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  1. eg3210

    trouble with recognizing people

    Tldr: let coworkers or people who seem like they would be friends that you have facial recognition issues and that you might not recognize them sometimes, or it might take a while to learn their name, but your not being rude or ignoring them! Has been life changing for me This is how I first...
  2. eg3210

    Newly Diagnosed Female-ASD Level 1. NT Boyfriend isn’t sure how to Cope

    It's hard to go on two short quotes, so sorry if I'm off. But is there a chance he is abusive or at least too aggressive for that to be concerned a healthy relationship? I have noticed that NDs seem to find ourselves in unhealthy relationships more often than others. I assume it's because we are...
  3. eg3210

    I'm petrified to even try online dating.

    Tony Ramirez said: At 42, I became active, got out of my comfort zone and made friends. This is a very optimistic statement! That's awesome and not everyone can say that have made such big change in their life. Wtg! Some good advice in here, along with others, Tazz and Athyrium had some useful...
  4. eg3210

    facial recognition

    I usually explain that it's like colorblindness. Most people understand that at a basic level. I explain that colorblind people can see two colors next to each other and see they are different but they often can't pick out which is which. If they want more then I'll explain that, to me, faces...
  5. eg3210

    Walk at my parents place

    Wow that's beautiful. I can't remember if you've posted that your parents are jerks or not. But that's a very pretty place to walk.
  6. eg3210

    Who wants to be a member of my real family?

    I'm not yet ready to be social, yet. But I love the idea. I ditched my family a while back and it was one of the best things I've ever done.
  7. eg3210

    So, what happened to -Stand up comedy?-

    Stand up is still great. And the idea of cancel culture is pretty silly if someone actually spends more then a few seconds thinking about it. The idea that someone getting paid record setting amounts of money to have a special being boosted to larger audiences then anyone has ever had the...
  8. eg3210

    Kind of at a crossroads....

    How's it going? We're you able to get any extra help from other students or teachers? If it's not too personal, I'm curious if you ended up telling them about autism, and if so how it went. And just in general how have things been this week? -Eric
  9. eg3210

    Life after being diagnosed/or self diagnose

    Of course that's ok! You can identify yourself in any way you like and it's all ok. It's you. It's shocking when you finally have an answer to all these seemingly unrelated questions. It will take some time and like you said it won't fix past trama but it might help explain some stuff and...
  10. eg3210

    My resolution to cut back on frivolous spending.

    That seems like a good list. Good luck with it, particularly with the with socializing/loneliness. For me socializing is terrifying! Just wanted to point out that what your dealing with is real and you're not alone. Have you tried journaling? I resisted it thinking it was silly or something...
  11. eg3210

    Kind of at a crossroads....

    I'm sorry I don't have any specific experience with apprantishp and I don't even know what county you are in. But most schools have special things they can do to help someone with different issues. I don't know if sensory issues or stress is hurting your learning process but you might be able to...
  12. eg3210

    Kind of at a crossroads....

    Based on your follow up I change my advice to stick with it! If you try and succeed then you still have the option to change jobs later. And if you don't, you gain some life experience and you end up right where you would be if you quit now, but without that gnawing question in the back of your...
  13. eg3210

    Kind of at a crossroads....

    Hi! My answer is to only stoop if you want to! There are probably recourses that can help at school. Depending on your personal strengths and weaknesses, machining seems like it might fit well with some people who are on the spectrum. I've personally have been able to get through most...
  14. eg3210

    Life after being diagnosed/or self diagnose

    Well we see you. I'm sorry for the obvious frustration and missed opportunities. But that's super impressive to be offered a chairperson-ship on a major panel and graduating with honors. And even if you wanted more it does sound pretty bad a@$ to have been the most knowledgeable and capable...
  15. eg3210

    Is it me?

    I'm sorry you suffered that abuse. After being mistreated by those close to you. And then being taught to self reenforce those ideas, of course you aren't eager to go out, even now that you can. But there is nothing wrong with you and never was! If you long for companionship (this seems...
  16. eg3210

    Life after being diagnosed/or self diagnose

    That stinks. Sorry you had to deal with that. Well then I guess the only other option is for someone to teach NTs to be more accepting or at least be less hateful to people who are slightly different in one aspect or another. And to get others to understand that a person probably knows their...
  17. eg3210

    Life after being diagnosed/or self diagnose

    Wait, what?!? That was an option?? I spent my life thinking everyone else had everything figured out and I was the only one that couldn't make it through life like a normal person. Humm, next time I think I'll try it your way, seems nicer.
  18. eg3210

    Can’t Talk To My Parents

    Wow that's a cool and healthy way of looking at it. Even though I know it's unhealthy, when I see it in others, I tend to look at stuff much more negatively, and self punishing.
  19. eg3210

    Can’t Talk To My Parents

    I can't tell tone well in person, much mess online. If I phrased that badly, I didn't mean to. Well, I hope it goes well tomorrow. Or at least as well as it ever goes with parents. If it's worth anything I still still suggest trying to plan the visit around times that you are feeling your...
  20. eg3210

    Can’t Talk To My Parents

    Umm, that was written assuming you are an adult. If you are still a minor sadly you do have to learn to live with them. If you do live with them, my best advice is to avoid them when you are feeling tired or worn down or otherwise less able to communicate or deal with them. That's probably...
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