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  1. RavenSly

    A desperate cry for advice and guidance.

    Well, okay, I guess I’ll try and tackle this. First off, are you sure Asperger’s is all you have? This is just a guess, but from the way you were talking, you sound like you might be in some kind of psychosis or perhaps a depression. I don’t say that as an insult, it’s just my observation from...
  2. RavenSly

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Here's one I like. Some of you may recognize it. It is one of the greatest Anime openings of all time, and trust me, it's not the same without the imagery that goes with it:
  3. RavenSly

    Sensitive Topic My Messed up Life

    Yeah, you know, I don’t know if this is really true for a lot of the people here, but the thing is, to be perfectly honest, coming on here at all makes me uncomfortable to an extent. This is mostly just because of the fact that due to my upbringing, I am ashamed to have Asperger’s. I see that a...
  4. RavenSly

    Sensitive Topic My Messed up Life

    Hey guys, so I know I haven't been on here in forever, but I have been dealing with some very heavy issues lately that are taking a serious toll on me. You see, I just spent a full three weeks in the hospital for "Homicidal Ideation" as in, like Suicidal Ideation only instead of wanting to kill...
  5. RavenSly

    Dating Corner

    Bump. Also, my info for the stuff on my profile has changed a lot since I posted this, so I guess I should probably re-do it: Username: RavenSly Gender: Male Age: 21 Sexuality: Heterosexual Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Religion: Buddhism Politics: Democratic Socialist Philosophy...
  6. RavenSly

    Dating Corner

    Bump. I still really do think this was a good idea, especially with how hard it seems for us to find dates on dating sites. Looking at the rest of this section, I see that a lot of the other members here are essentially asking for something like this thread, so I just hope that giving it...
  7. RavenSly

    What song are you listening to right now?

    I've always been a sucker for love songs, so I guess here I'll share with you guys one of my favorites [I also like pretty much any Barry Manilow song, as he is the undisputed King of Love Songs]:
  8. RavenSly

    Favorite books

    I don't really prefer fiction over non-fiction, nor vice versa. They both have their place, and I respect them both and enjoy each in its own unique way. As for my favorite book, this is an easy question for me, the answer being the book that I most loved reading as a child, a fantasy picture...
  9. RavenSly

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Yeah, I like Classical Music. People think I'm weird for it, but its just part of who I am.
  10. RavenSly

    What song are you listening to right now?

    This is one of those songs whose message I think could be directly used as a commentary on a lot of the kinds of things we go through. A sort of anthem for our people, I guess you could say.
  11. RavenSly

    losing my grip

    No, you're not silly, and again I've been going through a similar problem. The thing with me is, I contemplate these things a lot, and think very deeply about them, trying to understand them at a fundamental level. My philosophy with both personal and other problems has always been what I call...
  12. RavenSly

    losing my grip

    It sounds like you are experiencing high levels of anxiety, a lack of energy, and a possible looming nervous breakdown. I have recently been experiencing some similar problems, so I'll give you my advice. First, don't isolate yourself in your room all day as I imagine you feel inclined to do...
  13. RavenSly

    Which Asperger type are you?

    On this, I guess I'm kind of weird in that I'm a combination of a lot of these, with the Einstein, Morrissey, and a straddling of both the diametrically opposed Warhol and Carroll types probably being the best description of me. Anyway, nice thread, thanks for putting it up.
  14. RavenSly

    Why are there so many messengers from God, people connected to the other worlds etc?

    Re: Why are there so many messengers from God, people connected to the other worlds e Yeah Bay's right. Few people know this, but Jesus was pretty much a nobody in his time. He was looked at back then in a way analogous to one of those gazillion TV preachers prattling on about crazy conspiracy...
  15. RavenSly


    Psychoneurosis, also known as Neurotic Disorder, is just that, the medical disorder of being Neurotic, that is, having chronic anxiety, but neither delusions nor hallucinations. Neurosis is also a blanket term that refers to a family of conditions containing a number of more well-known...
  16. RavenSly

    Is it inspiring for you?

    I listened to the guy, judging him as a singer, not as someone overcoming Autism. I'm with Dizzy in that I wasn't really inspired by it. A lot of people on these shows try to use their disabilities or issues to make themselves into champions for their respective causes. Sometimes they do it...
  17. RavenSly

    Who Likes to Draw?

    Hell yeah I like to draw yo! But no, seriously, I've been drawing my entire life. I remember drawing a horse and painting my grandmother's red truck when I was only four. I am seriously not lying when I say that even as a little kid, I was a far better artist than my dad, who can't draw to save...
  18. RavenSly

    By the Power of Science!

    Thanks guys. Though Dolby, you do know that all math involves Math right? A Scientists job is to write equations and formulas that explain whatever phenomena they're studying. That's the majority of what real science is, and to be honest, I have absolutely no problem with that. Formulas are...
  19. RavenSly

    Genealogy and History

    History's great. It's so sad that most young people now a days [at least in America] don't care about it. I am proud to say I am actually a blood relative of one of the Founding Fathers, James Madison himself. He never had any kids, but his brother did, and that's who I am directly descended...
  20. RavenSly

    Do you prefer Night? Darkness?

    I too prefer the night and darkness. In fact, too get to sleep at all, I usually have to be in a pitch-black room with complete silence. I find that if you think about it, darkness is peaceful and soothing, with coherence and order, while light is chaotic and irritating, a barrage of different...
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