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  1. toothless

    Change laptop or build a PC?

    being a gamer,your better off with a PC,at least you can change the graphics card to keep up with the development of gaming,plus you could also get yourself water cooling to keep it working at a premium while gaming.
  2. toothless

    my dad has made me a cat enclosure-WIP

    he is spending hours sat outside just sniffing the air and watching the birds/roaming cats/ squirrels,even in the rain he is a weirdo-he just sits there. :D he is outside right now and ive got to sit nearby to watch him as my dad hasnt put the roof on yet. black cats are awesome,im so glad you...
  3. toothless

    my dad has made me a cat enclosure-WIP

    my dad has been busy every day for the past couple of weeks making my boy;mr shadow a cat enclosure and its only cost a couple hundred pound but i was quoted over 700 pound for the same thing by one guy. ive ordered my dad a new laptop to say thankyou. i am so glad my boy is no longer an indoor...
  4. toothless

    Aspie creatives - hands up!

    i am an artist,i use different media in my work ranging from acrylic paint to charcoal to water colour to pastels etc and i am also a photographer,i hope to become a professional photographer one day. i also do ceramics at a professional art studio for people with intellectual disability,my...
  5. toothless

    Should I write a book about my life so far?

    hi rich,i think you should write a book about your life. even if you do not get it published-it will give you something to do and perhaps help you process things that have happened in your life that you have not yet processed very well. one of my support staff was a heroin/speed/alcohol addict...
  6. toothless

    OOPS, are you distracted by people in your space?

    could it be the rise in phones and mp3 players-people getting seriously distracted by them,or do you think people are ruder and dont care? i have come across some idiots who expect YOU to move out the way instead of it being a two way decision- like they are royalty or something.
  7. toothless

    Asperger's - Hard to Keep Friends

    i have classic autism and intellectual disability as opposed to aspergers but i struggle greatly around friendships to. i never had friends until my twenties-i was to involved in my own world and lacked the capacity or care to interact to want friends,now;as a 33 year old i have a number of...
  8. toothless

    OOPS, are you distracted by people in your space?

    i see people as generic objects that blend into the background so people dont get in my way as such,i have more of a problem of scanning them with my visual processing and becoming aware of them and thus interacting with them. if i go somewhere where there is a lot of people together [ie a...
  9. toothless

    Is this thing on? (Feedback noise)

    i loved that episode of family guy. hi and welcome to AC,rock lobster.:spiralshell::ocean:
  10. toothless

    As One on the Autism Spectrum, Do You Have Barriers that Seem to Stop You?

    i dont like looking at the negative sides but all aspects of my autism and comorbid intellectual disability are a challenge,from my communication and life skills to my challenging behaviors,my toileting and personal care due to having extreme sensory issues with water as well as an inability to...
  11. toothless

    Inadequate Education.

    academically clever kids dont get supported very well,my aspie sister was the same,i dont just mean streaming and having low/mid/top sets-there should be proper advanced classes in all regular schools for people whose academics are very good just in the same way there are special needs classes,i...
  12. toothless

    Lashing out - is it a form of communication

    for me,when i was non verbal [up until my late twenties] i would lash out because i couldnt speak and was very frustrated with myself,i still have a speech and language impairment which i attack myself if i am frustrated with not being able to get words out. i also lashed out to tell people i...
  13. toothless

    Are Those on the Autism Spectrum More Prone to Phobias than Others?

    i have a phobia of water which stems from the severe pain i have felt from it my whole life [sensory issue],and i also have a phobia of hoovers because when i lived in an institution the staff chased me around with hoovers;turned on because they knew i had very sensitive hearing and that was...
  14. toothless

    Bipolar II

    i am diagnosed with bipolar but my shrink didnt tell me which specific type i have,i have had it since about 10 years old although only got diagnosed since a few months ago by a shrink who specialises in working with people with learning [intellectual] disabilities,i have ultra rapid cycling...
  15. toothless

    Pros and Cons of Being a Loner

    im a loner always have been,never had friends as a child/teen,i do have friends now i just dont do friend stuff with them unless its at the mencap social group i go to [we go to the gay village for a drink afterwards but i feel detached from the group] and that frustrates some of my friends but...
  16. toothless

    CARE FIRM RAPE FURY: Sex offender ‘raped autistic man after being left unsupervised in care home’

    the amount of abuse of highly vulnerable residents that goes on in residential care is shocking, i know as i lived it and seen it for many years-sexually and physically and sensory and verbally abused by staff and residents-right in front of staff who in some cases stated i was to autistic to...
  17. toothless

    Parents 'blamed' for children with autism's behaviour...

    when i was a toddler,my mother was told by the doctors that she was a cold mother [sigmund freuds long outdated theory of autism] and that she was to blame [for my autism],she has kept this shame and self hate with her even until now and she hides her feelings every day by drinking strong...
  18. toothless

    The Undateables star Tom Morgan encourages male self-confidence with his latest modelling shoot

    i remember his particular episode of the undateables,he is a good role model for 'hidden' autists and run of the mill men alike,he is trying to encourage self confidence in men,there is nothing out there for men, its all about women and making them feel confident about their bodies.
  19. toothless

    People on the Autism Spectrum and Sleep

    i have had severe sleep issues since a baby,the only thing that has ever helped me was melatonin,but i got took off that and put on the useless zopiclone;when i wanted to get back on melatonin they told me the licence for giving melatonin has changed and its no longer allowed for autistic adults...
  20. toothless

    Should Those on the Autism Spectrum Receive Special Treatment in Education or Employment?

    i dont think theres anything special about needing adaptions or alternative ways of working in order to have the same life chances as their NT peer,if it puts them on a level playing field with NT peers and doesnt in any way make them be superior,then why not?
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