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    Advice needed! Handling relationships of different neurotypes.

    Until you can meet again, perhaps the best thing you can do is be a good listener and just let him talk about whatever he wants to. Also, maybe keep reminding him how he is helping you get through these difficult times.
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    How do you feel about autism in books and movies?

    Having written a fictional book, The Cubic Pea, with two Aspie characters I know how difficult it is to avoid stereotypes. I really wanted to stress positive aspects of ASD as I viewed my target audience as parents who were struggling to cope and would benefit from a glimmer of hope in the...
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    Dealing with tougher client issues

    It sounds like you absorbed some of her pain so that should mean she now has less.
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    Parents Seem a Bit Too Strict

    Moving from child to adult is a gradual and a two way process. Parents are supposed to help and encourage their child to become independent at a rate the child can cope with. Sadly this doesn't often happen. There is no magical switch when any specific age is reached. All you can expect is the...
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    How Can I Help My Brother?

    I can certainly empathize with your situation. It does sound like the best solution is for him to move out because the longer the current situation exists, the harder it will be to break and if it does break because your mother can cope no longer, you will have a bigger issue. I would not kick...
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    Difficulty with instructions? Or is it just me?

    Hi & welcome, you are definitely not alone. Where is the specification? is a cry often heard in our house.
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    I'm helping too much?

    Ah, yes - the theoretical ideal of parenting - gliding along by protecting, supporting, showing, teaching, testing and proving so that the child is ready to leave the nest, fully equipped to survive and prosper in the big wide world. Throw in an Aspie element, whether child, parent or both and...
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    The Cubic Pea

    Exbrewer submitted a new resource: The Cubic Pea - Fictional story of cyber fraud in a brewery with Aspie interest Read more about this resource...
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    Recommend a book for socializing

    Apologies. After posting yesterday I remembered that you kindly replied to my introductory post a few weeks ago suggesting you would be prepared to read my book, The Cubic Pea, to let me know what you think (good and bad!). I would be very interested in your views. I am in the UK so am not sure...
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    Recommend a book for socializing

    Although I have written a fictional book that touches on this, I'm not sure it would help very much. The fact that you recognize the issue is a good thing and may help you to avoid some of the situations you mention. Remember that very few people, Aspie or not, are good at everything. When you...
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    Obsessions/Addictions and Aggression - Need Advice

    I'm not sure I can offer advice but maybe I can offer a little hope. We experienced a similar, although not as severe a situation, with our son at a similar age. For us medication did help but therapy didn't. We started to see improvements when we realised, or thought we did, that what he really...
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    Hi but not sure I should be here

    As a result of you posting this, it is now on Goodreads. Thanks for your help.
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    "Re-discovering" an old hobby: writing.

    It took me over 60 years to find out that I could enjoy writing for pleasure. Previously, it had been scientific reports that had to be done for work, usually under time pressure. I still adopt a scientific approach by using bullet points to arrange my thoughts in order. I can then lose myself...
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    Autism and Morality

    I like to think I had a career in which I was respected for being honest and truthful. Maybe I am wrong.
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    NT partner and kissing/physical touch

    It sounds like you separate love and sex. If sex as you describe it works for you both, how about redefining what designates love - maybe a fist bump rather that a kiss or a hug? How does your partner interact with your son on an emotional basis - could that help to explain how you yourself feel?
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    Mum of an Aspie young man

    Welcome. I am also new to the forum and have been helped already. Without wanting to sound harsh, are the worries you mention yours or your son's? You never stop being a parent but trying to ensure that you support him in what he wants to achieve, rather than what you want for him, can be a...
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    Possibly starting PhD

    You don't need to be aspie to have thoughts like these. I remember wanting to run away when facing a similar situation over 40 years ago. However, I also remember the huge sense of relief, satisfaction & achievement afterwards. My tips would be: - do your preparation well so you can be as...
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    Hi but not sure I should be here

    Thanks for your suggestions. The only one I am familiar with is Temperance Brennan - I felt her Aspie traits were far more pronounced in the TV series than in the books. I will look up the others. Both my Aspies so far are male and it took me long enough to feel comfortable about them, so a...
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    Hi but not sure I should be here

    I think it's a fear of failure and lack of confidence that I can develop the characters I have created, particularly the two Aspies, in a realistic and believable way. However, I've only been on here a couple of days and I can already feel my confidence improving.
  20. E


    Hi. Assuming your parents want the best for you, maybe you can come at it as seeking an explanation for why you are who you are. Having a diagnosis will not change who you are but it should help you to get the most out of your many interests, skills & abilities. Bear in mind that your parents...
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