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  1. M

    Have You Ever Had An Uncommon Diet?

    I was a vegetarian for about 5 years in the 1970s. I felt great and had plenty of energy. During that time, I tried to live on a macrobiotic diet which lasted about one month before I felt too weak, shaky, and hungry to continue it. I returned to a pure vegetarian diet for a while longer...
  2. M

    Statistics: Covid & Vaccines

    There is still substantial media reporting on Covid in the US. I think most people have grown bored with it. Even though we all know covid and its various mutations are circulating everywhere and becoming ever increasingly transmittable, most folks tend to ignore it unless they are...
  3. M

    Statistics: Covid & Vaccines

    Doesn't your government health agency continue to track infection rates? You could always read one of the US newspapers for the information you seek.
  4. M

    Yellowstone, etc

    I frequently camped near the North Rim when I lived in Utah. My recollection is that it is on or near Native American reservation land which probably is why it has never been developed or "touristed" to death like the South Rim. My husband and I camped for a week in Lassen and saw few other...
  5. M

    Yellowstone, etc

    The US national parks are phenomenal. Visit during the offseason for the best experience.
  6. M

    Fries poll!

    I love good fries, but I rarely actually fry anything. I oven bake them instead. I preheat a sheet pan in the oven at 425 degrees F. Meanwhile, I cut the potatoes into wedges (I don't peel them), put them in a large bowl, add enough olive oil to lightly coat them, salt and pepper, and stir...
  7. M

    Utter disconnection and self loathing

    You're extremely articulate and clearly communicate how you feel. In fact, you're far more articulate and communicative than many NTs I know. The best advice I can offer is for you to address the depression. It will rob you of all joy in life. Part of your depression may be your...
  8. M

    are you doing any thing very fun today

    I love this idea. Yes, I do love tabasco and Siracha. I have made sauerkraut that way, using small ramekins as a weight, distilled water, and cover the top of the jars with several layers of cheesecloth with a rubber band to hold it in place. Thanks, Gerald. I'm going to do this today...
  9. M

    are you doing any thing very fun today

    My location in Mississippi near the Gulf Coast is a good place to raise vegetables and fruit. Usually. A hurricane or violent weather can wipe out a garden very quickly. And the weather can be fickle. We definitely experiencing climate change which affects what will successfully grow here...
  10. M

    are you doing any thing very fun today

    I canned 2 quarts of my homegrown tomatoes using the hot water bath process this morning. You have to add 2 tablespoons of bottled lemon juice and a teaspoon of kosher salt to each jar and process them in boiling water for a minimum of 45 minutes to prevent botulism. Hubby just ordered me a...
  11. M

    are you doing any thing very fun today

    Years ago, I bought a teak shower seat/stool online for our big walk-in shower. For years afterwards, I got spam trying to sell me yachts, 400 gallon buckets of teak oil to maintain my yacht, all kinds of things related to rich people who own yachts, etc. We certainly don't own a yacht! I...
  12. M

    The old emojis...

    Can you have the originals added back to the program? They were much more expressive, IMHO, than the remaining options. :( Plus, the remaining emojis are fuzzy. Or maybe it's my eyesight?
  13. M

    this update is really throwing me for a loop

    Thanks, Homulilly - That worked. The arrow appeared.
  14. M

    this update is really throwing me for a loop

    What happened to the "return to the top of the page" arrow that used to appear at the bottom of the page?
  15. M

    My odor hallucination

    I'm not hallucinating when my husband stinks after mowing the yard. Jeez, he sweats up a storm out there. His shirt is wringing wet with sweat after a couple of hours on the mower or tractor. It is real!
  16. M


    Longest train ride was from Nogales, Arizona to Mexico City, Mexico in 1973. Approximately 1360 miles. It took about 40 hours because the rails were literally propped up with 2x4's along steep cliffs in the middle of the mountains so the train barely crept along the rails in those sections...
  17. M

    Going abroad for the first time (airport anxiety)

    Getting a visa will be easy. Since I'm American, I have never done it, but believe you just need to go to the US Department of State website and follow the directions to apply for a visa.
  18. M

    Cheese poll!

    It was probably the same guy who ate an oyster for the first time.
  19. M

    I dislike this time of the year.

    In addition to obnoxious fireworks, people here shoot guns including machine-gun rapid-fire types. Every now and then, someone is killed by a stray bullet. I pray for rain and tornadic weather on the 4th. :rolleyes:
  20. M

    Can it be

    You'll like it here. No one will ban or harass you, and in the unlikely event they did, the members and moderators would immediately protect you. I like your poem. :)
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