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  1. 2wheels4ever

    Wearing diapers/ nappies

    Most of my life I'd had off-and-on attractions to wearing diapers again and recently thought "what the hey" and started off with a bag of Goodnites and went from there, trying different brands. What I've found is that the "protection" is making it easier to be in the presence of my overbearing...
  2. 2wheels4ever

    I want your music and Autism youtube videos for AC playlists

    The "Star Wars" and Metallica-surf mashups are covers. "BofM" is short for "Bryan of Myron's" - a handle I came up with when I worked at a place called Myron's Mopeds. Same as "Premix Records" - a figment of my imagination
  3. 2wheels4ever

    I want your music and Autism youtube videos for AC playlists

    I am "singing", playing all of the instruments on most of the music, recording, mixing, composing and uploading myself. A few of the songs are covers but noted as such, the other 8 or 9 are all me
  4. 2wheels4ever

    Subtle excuses for not to socialize.

    In the shop I can usually start up a motorcycle or run a power tool but I can't avoid them forever, so I try to redirect them to some other person there and if that isn't possible I'll nicely have them put down their information and help them unload their machine; anything to get them on their...
  5. 2wheels4ever

    Hi, from another newbie

    It certainly is quite unconventional to relocate from England to live in the midwestern US. When you find the time to tell about your interests and experiences we'd love to hear about them. Oh, and hello!
  6. 2wheels4ever

    I want your music and Autism youtube videos for AC playlists

    Music here. Mainly about my special interest (of course)
  7. 2wheels4ever

    Bad Movies You Enjoy

    I go through interest phases of MST where I'll watch hardly anything else for days, then the next thing I know it's Air Crash Investigations or Locked Up Abroad, not to forget Modern Marvels. "Trilogy Of Terror" is another one of those lower prestige yet inventive and interesting movies - IMO...
  8. 2wheels4ever

    Bad Movies You Enjoy

    Bump for the notorious 'Manos - The Hands Of Fate"
  9. 2wheels4ever

    Dress Code

    I like in some parts of the world, the citizens call them "trouble-seekers"! But there used to be a steakhouse a few blocks away from me that if someone entered wearing a tie, one of the staff would come with a pair of scissors and cut the tie off and pin it to the rafters, it was sort of a...
  10. 2wheels4ever

    does age matter?

    My GF (I reckon it's safe to refer to her as such) is 23 and I will be 41 in late March and she is on a career track that it took me until my mid-30s to come into. I count it as that since she was DXed earlier in life and with a fuller understanding of ASDs that she had enough support and was...
  11. 2wheels4ever

    Discrimination against autism

    It's been a get-out-of-a-pile-of-traffic-tickets-free card though I don't go out of my way to exploit that; mostly when I get stopped it's due to me struggling with my equipment and I'm already annoyed that my vehicle isn't functioning properly, so I find it helpful to admit my condition right...
  12. 2wheels4ever

    Could This Be Discrimination?

    It sounds to me like some people may have gotten upset that OP was making them appear lazy some new guy shows up out of nowhere and threatens to rock the boat. Employment agencies may or may not test for drugs, I get the feeling that not many do, which is probably neither here nor there in the...
  13. 2wheels4ever

    Lets talk about our procedures \o/

    I am most like this - I've lived most of my life as ADHD - though for a long time I had a certain order for tasks once I switched on the computer, and sites I'd visit in a certain order. The only real thing I still do is with meals; use cutlery with a certain design with a certain type of plate...
  14. 2wheels4ever

    Should Aspies be Graded on a Curve?

    I've never understood what the 'curve' is myself. It would reason that a curve goes against rigid thinking. It's already vague enough that there is an autism spectrum; you either have it or you don't
  15. 2wheels4ever

    Aspies Central back online & Important Information

    Yes the purple makes for a nice touch
  16. 2wheels4ever

    Diagnostic Status

    There's a thread at the bigger site that highlights the scarcity of knowledge for us aspie adults. The HFAs I've known IRL are much like me; living somewhat independently on fixed incomes and hanging on to the status quo. I've developed rather late into a more social role being self-employed...
  17. 2wheels4ever

    Aspies Central back online & Important Information

    I can't imagine a neurotypical possessing the skillset to write bad code nor can I imagine someone on the spectrum 'messing where they eat'. I missed the whole 3rd party redirect, was it to a multicolored puzzle piece?
  18. 2wheels4ever

    Problems with intrusions on personal space

    A few hours ago I made the mistake of going to a different location of the store I can deal with. To spare the cry-alogue I'll just say it was a nightmare, but I was moderately successful in warding off a cart-rammer and a neck-breather by straightening my arms slightly and holding out my...
  19. 2wheels4ever

    Problems with intrusions on personal space

    I'm thankful for my motorbike because it affords me the luxury of traveling at will, not having to be tied to anyone else's schedule or the sensory hell that buses are for me. Places to eat are usually not a problem until someone wants to 'treat' me (invariably means loud and crowded). Most of...
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