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    Sometimes it's a vitamin deficiency vitamin d I believe

    Sometimes it's a vitamin deficiency vitamin d I believe
  2. A

    Can one get dementia in their 30s?

    Yes you can get early onset dementia. I seriously doubt that's what you have don't stress. Make sure you're getting plenty of rest keep your mind stimulated reading books that helps decrease the risk of dementia. We all forget things time to time I know I do and I always question boy do I have...
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    Women diagnosed with autism in middle age from Massachusetts: who do you trust for evaluation?

    Where in Massachusetts do you live? I am from Massachusetts.
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    how to act normal around nonautistic/allistic/normal girls?

    My advice is be yourself. If she doesn't like you for who you are then she's not a friend!! What is normal? In my opinion, there is no such thing lol .
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    Just Got Played By A Woman

    Okay my first thought is she was drunk. Sorry this is no reflection on you. The fact that she said she loved you. She doesn't even know you. I would have ran from this girl to tell you the truth. How old are you? She seems like she was very young! This is the type of girl you don't want to be...
  6. A


    Thank you, ❤️
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    How do any of you handle getting older?

    Well I am turning 52 this Saturday. So to me 40 is super young. I know I cried on my 30th birthday. Now I look back and just laugh. You are still really young. I don't feel 52. I don't act 52 and I probably could outrun half these 20-year- olds lol. I also have an 8 and a 10-year-old so my...
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    Can someone help me decode this message?

    Do you have any siblings?just curious how their relationship is with your parents. It's hard for us to give you a correct answer because none of us have experienced what you did growing up and how your parents were to you. My advice is I know personally I would need some sort of closure one way...
  9. A

    Can someone help me decode this message?

    They are your parents despite what has happened in the past. You owe it to yourself and them to listen to what they have to say. You don't want to live with regret. If you don't like what they say then you can walk away!
  10. A

    Plantar fasciitis sucks.

    Pulling your toes to your chest stretches your gastrocs which I mentioned in my comment but you have to hold for at least 30 seconds to get a stretch. By the way I am a physical therapist.
  11. A

    Plantar fasciitis sucks.

    Do you roll your foot on a tennis ball or a can before you put any weight on it? For example, before you get out of bed and step on the floor. Do you use heat and massage it. Have you tried outpatient physical therapy? Shoes are the most important thing. . You need to have the most appropriate...
  12. A

    I wouldn't give a mean look even if they did something to offend me. Unless these women think...

    I wouldn't give a mean look even if they did something to offend me. Unless these women think they are better than everyone. Those type of women might , but these are the type of women who are not worth your time.! Stay positive. You will eventually meet that right
  13. A

    Maybe your interpreting the way these women are looking at you. why you would think they were...

    Maybe your interpreting the way these women are looking at you. why you would think they were giving you mean stares? Did you do something that would make them stare at you in that way? Doubtful !!
  14. A

    Overly talkative guy

    I would tell him straight out you are not interested. If he doesn't get that message then I would block him !
  15. A

    How Can I Deal With Heartbreak

    What kind of favors is she asking for? If it's little things she needs your help with then I don't see a problem with that
  16. A

    Question about aexuality

    So maybe he has some inclination I like him by the things I do for him. Although Judge would just take it as me being nice . When did you realize you were autistic? I really believe my 10 your old daughter is on the spectrum. Since she was a baby. She stims a lot. Both hands in the air and move...
  17. A

    Question about aexuality

    I don't know if I asked you this already. So my daughters made him an Easter basket and wrote we love you Matt and signed it Aryana Ella and mommy. You would think the kids just wrote that right? Wouldn't take it like I loved you . I hope not I didn't know they added me to it lol. So again I'm...
  18. A

    How do I join a cult?

    Very bad idea.!! Do not join a cult. Find some other hobbies.
  19. A

    Question about aexuality

    Thanks I will try that approach. Too funny that's pretty much what Judge said . He would get away and that person wouldn't be in his orbit Don't like complications. Matt definitely not like that . He still wants to be around me so that's a positive!!
  20. A

    Question about aexuality

    Thanks. I know I gave a tendency of saying things like I don't want to take up. Your time or keep you. Even in the morning when he sees me he will ride over to me to talk. I know he is running late so I usually say Go to work I don't want to make you late I know he can decide for himself but I...
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