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  1. Magna

    Favorite Youtube Channels

    I like finding out about new Youtube channels that interest me. Hopefully people can share channels they find interesting here. Soft White Underbelly is an amazing channel because of its raw humanity. It's a channel where the creator interviews people mainly in Los Angeles where he's based...
  2. Magna

    Question about Christianity

    I'm not an expert on Christianity by any means which is why I'm asking the question for anyone that may know the answer. Please note that I do not intend in any way to put down Christianity and I ask that any respondents be respectful as well. To my knowledge most Christian denominations...
  3. Magna

    Discontinued food products you miss.

    Are there any food products either from the grocery store or a restaurant that you liked but were discontinued and you wish they came back? I have a few I can think of: Yoplait yogurt had a type of yogurt for awhile that had whole wheat berries inside. Dairy Queen had a hard ice cream that...
  4. Magna

    Why aren't horses eaten in the U.S.?

    I was driving in a rural area recently past a pasture with horses. I wondered why horse meat has never been something consumed in the U.S. I'm not sure, but I think it might even be illegal for sale for human consumption. Not all countries are this way. I personally have no desire to...
  5. Magna

    2022 Greenhouse/Gardening Chronicles

    I wanted to track and share my progress during this year's growing season. I have a greenhouse that unfortunately collapsed from snow and wind this last winter. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't initially devastated and feeling like all hope was lost. With time I gained a healthy perspective...
  6. Magna

    Please explain a few things about free will and God (Christianity).

    Firstly: My intention in this thread is in no way to put down religion, belief in God, religious people, etc. I ask that anyone who responds does so with respect to the belief systems of others, whatever they may be. Being human, the only perspective I have is mine (as a human). I know that...
  7. Magna

    Thank you to the Mods

    Thank you to all the great moderators here. Within the last few weeks the positive, upbeat and supportive vibe has been disrupted. It appears based on recently locked threads and indicators of sock puppets that there's a specific and nefarious reason for it. This is a sincere thank you again...
  8. Magna

    ADHD Stimulant Meds Question

    I put this post in this section because ADHD is sometimes a co-morbid with Autism. If this post should be moved to a different section that fits better, so be it. ADHD Stimulant meds like Adderall are considered "habit forming" medications. Words have meaning. I realize that "habit...
  9. Magna

    Poll: Do you use Twitter?

    Do you use Twitter?
  10. Magna

    Do clothing companies or department stores spray fragrance on new clothes?

    My wife brought back some new clothes to our house that she purchased from a department store chain. The clothes absolutely reeked of cologne-like fragrance. I could taste it. The clothing section was no where near any fragrance department. I'm convinced either the clothing manufacturers...
  11. Magna

    Autism, Neurodiversity, Neurodivergent terms...

    "Celebrate Neurodiversity!" < That statement is seen more and more. For example, there are many different versions of T Shirts available with that slogan. The purpose of this thread is to discuss autism and how it is included in the terms neurodiversity and neurodivergent and how it's unique...
  12. Magna

    Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at Academy Awards Ceremony

    The slap heard around the world.... I haven't watched the Oscars in years but saw online that during the Oscars ceremony actor Will Smith (who won an Oscar that evening) walked up on stage during the live ceremony and slapped presenter and comedian Chris Rock across the face for a joke that...
  13. Magna

    Database building questions from a novice

    I would like to create a database using free software to track all personal expenditures by category, etc. Pre-covid, I used to collect all receipts from anything purchased by me or my family and I would keep the receipts in manilla envelopes by month. I started creating a spreadsheet to enter...
  14. Magna

    Is God's acceptance of us conditional?

    God's love is generally regarded as being unconditional. God loves everyone equally regardless of who they are. Jesus showed great love for the lowly and the sinners. Actually, in contrast, Jesus seemed to show no love or have any tolerance for scribes, Pharisees, etc, but that's for another...
  15. Magna

    Midnight Diner is one of my favorites

    I fell in love with Midnight Diner, a Japanese series on Netflix. My only sadness about it is that there are a limited number of seasons available and I've already burned through every episode. I would rank the series as one of my top favorites in the last decade. Some of the things I like...
  16. Magna

    Jeopardy Game Show: Should the rules be changed?

    Current contestant Amy Schneider is up to 40 consecutive wins in a row I believe. My wife is a bigger Jeopardy fan that I am and she said it's really not something she enjoys watching currently and as a surprise to me isn't even watching tonight. At one time Jeopardy contestant wins were...
  17. Magna

    Poll: Do you like puppets, muppets, etc?

    I'm curious as to whether or not autistic people like puppets, muppets, etc more than NTs. For me, puppets, muppets capture and hold my attention far more than most people do. It's also very easy to watch puppets, muppets and make eye contact with them than it is real people. If there's a...
  18. Magna

    Album Covers!

    Rather than being a thread about bands that might cover entire albums of other bands, this is a thread for posting the images of the covers of albums, album covers that you like. Just the album cover rather than videos. I'll start with a few...
  19. Magna

    Heaven/hell. Why isn't there a third option?

    Catholicism teaches that there is our life on earth (the "Church Militant"), there is Purgatory, a place in which a soul is in limbo until granted entrance to heaven; a purification process (the "Church Sorrowful") and Heaven, an eternally perfect place (the"Church Triumphant"). God gives...
  20. Magna

    Intersectionality & Autism Organizations

    Intersectionality: the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage. "through an awareness of intersectionality, we...
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