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  1. FreeDiver


  2. FreeDiver


  3. FreeDiver

    Discontinued food products you miss.

    NO! This had been a perpetual cycle with them since the early 1980's. I don't this has anything to do with Russia.
  4. FreeDiver

    Discontinued food products you miss.

    There's one food product that keep failing and failing to get a foot hold in the market, and that's the McRib from McDonald's. This is one product that they've been reintroducing to the market for over 30 years now and every time they do it. It fails to get a hold. Talk about beating a dead...
  5. FreeDiver


  6. FreeDiver


  7. FreeDiver

    What brand of smart thermostat do you prefer?

    I have a smart home system that I built myself. It consist of the following. A Raspberry PI Computer (this is the master brain.) running the FairyMagic SpellBook logic control engine and some python scripts that I had written myself. It also hosts the web interface for the system as well and is...
  8. FreeDiver

    Clock thread/

    I was thinking of getting this electronics kit for building a digital clock that does not use any chips in it at all.
  9. FreeDiver

    Speak Out - "Why 1980s TV is the Best"

    It wasn't just the TV that was great. The Music and the Movies were great as well. Even the places as well. Remember going to the video arcade and feeding those machines your quarters? Here's a video of a Chuck E Cheese from 1983. This should bring back some memories. Notice how dark it is in...
  10. FreeDiver

    Name jokes

    What do you call someone that digs a hole? What do you call someone that fills in the hole? What do you call someone that that tops off the tank?
  11. FreeDiver

    Bone Conduction Headphones

    Speaking of bone induced sound. Have you ever gone to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned? My dentist used this ultrasonic cleaning wand and as soon as the tip of that thing makes contact with my teeth. It's like my whole skull is screaming with this super high pitch sound. I dread this thing...
  12. FreeDiver

    Stolen Youth

    Ok, so your childhood sucked. How are you doing as an adult today? Before you get all worked up about a lost childhood, think about this. The football star of my school was worship by all there and was very handsome and all the girls would chase after him. Think he had it make? think again. That...
  13. FreeDiver

    An article on transcranial magnetic stimulation for autism

    I remember reading something similar to this about blind people. Their were some blind people (Blind from birth so they never experienced what it's like to ever see anything.) that were candidates for surgery that could fully restore their eyesight. Some of them opted to have the surgery done...
  14. FreeDiver

    Renting a friend/paying someone to talk or hang out with you

    Japan is known for a lot of weird things like that. One of the more creepier one is the sex doll. Yes you can get a this silicone female mannequin doll that you can sleep with and have sex with. I guess women are hard to come by in Japan, if Japanese men have to resort to this.
  15. FreeDiver

    Do play Arcade Games?

    O-YA! the 80s was defiantly the golden age of arcade. Who could ever forget going to Chuck E Cheese's and pumping quarters into those big boxes that had better graphics the your home system did. Arcades of the 80s, including Chuck E Cheese's were much darker inside and therefor, not so much of a...
  16. FreeDiver

    Elsa from Frozen gets BUSTED!!

    Well it turns out that the nasty winter storm that hit the east coast was the work of Elsa from frozen. Two South Carolina police officers apprehend the ice making princess in the town of Pickens while on routine patrol. Elsa is now facing charges of both grand malicious mischief and breaking...
  17. FreeDiver

    January 17, 1953 The Corvette's Debut

    Ahh! The poor edsel. Too bad people had to make fun of the radiator grill on the front. I've heard it being called all king of nasty names, like, the vagina, the toilet seat and an ox's yoke.
  18. FreeDiver

    The Wrong Answer Game

    No, it just means it non-flammable. Why do the feet on a car need to rest?
  19. FreeDiver

    Stolen Youth

    An almost "exact" description of my life. except I'm 50 now and didn't learn about being on the spectrum until I was 42. I pretty much live a lonely/bachelor life. I have never dated nor ever had a real job in my entire life.
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