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  1. BoltzmannBrain17

    Old Army IQ Test

    I found an automated old army IQ test recently. Interestingly it seems to have resisted the Flynn effect and factor analysis has showed that it's g-loading is around .91, which is around the g-loading of high quality professional IQ tests. I'm curious as to what some of you guys will score. The...
  2. BoltzmannBrain17

    Pure mathematics

    I took AP Calculus BC in highschool and got a 4 on the AP test. I have Mathematical Reasoning, Writing and Proof by Ted Sundstrom downloaded. I'd eventually like to work through it and then maybe an abstract algebra textbook but I haven't had the motivation. Plus I'm probably too stupid for math...
  3. BoltzmannBrain17

    Dating: How can I get a girlfriend?

    As a man you'll need to reach a certain level of attractiveness to date. Around a 6-7/10. Firstly lose weight if you're overweight and get to around 15% bodyfat. Then improve whatever else you can improve in regards to your face. Improving your level of physical attractiveness will help you more...
  4. BoltzmannBrain17

    For the single men in this forum.

    I feel my capacity to parse through mathematical truth probably translates well into my ability to deconstruct human social dynamics. I think I have things fairly thoroughly figured out tbh. My moral stances in regards to what I believe should be done about what I perceived will likely shift...
  5. BoltzmannBrain17

    For the single men in this forum.

    This is going to be controversial but IMO autism is a contributing factor in that at it's core it is a dysgenic disorder and most autistic people are unattractive physically because of these bad genes.
  6. BoltzmannBrain17

    For the single men in this forum.

    Women rarely struggle as much as men when it comes to finding partners. As a woman you may not always attract men you want but that's better than not being to attract anything period. Which is the situation most autistic men are in. I'd much rather be a notch on a bedroom post to someone than...
  7. BoltzmannBrain17

    For the single men in this forum.

    You're not single because you're shy, on the spectrum, or have a bad personality. You aren't a defective human being and there's nothing wrong with your character. Ultimately, and I know this is a hard pill to swallow, you're single because of your appearance. Social media and the innate...
  8. BoltzmannBrain17

    Define yourself

    Define myself? Narcissistic, intelligent, physically unattractive.
  9. BoltzmannBrain17

    "Male loneliness: The ticking time bomb that’s killing men"

    Something worth mentioning that I doubt is being brought up is the rising standards for male physical attractiveness being brought on by social media. Women are already instinctually inclined to choose the tallest most physically attractive mate they can and this effect is being exacerbated by...
  10. BoltzmannBrain17


    No. And I'm dreading the day I'll have to lol. I love math. Currently self studying Calculus 3 and Discrete math. And I want to major in Applied Math which will probably require coding. And I am horrible at coding. Absolutely horrendous. The few times I've tried to learn it I couldn't even get...
  11. BoltzmannBrain17

    Clinical depression is a real beast.

    Depression is awful. I'm currently functioning better than I ever have objectively but am still cripplingly sad. Depression almost at times feels like a terminal illness and it's brutal.
  12. BoltzmannBrain17

    The Post a Photo of Yourself Thread

    Two pics of me when I was lifting. I was in a lot better shape then even if I wasn't exactly ripped lol.
  13. BoltzmannBrain17

    Renting a friend/paying someone to talk or hang out with you

    Understandable. Same reason I refuse to do online telehealth therapy lol.
  14. BoltzmannBrain17

    Renting a friend/paying someone to talk or hang out with you

    If you want you could talk to me on here. I'm always down to make new friends. Feel free to reach out.
  15. BoltzmannBrain17

    Valentines Survey Game

    I've skipped school, had pets, rode in the back of a police car, downhill skied, and shot a gun.
  16. BoltzmannBrain17

    How about Valentine's Day?

    I dislike valentine's day. Nuff said.
  17. BoltzmannBrain17

    Caffeine Poll!

    I usually have one energy drink a day. Two if I have a test or something big. My go to energy drinks are Monster, Monster Nitro, Rockstar, and Red Bull. Monster Nitro is the nectar of the gods.
  18. BoltzmannBrain17

    College Applications

    Oh, I absolutely abhor doing assignments. I am 100% a test person. The fact that I finish each school year with in excess of 100 missing assignments is probably why my GPA is what it is. I am interested in going into academics, so I don't know about trade school. I really want to major in math.
  19. BoltzmannBrain17

    College Applications

    I'm very stressed out over college applications. I'm finishing up my last semester of Senior year and floundering. I have an abysmal GPA of around 2.5 and have been in absolutely no clubs. The only thing I have going for me is a 97th percentile SAT score. Other than that I have utterly bombed...
  20. BoltzmannBrain17

    A fun quiz. How dark is your soul?

    4.2, 99th percentile. I can be a very dark person at times but it tends to arise out of extreme emotionality, not the opposite. I strongly suspect I have Borderline Personality Disorder.
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