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  1. N2k12

    These people clearly don't play games...

    ooh. i am wrong. sorry about that
  2. N2k12

    Need help with PlayStation 1 roms.

    How To Burn PS1 Games And 2 Methods To Play Them - Wackoid are you using an emulator to play the roms? or an original console? the reason i ask is, the original console needs to be mod chipped for it to read custom discs, unless you use the "swap" method
  3. N2k12

    My name is Caleb, the Reincarnated

  4. N2k12

    Tired of ads?

    youtube ads are run by googleadservices, and googlesyndication, doubleclick.net, and many others. they even use scripting based ads now days, so you cant simply block the domain, the ad comes from.
  5. N2k12

    Tired of ads?

    yep. and sites like that, that show you part of an article, then ask for payment, its likely misinformation, fake news, or a trolling article. i have those kinds of sites blocked, in a HOSTS file, so they cant even load.
  6. N2k12

    These people clearly don't play games...

    and here the same thing is happening. attacking people, over different preferences.
  7. N2k12

    What's the best version of Street Fighter 2?

    street fighter 2 turbo
  8. N2k12

    Update Your Windows 10 Version To 21H2 NOW

    the newer versions of windows are broken in so many ways. especially 22h2. slowness issues with SSD's games flickering, compatibility issues, all sorts. the safest build apparently, is 1903. microsoft often threatens end of life, because they want people using the new bloated, tracking infected...
  9. N2k12

    First Computer?

    my first computer was a dx 66mhz with 8mb ram. and the ram was so bad, it could not access the first 640k to "shadow" the bios, so the pc was a brick. i upgraded to 16mb ram, and a new cpu. pentium 1, 133mhz. windows 95. those were the days..
  10. N2k12

    How do you use a Google Chromecast with a VPN?

    you download vpn software, for android. and install it as normal, AFAIK. failing that, if you want to unblock sites or certain things, use cloudfare as your DNS server. works on all devices. no installation needed. the addresses are
  11. N2k12

    What are people smoking, thinking that Chromium browsers are faster than Firefox.

    it's faster in some things. people aren't smoking anything. they just have a different preference to you, its a pretty common aspie trait, to look at things like that. "i don't like it, so anyone else doesnt" its the mind blindness and black and white thinking. very hard to change, but with...
  12. N2k12

    I have a boyfriend

  13. N2k12

    How is your relationship with your memory?

    yep. done that a few times too, looking for my phone, wallet, keys, things like that. and they are in my hands... i have even gone to look for my phone, to write something in the notes app, whilst talking to someone, on the phone...trying to find....my phone. lol
  14. N2k12

    Curious about Aphantasia

    i mostly see black. when i try to imagine things, i sort of can get a picture sometimes. its like really faint, distant. kind of like looking at a painting from really far away. i dare say thats why meditation never worked for me lol.
  15. N2k12

    Post your configuration / OS /Specs (for fun)

    some nice builds / setups there !
  16. N2k12

    Tired of ads?

    the good old netscape days. i used to use netscape navigator on my windows 98se machine, back in the day. before firefox was invented. Had a program called 98Lite, debloated to the max, and then used a conversion tool, 98se2me, and basically "upgraded" windows 98se, without all the bloat and...
  17. N2k12

    Tired of ads?

    Yea agreed, i use Waterfox, a custom firefox build, and have it optimized, and disk caching is off, so cache only goes into ram. its so much better than edge / chrome / all those other browsers.
  18. N2k12

    Post your configuration / OS /Specs (for fun)

    Its a bit of a longish post. here goes. My specs: intel core i3 1015f @4.2ghz 16gb ram @ 3200mhz 19-19-19-40 Asrock RX 6600 8gb GPU @2600mhz 27inch LED Viewsonic Freesync monitor @ 2560x1440 resolution @120hz Custom windows 11 22h2 build, debloated Primocache 4gb level 1 caching Gaming...
  19. N2k12

    Tired of ads?

    it reall is hey. so much faster with browsing, and less annoying
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