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Search results

  1. Jumpinbare

    Star Trek Fans

    Was a fan way before it was popular. "Trekie" wasn't even a word yet. Saw each episode so many times that I could hear 5 seconds from any episode and describe the full story. Freaked out my friends. They called me Spock, which was the highest praise they could have given me.
  2. Jumpinbare

    Special interests that are too niche to be relatable?

    Programming arduinos, building electronic projects from scratch, naturist camping, building a pontoon boat, building a cabin, seeing how far I can communicate by radio with how little power (so far 300 miles on a microwatt), writing science fiction
  3. Jumpinbare

    What Helps You Relax?

    Just getting physically comfortable and not moving around will put me to sleep in minutes, which I guess has to be relaxing. (I have narcolepsy - don't have to try with that one)
  4. Jumpinbare

    Anybody got weird taste in music?

    I like individual musical pieces. I can't say I love any entire genre of songs. I hear a song and I like it or don't. If I like it, I add it to my collection. When people get in my car, they may hear Beethoven followed by Black Sabbath, followed by Monty Python, followed by Native American...
  5. Jumpinbare

    What are you?

    You can still have symmetry with odd numbers. There's one in the middle.
  6. Jumpinbare

    Finish the sentence.

    I choose to be choosey
  7. Jumpinbare

    Limerick thread

    There once was a lady named Bright Who travelled much faster than light She set out one day, in a relative way And returned the preceeding night
  8. Jumpinbare

    Weird Fears

    When I was a young kid, mannequins REALLY scared me. They were the main characters in my nightmares.
  9. Jumpinbare

    Favourite Quotes

    No matter where you go, there you are. Life is much too important to be taken seriously
  10. Jumpinbare

    Sports you love to do

    Sports? Zip, zero, nada. I enjoy camping, hiking, cycling, canoeing, and sailing, but these are passtimes, not sports to me
  11. Jumpinbare

    Common childhood interests you did not have

    Sports and action figures. Both seemed pretty pointless to me
  12. Jumpinbare

    Fixation on a fictional character

    In elementary school, Spock was the ideal I strove to be
  13. Jumpinbare

    Raspberry Pi and or Python

    How do I find said group. Haven't run across groups here yet.
  14. Jumpinbare


    Started with Fortran, then Basic, then Cobol, then Z80 assembler, then C++, then Python. When I started messing with computers, you generally had to write your own program if you wanted to do anything. Most of my programming now is C++ and Python for arduinos and Raspberry Pis
  15. Jumpinbare

    Do Faraday Bags Really Work?

    The phone case itself is non-conductive, so no need for an additional layer
  16. Jumpinbare

    Post something Weird or Random

  17. Jumpinbare

    If you were the last human....

    Cold I would not be bored. I would finally be able to learn about everything around me without being distracted
  18. Jumpinbare

    Would you jump out of an airplane?.. and other questions

    * Age? 65 * Would you jump out of plane? Done it 1000+ times did it naked 50 times *Love or hate Rollercoasters? Love, but medically restricted now * Can you cook? since about 8 * current mood? don't...
  19. Jumpinbare

    If money were no object, how do you want your funeral to be like?

    Simple. Inexpensive.
  20. Jumpinbare

    Autistic Facial Expressions (article)

    Apparently my resting face looks angry, because I am frequently not making any expression, can feel that my facial muscles are relaxed, and yet get asked why I'm angry. My father was the same way.
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