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  1. smith2267

    Lost my aspie girl.

    Aspie girls are rare and highly sought after by geeky aspie guys. I feel your pain (wow, is this empathy??). Girls in general are impressed by loyalty, so contact her every once in awhile and let her know you're still interested. Just don't stalk.
  2. smith2267

    Aspie in the Mirror

    when you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you find yourself lost, in the faces there be? If wealth lies in faces, surely you've won For though you have many, I have but one. I don't cry when I'm happy, nor laugh when I'm sad And if friends that has cost me, I guess that's too bad...
  3. smith2267

    my ex gf

    I would just like to let you all know that my ex gf has an account on here, and we had an ugly breakup. She will do anything and everything to hurt me. please ignore her. Also, I want to meet an aspie girl.
  4. smith2267

    the hunter never sleeps

    the ears of the cat, do never sleep Alert instead for things that creep What's this?? to his feet, the cat doth leap Be it friend or foe, with malice deep? But no, but scarce the noise does peep But by his senses, doth his owner confound 'er; 'Tis but the can opener, announcing flounder.
  5. smith2267

    a good question

    Old men think of politics, Young men think of thrills, Autistics wonder how big West Virginia would be if you ironed out the hills.
  6. smith2267

    Feeling like you're "trapped."

    Getting back on subject...yes I think we aspies all have muted emotions to some degree or another. And we, or at least I, dislike being insincere.
  7. smith2267

    prejudices you've experienced please

    My NT girlfriend reads this site, and I'd really love it if she could understand even a little of the prejudice we as aspies face. Employment discrimination, police harassment, bullying. She thinks I'm exaggerating. So share some experiences please.
  8. smith2267


    I was told to leave the parking lot of a kroger's grocery store, where I had been a paying customer, because "employees were complaining about" me, as I stayed in the lot awhile after shopping, texting on my cell phone. Of course NT's complained about me. They have all my life. They can smell...
  9. smith2267

    meds, advice needed

    I have a dr. appt. tomorrow and I plan to ask for a med change. I am on zoloft and I don't think it addresses my anxiety, Plus which I have a gf now so I want something without sexual side effects. Any advice would be appreciated. My anxiety is mostly caused by people, when I am alone I'm all...
  10. smith2267

    People Think I?m Rude

    We all, or nearly all have the same problem. It's one of the hallmarks of AS.
  11. smith2267

    aspergillus---the official fungus of asperger's syndrome

    It's just an uncanny similarity in names, that's all.
  12. smith2267

    aspergillus---the official fungus of asperger's syndrome

    At least one person gets my sense of humor.
  13. smith2267

    aspergillus---the official fungus of asperger's syndrome

  14. smith2267

    Smelling things

    Cat breath. I love that smell. I'm serious
  15. smith2267

    Would it be possible to ... ?

    Yes. It is present from birth, but until a person is placed in a provocative environment (by which I mean lots of social expectations or sensory overload), it may not be obvious.
  16. smith2267

    Amnesia and romance

    Can love be forgotten? If you and someone were in love and she got amnesia and didn't remember you, is the love gone? Is the person you were in love with dead? and now someone with their face and mannerisms is here but doesn't like you any more? What the hell is falling in love then? Just a...
  17. smith2267

    Imaginary friends?

    No, I think books served that purpose for me. The characters were my friends.
  18. smith2267

    I have mild autism and the dentist TERRIFIES ME!

    You can ask the Dentist for some pain relief.
  19. smith2267

    How Did You React To Being Diagnosed?

    I was enormously relieved. It meant my failures in life--to have friends, a Gf, to finish vet school--weren't because I was a bad person.
  20. smith2267

    Men & Women Please Answer...

    I am male AS and I think you're right...I've never even been able to start a relationship except one. I either don't get a first date, or nothing more than a first. If we are in a common social group, they perceive that I am at the bottom of the social hierarchy and would thus be a liability to...
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