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  1. Misery

    [ATTACH] This is called "Veiled Existence" Also, freakin' ouch. I've got to stop doing these...

    This is called "Veiled Existence" Also, freakin' ouch. I've got to stop doing these in a single sitting. But once an idea hits me it's like I gotta get it onto paper quick or it'll fly away or something.
  2. Misery

    Bought a new sketch pad but can’t get started

    I know it sounds odd, but you're kinda supposed to mess up at drawing. Or at least that's how it feels to me in my experience. Remember Bob Ross, the whole "happy little accidents" line he liked to say? He didnt just say that sort of thing just to be calming and whatnot. He said it because...
  3. Misery


    Mostly I'm super-duper excited to avoid family parties. And I shall do so with great enthusiasm! Probably I'll go and wander around with the car and look at lights instead. Or I'll be asleep, who knows. Beyond that, I dont much care.
  4. Misery

    I'm about to turn 42 and I've no problem doing that, so... I'd say the answer is yes. If you...

    I'm about to turn 42 and I've no problem doing that, so... I'd say the answer is yes. If you allow yourself to do so, that is.
  5. Misery

    Motivation when it comes to drawing.. help?

    Okay, I actually have an idea as this is something that's sorta been bouncing around my head as well kinda. So, think about the stuff you like to make, your art so far, and whatnot, of the characters you like to do. Not like, just any specific character, I mean overall. Is there a particular...
  6. Misery

    Dyscalculia and excuse

    Yeah, I've got it too. Pretty bad. Basic addition? As long as it's like, single digit numbers, I can do it. Multi-digit numbers, I need a pencil and paper. Same with subtraction. Errors are likely with any of it. Multiplication? Very slowly and likely with many errors. Division...
  7. Misery

    Art that feels right

    Okay I wasnt originally going to make a full post for another thing I'd made, but once I got this done I just absolutely needed to properly share it: This is "Amalga Heart" The first thing I've made that has real feeling, intent, and importance to it. Even considering the name. Amalga...
  8. Misery

    Am I the only one who doesn't text much?

    Ya know, there's something I've learned about phones in general, particularly after getting my new one, which is that the stress doesnt really come from the phone itself as many people seem to think. It comes from certain garbage that is ON the phone. Dont interact with the garbage, and...
  9. Misery

    You were right I was so wrong.

    I'm just glad to see that you're feeling better. You've really come a long way. It's wonderful to see.
  10. Misery

    Interesting phone apps & uses?

    Yeah, I'm definitely getting this impression. The amount of power in this thing is staggering. And these gizmos are horribly expensive... if I'm going to own something so high-end I want to make sure I'm really getting full use out of it. Like I've got my fractal apps, normally those are a...
  11. Misery

    Interesting phone apps & uses?

    Okay so it's been a number of days of me having my phone here and I've had a chance to explore some of it. First off, like what @MC1Rcat said, I went and checked out the themes... geez there are a LOT of these. I musta spent like 20 minutes just browsing through the Samsung store thing for...
  12. Misery

    Do you NEED to go? What happens if you just... dont? I mean, wouldnt it feel better to just...

    Do you NEED to go? What happens if you just... dont? I mean, wouldnt it feel better to just put your foot down and say "heck with it, I aint doing it"?
  13. Misery

    So I am having guests over more often now.

    Ya know, I wish there was something I could do to help you feel better during these times when her behavior is getting to you. I mean good grief, she sounds just... incredibly frustrating to be around. I dont think there's been even one positive story you've told about her. Do you have like...
  14. Misery

    Microsoft Finally Blocking Unsupported Windows 11?

    Okay, so, someone educate me here: What's all this with the Win 11 OS requirements? Like, I keep hearing about that, but the subject passed me by, so I've no idea what's going on with it. I have 11 myself, and it's just sorta there, and that's been my extent of interaction with it.
  15. Misery

    Interesting phone apps & uses?

    Okay so, I got a new phone recently. I had an abrupt realization that maybe my dislike of phones wasn't really about the phone but was more that it was an APPLE phone. I am not so fond of iOS or their restrictions. Their many, MANY restrictions. I doubt I have to elaborate. So, time to...
  16. Misery

    Who am i ?

    Hi there! I gotta say, what you've written here is fascinating. I can identify with some of it, while other parts not so much. The bit about the flow state is interesting to me. I'm aware of the term, I've heard of it many times, but my understanding of it is... kinda wobbly. I've heard it...
  17. Misery

    Silent Hill: Ascension

    Yeah, generally this has been my thoughts on it too, for the most part. I play a lot of horror games but I am very picky about them, and for me personally the moment you give me the ability to blow up the monster it aint scary anymore. Honestly to a point even the really old RE games fall into...
  18. Misery

    Silent Hill: Ascension

    It's Konami. They 100% dont care about the IP at all. I guarantee you, none of the guys at corporate even know what it is. They just know the name makes money. It's exactly why they've been so very fast to pachinko the heck out of all of their properties. As opposed to, you know, doing any...
  19. Misery

    Tips for introducing new puppy to my anxious dog?

    Best advice I can give is to simply take it very slow, and be sure to show them both equal amounts of attention. Whenever you pet one, go pet the other immediately after, that sort of thing. Also, I'd say, try to stay nearby during all of their interactions and monitor them carefully as they...
  20. Misery

    My mother is thoroughly worthless at parenting.

    With all that you've said about her, I've often wondered why you even interact with her in the first place. She sounds just plain toxic overall.
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