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  1. Richelle-H

    Answer a QUESTION with a QUESTION

    Yes but what does it matter if three rights make a left and three lefts make a right?
  2. Richelle-H

    Devastating breakup - Did he hide the Asperger's?

    I was 29 before I went on my first date and when things started happening too fast for me to handle I went into a semi-meltdown and fled in panic. As I recall I just said I had to go and left. This was long before I received a diagnosis of AS. That did not happen until my forties when someone...
  3. Richelle-H

    Use your imagination!

    Hello there. I thought it might be interesting to speculate on the future with the following observation. The time line between the Wright brothers flight at Kittyhawk and the first commercial jet flight carrying paying passengers was only about fifty years. The time line between the...
  4. Richelle-H

    Your Favorite Books

    As I am a bibliophile, this is a particularly difficult question for me to answer. It took me some time to sort through my many years of reading to come up with a meaningful reply. I found that I needed to define what favourite means to me and ultimately decided that to truly qualify it required...
  5. Richelle-H

    Three sentences about you, one of which is true, the other two untrue.

    That was a pretty safe guess. .Care to try for the one that is true?
  6. Richelle-H

    Stimming with your mouth

    Long, long ago, in the time I was known as weird and/or strange I learned conscious control of every muscle in my face and neck. On reflection, it was most likely an unconscious form of stimming but in the end it left me with a massive amount of willful, conscious, tics that I drew upon whenever...
  7. Richelle-H

    Hello from the Northern wilderness

    Welcome Cat and I truly hope your levels of frustration find some relief. While I have an actual diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome it was a late diagnosis far beyond being of any use in integrating me with the rest of society. I knew I was not like anyone around me. That could sometimes cause a...
  8. Richelle-H


    In my case it isn't so much sensitivity to noise but to certain sounds. Those, such as the cooing of a morning dove at 7 AM, can make me mental. It is all an interior state of mind and there is no indication on the outside as to my destress unless I start complaining out loud at the offending...
  9. Richelle-H

    Nostalgia From Old TV Commercials

    I do not understand the attraction of tobacco, but my father smoked a couple of packs a day well into his fifties and he exclusively smoked a particular brand for a good portion of that time because of the redeemable coupons that came with his brand. One of their slogans, when it was still legal...
  10. Richelle-H


    I grew up in a time when if you could not handle manual transmission you did not drive. I remember being taken to the Santa Anita Race Track to drive around their parking lot during off season in order to learn how. This was before I was old enough to even apply for a learner's permit. A safe...
  11. Richelle-H

    What's your excuse?

    I'm not getting up early, I'm going to bed late. What's your excuse for spending ridiculous amounts of time on Tik-Tok?
  12. Richelle-H

    An introduction to Korean dramas LOL

    I just finished watching the first episode and I too am hooked. It is an honest and caring portrait of a young woman with an extraordinary IQ and remembers everything she reads. The actress portraying Woo Young-Woo (she likes pointing out that her name is the same either forward and backward...
  13. Richelle-H

    Three sentences about you, one of which is true, the other two untrue.

    I had dim sum with Harlan Ellison after a group of us had seen ET at the Cinerama Dome I was once a novitiate named Sister Mary Louise I am five-foot-ten-and-one-half inches in my stocking feet.
  14. Richelle-H

    What did people think of the new Dune movie

    That sounds suspiciously like the film maker taking umbrage at calling his film a remake. If it is not a remake then why does the script of Part one seem so familiar. If you do not want it to be called a remake then you should take steps to depart from the book in some fashion but the filmmakers...
  15. Richelle-H

    What did people think of the new Dune movie

    Outside of the fact that it has the advantage of having much better SFX than the previous version, I felt it to be overblown and way to emotionless. Even though David Lynch repudiates his version for many reasons, I consider it far superior to the current version. I found Kyle MacLachlan to be...
  16. Richelle-H

    Yellowstone, etc

    If the urge to visit the grand canyon ever does strike, I highly recommend the North rim. It is much harder to reach and does not attract the same number of people that the tourist trap of the south rim draws. It is not accessible in the winter time but the northern rim is a higher and much...
  17. Richelle-H

    Hello all ASD’ers?

    Welcome to the Forums Adam. I am not a fount of wisdom, far from it if truth be told. Therefore, what you take from what I write is on you, but what is to follow will be completely honest from my viewpoint. I had a boringly normal upbringing even if my interactions with it were always a bit...
  18. Richelle-H

    Autistic Doodler

    Thank you kindly for your comment. That particular piece was in a sketchpad dating from 1981. In reviewing more of that book, I must have been exploring perspective among other 'things', being that I was in my mid-thirties at the time and I had yet to be diagnosed with autism. Apparently, my...
  19. Richelle-H

    Common childhood interests you did not have

    I was little interested in dolls. Back when I was a child, there were a great many more dangerous toys that no one gave a second thought to. For boys there were Dart guns, cap pistols, erector sets, and such. For girls there was a toy iron that on surface posed no problem but one of my siblings...
  20. Richelle-H

    So how do you learn drawing?

    I draw. There are examples of my doodles available in the visual arts topics. I got interested way back in my late twenties. I never took a lesson and just taught myself perspective and line control over a number of years. It was all precipitated by a book: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain...
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