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  1. Tristan_USA

    Mom, Romance Writer, Book Reviewer Says Hi!

    Welcome Miska! I have a similar struggles to you with the eating and the friends. I posted some pictures of my dogs here: What is Your Pet Doing Right Now?
  2. Tristan_USA

    Helllo everyone!

    Welcome! That's awesome. Glad to have you here.
  3. Tristan_USA

    Don't Be Shy To Introduce Yourself

    Welcome to the forum Sophia!
  4. Tristan_USA

    RT may be responsible for arming autistics

    Welcome! I'm glad you're doing better now. Wish you the best and hope you like the forum.
  5. Tristan_USA

    Diagnosed at the age of Jesus Christ

    Welcome! I'm trying to be a better person too. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  6. Tristan_USA

    Hello! Newly diagnosed adult

    Welcome! I also was diagnosed this year at 27 after a long stretch of mental health diagnoses that didn't explain everything. The diagnoses helped me a lot. Glad it sounds like you're doing so well.
  7. Tristan_USA

    Hi I’m new

  8. Tristan_USA

    New and Nervous

    Well said Tom. Welcome @stay curious and thank you for opening my eyes to a diagnoses of autism after burnout from masking for so long. I think this may have happened to me. I had some bad consecutive life events that could have led to burnout and to my diagnoses. I am trying to learn more by...
  9. Tristan_USA

    Hello everyone

    Welcome! I also joined the forum to improve my social skills and make friends. I identify with the statement about your past. After I was diagnosed with Autism I did a deep dive on symptoms and actually made a long list of all those that I identify with and my experience with them. Hope you have...
  10. Tristan_USA

    Hello,mom with a son with asperger's

    Welcome! That is great. I agree with the others sentiments here. I think you'll find good information here for you and your son. John Elder Robison wrote a book called Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's among others. Sounds like a great family.
  11. Tristan_USA


    Welcome! I don't think I'm a mother.
  12. Tristan_USA

    Don't Be Shy To Introduce Yourself

    Welcome! I was also diagnosed this year in my later twenties at 27.
  13. Tristan_USA

    Wow! Same colors and everything! Very nice.

    Wow! Same colors and everything! Very nice.
  14. Tristan_USA

    Whale someone local made and my mom gave to me last night: [ATTACH] [ATTACH]

    Whale someone local made and my mom gave to me last night:
  15. Tristan_USA


    Welcome Degruzo!
  16. Tristan_USA

    Don't Be Shy To Introduce Yourself

    Hi Dan, welcome. I'm glad you're doing so well now and doing such great work. I hope you find the career you are looking for. I think you will find a lot of people here you can relate to. It's a great feeling to be able to.
  17. Tristan_USA


  18. Tristan_USA

    Don't Be Shy To Introduce Yourself

    Welcome Aoife! I was diagnosed this year at 27. I feel the same and am doing the same, trying to learn more. Nice to meet you too.
  19. Tristan_USA

    First video game you ever played?

    I think the first game I played was "Final Fight" on a Super NES. I used to play it a lot at home with my Dad and brothers.
  20. Tristan_USA

    im julia

    Welcome Julia! I hope you find some entertainment here.
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