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Search results

  1. onlything

    Help! my attention span is getting awful

    Seems like stress. Do you drink enough water and eat your greens? Dehydration and bad diet can also cause issues with memory and concentration. As well as habitual use of social media, internet surfing and too many phone notifications - these three rewire your brain towards distraction in my...
  2. onlything

    What food or sauces do you really hate, but many love?

    Sundried tomatoes. Worst thing ever. And the smell of mustard. Ugh.
  3. onlything

    I laughed at a bird video, then I realized why I started crying

    It sounds really difficult... and Maddogs seems really awful. He shouldn't have done it. What even is that cruel idea of recording someone during their meltdown? That's just awful. I feel you about the laughter. And crying. It was be quiet for me too, don't laugh, don't cry, don't step too...
  4. onlything

    Looking at the ground

    Sometimes surroundings can be overwhelming, frankly. Too bright, too colourful, too much variety, too fast, too many details, too many people. Happens in big cities and shops especially. That's when I start looking at the ground. I observed that it's mostly a self-regulatory response to too much...
  5. onlything

    What are the hurtful things that friends and family have told you?

    Frankly, if someone says 'you're too stupid to understand', for me it automatically means that 'they're too stupid to explain the issue properly'.
  6. onlything

    Is this patronizing, or am I overthinking things?

    Yeah, that's patronising. She seems like she doesn't agree with you but is too weak-willed to do so directly. Probably just wants to avoid conflict.
  7. onlything

    What are the hurtful things that friends and family have told you?

    Similarly to you guys from my side. Anything from 'oversensitive' through 'emotionally unavailable' to 'screwed up' (the last one in words not appropriate for a polite company and from my brother no less). I find it also quite amusing how after years of no contact or ignoring me people can...
  8. onlything

    Among us

    Amusing to watch, boring to play in my opinion. Besides, I don't really do multiplayer in games. People are annoying to play with most of the time.
  9. onlything

    The Best Christmas ever Aspie style.

    Peace and quiet, no alcohol and no shouting for me please. Would be nice.
  10. onlything

    The worst school subject

    Volleyball itself isn't bad, I'd say, I know it can be fun at times. It's our teacher that was awful. I think she intended to create a new team for the future championships or whatever, she would always, always shout at us and scream that we should play with 'dedication and sacrifice'. Which in...
  11. onlything

    The worst school subject

    I don't believe it's on the list but we had a subject that was called 'Knowledge about Society'. It was the most boring thing I've ever had to attend, with material that included, above anything else, literally learning specific laws, Latin rules, how Parliament worked etc. As a teenager, I...
  12. onlything

    Multiple Obsessions/Hobbies/Interests

    Sometimes I wonder if it's multiple interests, or simply one obsession based in learning/understanding of the world around us.
  13. onlything

    Being inflexible

    Ah, relations between different skills in different fields. I always had problems with that which was why it is difficult for me to create a project based on multiple fields, such as mathematics, physics and biology. It's overwhelming. It's challenging. That's why I like it which probably sounds...
  14. onlything

    Paying attention or catastrophy takes place

    Multitasking is a myth. Actually, it's counterproductive. According to the latest research, yes. That's my excuse.
  15. onlything

    NT partner and kissing/physical touch

    People have different needs, it's as simple and as complicated as that. I don't think it's only about differences in NT/ND wiring. Some people on this forum dislike being touched, some thrive when given touch. Neither is wrong. The thing is: he needs intimacy other than sex which to him means...
  16. onlything

    Being inflexible

    You have a point. Frankly, I know little about teaching instruments myself. I teach languages to kids that long before coming to me learn to hate the subject, not to hobbyists and potential musicians. Although, in my experience, many things need to be learnt simply through repetition. This is...
  17. onlything

    Being inflexible

    Putting the ideals of teaching aside, I can speak briefly about it from a financial standpoint. When you're a private teacher, most often you're being paid by hour, doesn't matter who you're teaching. So, it's simply more cost- and time-effective to teach every student in the same or similar...
  18. onlything

    Looking for insight: episode at night

    I tend to have the need to hide in small spaces when distressed, like behind a wardrobe or under a desk, but it's more connected to PTSD I think.
  19. onlything

    Discomfort With Body Hair (Bullet List Followed By Rant)

    Society and it's annoying stereotypes again eh. I understand the reason for the dislike, though I don't mind hair myself too much unless it's too long or gets smelly and I hate shaving it - it makes my skin itchy and dry and is just such a waste of time to me that I could use for something...
  20. onlything

    Acting Out Daydreams

    Actually, I wasn't aware that other people do it as well. It's kind of a relief, makes you feel less weird for unwinding in this way. I wonder if it could be considered a kind of a stim?
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