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  1. Tramb

    What song are you listening to right now?

    I was looking for what song will be better for you for discover amazing french band: EZ3KIEL but i can't choose ^^ so, i have selected 4 title (L) (warning: hard picture)
  2. Tramb

    Autism Speaks

    recently read on the net: an article about "austim speaks" action
  3. Tramb

    Hi from France

    "Welcome Welcome to AC" AC?... AC?.... alternative current :twitcy: Thx all
  4. Tramb

    Do You Talk to Yourself?

    it's funny, i thought that the question was about speaking out loud to myself. but do i speak silently (in my head) to my self? yes and no :D Yes, i do speak in my head, but no, it's not realy to my self, it's much more like "trying to find the better translation" from non-verbal~visual...
  5. Tramb

    Mirror Neuron System in Autism: Broken or Just Slowly Developing?

    I'm not sure that you have to read the graph like that. the graph just said that contrary as NT, the mirror system increase with age for autist. other interpretations is just speculation: Mirror syst?me is not the only reason of Autism. And reading(~understand) face and attitude is not the...
  6. Tramb

    Mirror Neuron System in Autism: Broken or Just Slowly Developing?

    i don't find a Thread about this abstract, so : Mirror Neuron System in Autism: Broken or Just Slowly Developing? an interview of one of the scientist: Christian Keysers (in audio version, about autism-> 35min15sec to 42min00) Developmental abnormalities in the mirror neuron system may...
  7. Tramb


    I'd like to learn English :lol:
  8. Tramb

    Becky (18 years old) here from Brisbane, Australia <3

    m?di?val, middle age? Burgundi is probabely look like a paradise for you :lol2: . at 10km of my home, there is ^^ -> Gu?delon.. i work fiew month on it and also in a castle near of it (few years) you say celtic interrest? one of my interest is blacksmithing ^^
  9. Tramb

    Hi from France

    So, it's a Ozi forum ^^: you're both from Australia thx for your welcome. :notworthy:To Becky: Merci pour ton acceuil chaleureux, Beckie, c'est aussi un plaisir de te rencontrer Amiti?, Tramb
  10. Tramb

    does aspie depression progress over time?

    I think that get depressed is not useless, i don't say that everybody have to be d?pressive, just that's somthing useful. I don't really understand all the Positive d?sint?gration th?ory, but i feel it true: be active of what we are. "does aspie depression get wrose over the years?" (i...
  11. Tramb

    Do You Talk to Yourself?

    I do to :lol2: as King_oni mostly ( when focusing) mumbling what I'm going to do in which order, but also to reprimand myself :arghh: and sometime i just think out loud.
  12. Tramb

    Hi from France

    Hello, I'm french (please forgive my poor english skills: i've been kick off of hight school) and i have 6? year old, i waiting for an aspie or High Functioning Autist diagnosis (i dont realy understand what is hfa) So, i have all ready waiting 2 month and i absolutly don't Known how...
  13. Tramb

    What Is Your Favorite Number?

    7 or 22 (i can't choose :arghh:) are my favorite φ and 11 are also nice 3 & 9 are funny 3-4-5 is funny to 3?+4?=5? (i hate 33 :wacko:)
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