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  1. arthurfakaya

    The Figure of Speech That You Dislike The Most

    What I find a little strange is when people use an acronym in speech in place of the actual words when it takes more syllables to say the acronym. I thought the whole point of substituting letters for words was to save time. Acronyms make a lot of sense for written language, but don't always...
  2. arthurfakaya

    Is ADD / ADHD a mild form of autism?

    I came across something the other day (can't remember where now) that got me wondering whether ADD / ADHD should be part of the ASD spectrum. I know that the DSM classifies them as separate conditions, but then the DSM is simply a way of giving labels to clusters of symptoms. When one labels...
  3. arthurfakaya

    Does this joke make sense to anyone?

    I was told the following joke that I initially found funny, but now find illogical. I may be over-analysing it - as I tend to do - but I need to find out what others think about the joke's logic. Does the joke make sense or not? The joke is, "Don't take life too seriously: You're not going to...
  4. arthurfakaya

    Phobias anyone?

    Talk about synchronicity! I just happen to be reading Temple Grandin's book at the moment: "Thinking in Pictures - My Life with Autism" Copyright 1995, 2006.
  5. arthurfakaya

    What are your sensory issues?

    One I have noticed just recently since moving. My landlady listens to talk-back radio as she goes about the house, so it's at a reasonable volume. I simply can't tolerate it and have bought myself some earplugs rather than confront her. I've dropped hints about my sensory issues but she's not...
  6. arthurfakaya

    Problems with intrusions on personal space

    Great to hear!! In some respects it takes an Aspie or an "Aspie-minded" individual to bring about this socio-cultural evolution because we appear to be innately programmed to question the status quo, to be free of peer pressure, to make decisions based on logic and "uncommon sense" rather than...
  7. arthurfakaya

    Does This make Any Sense?

    Hi, I'd also like to welcome you to the forum. For the last three years, I too have been wondering if I have this condition, so I can relate to many of the questions you've been considering. For what it's worth, your preponderance of traits/symptoms appears to suggest Aspergers, because your...
  8. arthurfakaya

    The Figure of Speech That You Dislike The Most

    People do it for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are lazy; they have no original ideas of their own, so they borrow other people's. Secondly, they think that using a cliched or hackneyed expression makes them sound erudite.
  9. arthurfakaya

    Body clock out of sync

    There perhaps need to be a little more online regulation to create a level playing field. Do you think it's possible that some online businesses are discounting shipping below cost and minimising profits in order to encourage repeat business and online buying habits? Since online businesses...
  10. arthurfakaya

    Aspie social rule book.

    #17 In Australia if you say, "Are you taking the piss?" or "You're taking the piss, aren't you?", it means, "You're joking, aren't you?". But if you say this to someone from the UK, they see it as picking a fight - a personal insult.
  11. arthurfakaya

    Body clock out of sync

    Wow, it's only 10% here! Which - I think - is why our government was so keen to introduce a carbon tax, despite making an election promise that they wouldn't. Yes, I'm all for a level playing field, but then it becomes protectionism, similar to old tariff system, which instead of making B & M...
  12. arthurfakaya

    Body clock out of sync

    Yeah, I think the whole concept of what a store is may need to change if they're to compete with online businesses. I'm sure governments would love to tax online sales more, as they're always looking for new ways to gather revenue e.g. carbon tax; GST; VAT ( I don't know what system you have in...
  13. arthurfakaya

    The Figure of Speech That You Dislike The Most

    You're not the only one that had trouble getting sayings. And when it suddenly dawns on you, how do you feel? I believe this is a common problem for Aspies. I often had problems with assignment questions; I couldn't get the gist of what the lecturer was wanting; couldn't get the big picture.:H
  14. arthurfakaya

    does aspie depression progress over time?

    I agree. If we can rationally analyse the pros and cons of a situation, we can achieve a realistic perception of the world. Being a realist avoids becoming overly pessimistic or optimistic about things. I think it's when we have an unrealistic outlook that we're more likely to become depressed...
  15. arthurfakaya

    Problems with intrusions on personal space

    The only time? :shocked:
  16. arthurfakaya

    Problems with intrusions on personal space

    I've never heard of that phenomenon. Are you sure you're not confusing that with an orgy? :D
  17. arthurfakaya

    The Figure of Speech That You Dislike The Most

    Anyway, I was driving my Honda pickup from the gas station the other day, whilst listening to my Sony iPod, when all of a sudden I got thirsty. I could have just bought a water, but figured I could get it cheaper if I bought a carton, you know, used a bit of leverage. Not having enough cash on...
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