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Search results

  1. alien girl

    Is this normal?

    I went with my niece to the park, and there was this woman and her friends, and they had a medium size dog. The woman tied the dog, and it was barking angrily at joggers. And then the woman untied the dog, and a jogger ran by, and the dog ran after him barking. The jogger tried going right and...
  2. alien girl

    Should I see a much younger ex coworker?

    I'm a 50 years old woman, and this 16 years old boy showed up to work for a few days. He's gay, so it's not like we're in love or something. But we talked, and I actually enjoyed his company! Something so unusual for me that it almost never happens. He quit to go back to schook but sent me...
  3. alien girl

    Would you consider dating such a guy?

    No, my parents were worried about me not dating and not having friends. It was very important for them that I'd be like everyone else.
  4. alien girl

    Would you consider dating such a guy?

    While walking from his car, he bumped into a toddler and knocked him down. He picked up the toddler and kept walking leaving the little one screaming, and then told me, "Damn kids running around everywhere." In the car, he told me about a guy caught molesting a seven year old in a building, and...
  5. alien girl

    Would you consider dating such a guy?

    That was a long time ago, Maelstrom, but it's sweet you offered. However, I just wanted to find out if this is normal, if most parents would do that. The problem was resolved long ago, but then it's partly my fault for not moving out of my parents' house until age 22. I was afraid I couldnt find...
  6. alien girl

    Would you consider dating such a guy?

    It was a long time ago, but when I was around twenty one or so and still living at home, my parents sent me to their friend's house to 'return a book'. Their son tried to talk to me, but he gave me a very bad impression, and I left in a hurry. The next day, my parents insisted I go out with...
  7. alien girl

    Is it a good idea to force a kid to eat?

    Why force anyone to eat something they're actually choking on, and can only swallow with water, like medicine? Doesnt make sense. And to have kept it up for years.
  8. alien girl

    Is it a good idea to force a kid to eat?

    Talking about amount, not quality. Of course you want a kid to eat healthy. But if the kid isnt hungry, do you think it's a good idea to force him to eat, and did your parents ever do it to you, and what were the consequences of that? My mother used to tell me "You dont get up from the table...
  9. alien girl

    Not having headaches, or not being able to feel them?

    I told a neurotypical at work I never, ever have headaches, and he said I'm the only one who doesnt have them! I asked people at work, and they all but one said they have headaches on occasions. And then it occurred to me: maybe I have headaches, even terrible ones, and just cant feel them? I...
  10. alien girl

    How bad does an EMG test on hands hurt? Including inserting a needle in muscles?

    Hey Gotta have the test sunday morning, and I'm nervous about it. Just wanted to know if anyone on this forum has had it doen, and how bad does it hurt? A bit worse than a blood test/flu shot, kinda worse, much worse, the same? Are you also nervous before going to the dentist or a painful...
  11. alien girl

    Very beautiful cat you have then

    Very beautiful cat you have then
  12. alien girl

    Anyone else suffers from depression?

    And when did it start? I started feeling depressed when at age nine. Even before that, I felt sad often, especially in the evenings, with no apparent reason, and wanting something desperately without knowing what it is. But at age nine, I lost interest in things I used to love, animals and...
  13. alien girl

    New and german

    Sure you won't consider writing in English?
  14. alien girl

    A crumbling hut with your family or adoption by a rich family?

    Let's go back to the time you were underage. Say your parents say they're going to live in a crumbling hut in Mexico and live in poverty for some reason, their job demands it or something. They're going to help the poor like Mother Terasa or whatever. They give you a choice to go with them -...
  15. alien girl

    Does anyone struggle with this thought..

    I don't trust the system either. Many times they claim they want to help, and then children in foster care and mental patients and elderlies in old age homes get abused and neglected horribly. However, the law says no one can be forcibly hospitalized unless they're a danger to themsleves or...
  16. alien girl

    What did you eat Today?

    Bread with butter, chicken with pearl barely, lentils, frozen peas and carrots, and lima beans with a touch of chicken soup, butter cookies. Drank a tiny bit of milk and added white cheese. I'm on a diet, or trying.
  17. alien girl

    Did you ever break the law? Curiosity only.

    Here the fine for not paying on the bus is 25$, but most people dont get it, except one teen girl who'd been told by the ticketman her mother will have to pay and he wrote her name. I see people getting caught not paying the bus fare many times, and the ticketman just tells them to get off the...
  18. alien girl

    Did you ever break the law? Curiosity only.

    Including petty crimes, drunk in public, tesspasing, shoplifting, faking IDs to get into a nightclub or work when underage, underage drinking, whatever.
  19. alien girl

    Closed shelter of cockroach motel?

    Out of curiosity due to my very vivid imagination and my dark nightmarish nature. lol.
  20. alien girl

    Closed shelter of cockroach motel?

    if you had a choice between an apartment where cockroaches roam the ceiling and walls in dozens, and you only get bread and butter and soup because of lack of money, but it's your own apartment and you can get out anytime you want. Or a closed shelter where people hide, run by social workers...
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