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    I'm in a bad place right now.

    You ever walk around and then all of a sudden just feel like sitting or lying down somewhere on the side? I've been lying down on various places around the city these past few weeks, maybe months. I walk around, go from one end to the other with public transport, sit in cafes, sit and lie down...
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    How to let go of people?

    Thanks for all the answers. I have a mutual friend with this ex love interest, and I wasn't aware of how good friends they are, but a few days ago I was over at said friend's place and within a collection of friends and family pictures, I saw pictures of them together. A while ago I would have...
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    What are some of your favourite song lyrics?

    https://genius.com/Ezra-williams-never-get-over-lyrics Important detail though, I always hear and sing "won't lift" instead of "will lift".
  4. T

    Last album you listened to?

    Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers.
  5. T

    The last thing that made you laugh

    How wonderful it must be to laugh about everything.
  6. T

    The last thing that made you laugh

    Pretty sure it was The lonely island and their video Episode 1: White Power! specifically.
  7. T

    How to let go of people?

    I'm in my early 20s so I'm still learning about how dating and all that stuff even works, but I'm wondering if it's common to have as much trouble letting go of people as I do. I had a romantic thing going on with someone, which lasted only half a year, but now it's been almost two years since...
  8. T


    Crying's an interesting thing. I cry a lot. Nowadays especially, I think because I moved to this new place recently, I'm particularly sensitive; as soon as something doesn't work like predicted, I feel like my whole world is falling apart. When people ask me - "Are you okay?" - and point out...
  9. T

    Not diagnosed but here anyway

    Danke! Only rarely.
  10. T

    Not diagnosed but here anyway

    Thanks so much for the warm welcoming. I speak Swedish, German, English and French and am currently learning Czech and Russian. I know some Latin as well.
  11. T

    Not diagnosed but here anyway

    Hi, my name is frog (obviously not really, but you can call me that). I'm pretty convinced that I'm autistic, but I'm not diagnosed yet. I signed in here to have somewhere to ask questions about stuff, and to vent when needed. I'm a rockstar at learning languages and an aspiring author...
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    Wow thanks! This makes me happy:).
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