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    Free Coffee at Starbucks

    As I've said before, I live in a mall. The girls in Starbucks are crazy about my 22 month old daughter. So much so that they watch the lifts and when they see me coming downstairs with her they run around to the door of the residents' lobby and try to twist my arm to come to Starbucks. I...
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    Talking To Girls or Women

    A recent tongue-in-cheek comment to Krazie243 (that he shouldn't talk about self-loving on a first date) got me thinking: What is some good advice on how to talk to girls. I had no idea at all until I was in my 30s. Then I figured out that if you couldn't talk to girls you had to get the girls...
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    Anyone else immune to local anaesthetic?

    I've had 2 teeth extracted in the past couple of years. Both were horrendously painful. The 2nd time I had a tooth extracted I told the specialist that I had had a very bad experience with the previous extraction and that I wanted to be sure that it wouldn't be painful. He told me in a very...
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    Hi There, I'm Back

    And it is great to see that Calvert and Superboy have kicked off another forum. Congrats to both of you on your promotion from moderators to administrators.:lol2:
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    Taking things very literally

    Yesterday my wife took my 5-year-old son along shopping for a white buffalo (for her father's funeral). When my wife explained that they were at the market to buy one of the buffaloes, my son said "but Mummy, there isn't enough room in the taxi for a buffalo". When it was explained that his...
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    Too skeptical by nature?

    I was just thinking about all of the things I am skeptical about. I accept the possibility that there may be parallel universes, but in the absence of real evidence for those I presume that they do not exist. I accept the possibility that God exists, be He a person or not. But, in the absence...
  7. 1

    Have people assumed you were different by choice, or by nature?

    I'd say that throughout my life about 90% of people have thought that I had chosen to be the way I was/am (not sociable, withdrawn, no relationships). Maybe 10% got that I was simply "different".
  8. 1

    Have you felt hated, or excluded?

    I've seen a few of the younger members who feel that they are hated because of having AS. I always felt more excluded. Even when I am in situations where people seem to like me and accept me as I am, I am often excluded from much that goes on because I don't "fit in".
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    Aspergers and Genius

    http://ezinearticles.com/?Aspergers-and-Genius-Share-Same-Characteristics&id=1020152 A famous psychiatric, Michael Fitzgerald from Trinity College, Dublin has claimed that many geniuses in the fields of science, politics and the arts have achieved success because they had Asperger's...
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    Tips for breaking out of your shell

    Does anyone have any tips for breaking out of your Aspie "shell". I think the biggest thing that we need to do is to spend plenty of time around "ordinary" people. Seeing how they interact, interacting with them, and so on. I found that living in a big house with a bunch of people for a few...
  11. 1

    Good people who have made a big difference

    My mother was the best. She loved all her 4 kids, but she seemed to love me extra. Some of my happiest memories are from before I started school, being at home with her and listening to Frank Sinatra records together (I still remember a lot of the lyrics now, more than 40 years later). She was...
  12. 1

    Learning Disabilities

    I've heard that people with AS often have learning disabilities associated with that. I tend to be very slow to pick things up at first, like it takes a while for all the pieces to fall into place. Once they do I tend to do okay. I was the last kid in my class in 1st grade, out of 30-something...
  13. 1


    I was just reminded of this over the past week. As a kid I was a little obsessive about maps. I would constantly be taking the road map book out of the family car and "reading" it in my room for hours at a time. Then forgetting to put it back. Which my mum was never happy about when she was out...
  14. 1

    Are you better at relating to people much older or much younger than yourself?

    I've always been better at having friends and getting along with people much older or younger than myself. I'm not really sure why. I guess that there is a lot less pressure to conform, to behave in an age-appropriate manner, to be what your peers consider "normal". Or maybe there is more to...
  15. 1


    I'm not going to ask what sort of work you do. A few members do not like that question, and I can understand why. So I will ask what sort of work would you like to do? What sort of work do you feel would best suit your interests and abilities?
  16. 1

    Being odd vs being silent

    I used to isolate myself from people because I could never come up with the right words to say in any given situation. So people would talk to me and I'd just freeze up, say nothing or maybe manage to squeeze out something monosyllabic. Or grin like an idiot so people would hopefully think that...
  17. 1

    Sensitivity to electrical stimulation

    A couple of times when I've had minor sprains and injuries (back, shoulder) I've been to physiotherapy and they've wired me up to one of those electrical stimulation machines (do they even use those any more?). I remember the first time I tried it there was a woman in the next booth (separated...
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    Soul Mates

    Have you ever had, or thought you had, a soul mate?
  19. 1

    Design an Aspergers Movie or TV Series

    Hijacking someone else's very good idea here..... (except hopefully none of us will think that our AS representative will be a Hooters' chick). If you were to design a movie or TV series - be it serious or comedic or somewhere in between - what sort of storyline/s would you have and what sort...
  20. 1

    Are there any well-adjusted Aspies?

    I'm just wondering - are there many well-adjusted Aspies out there? People who just get on with their lives, have good jobs, have relationships, are happy? Who are aware that they are not like everyone else but don't dwell on it too much? I guess that a web forum for Aspies is going to mainly...
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