It's a fair question. But I don't know the answer. I do know a lot of people do not realize they are on the spectrum and telling them, even in the best of situations is tricky. It can go badly and I think many of us suggest an indirect approach. Others know, or heavily suspect they are...
  16. Tom

    Opinions Please. Maybe support?

    Those annoying meltdowns/shutdowns. Yeah most of us have or did have them. Not easy to suggest fixes. We are all so different the solutions seem to be very individual. One idea to to try and recognize the early warning signs and take evasive action before they can fully develop.
  17. Tom

    Use your imagination!

    I'm on it! As soon as I finish running away. ;)
  18. Tom

    Use your imagination!

    I envision giant bugs and flamethrowers. Seriously bummed I won't be able to participate. ;)
  19. Tom

    What gives you Nostalgia?

    If I have too many eggs it can trigger it. ;)
  20. Tom

    Platonic and long distance relationship between autistics

    Nothing new about it. Folks been doing it for 355 years. String telephones are also known as lovers telephones for a reason. Might have even been earlier versions like lovers smoke signals. ;)
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