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  1. Beguiling Orbit

    Sir Roger Bannister, the athlete who ran the first sub 4 minute mile, dead at 88!

    The following statement applies not only to athletic achievements, but to every aspect of life: [Former world-record holder Sebastian] Coe told his audience:“On May 6, 1954, Roger made the impossible possible... “It was as much a psychological as it was a physical barrier and Bannister’s...
  2. Beguiling Orbit

    Maybe not revelant but i have to talk about it...

    Well, I'm not a medical professional so I can't give you that sort of advice. I can speak for myself. For me, it was a mental reaction to extreme levels of stress.
  3. Beguiling Orbit

    Maybe not revelant but i have to talk about it...

    That used to happen to me during times of extreme stress. It was a low-frequency voice that sounded like somebody's audio recording had been slowed down. Because it sounded so slowed down, I couldn't make out the words. But it was scary as hell! Since there's that other stuff going on in your...
  4. Beguiling Orbit

    If you have an Amazon Echo, what song did you last ask her to play?

    I don't own an Echo. I've never even seen one. I've never really had the desire to own one. I think one reason is that Amazon already knows too much about my life. Do you find that it enhances your quality of life? Now that you own one, would you miss it if it broke?
  5. Beguiling Orbit


    Yes. I would imagine that it has to do more with PTSD than autism.
  6. Beguiling Orbit

    Should Aspies be Incarcerated?

    I can't imagine that prison would be much different from what I experienced during infantry basic training. It might even be easier. I'm not extraordinary, so I'm sure that most on the spectrum could deal with it too. I suppose that puts me in line with @Gracey's statement:
  7. Beguiling Orbit

    Hi Everyone I just joined

    Welcome, @Thinks!
  8. Beguiling Orbit

    Sir Roger Bannister, the athlete who ran the first sub 4 minute mile, dead at 88!

    Amazing man who refused to accept human limitations.
  9. Beguiling Orbit

    Standing up for what I need...or what I want?

    Why do you think you'll never drive, Rich?
  10. Beguiling Orbit

    24 yr son at home

    Yeah, I've noticed that you're a regular ray of sunshine around here.
  11. Beguiling Orbit

    Standing up for what I need...or what I want?

    Wear a sewer-worker costume (imagine the smell).
  12. Beguiling Orbit

    Still STUCK

    Good to hear. You might consider practicing these 101 daily affirmations. Say them out loud every day. Go into your closet or speak into your pillow if you need to so your parents won't think something strange is going on. The idea is to crowd those suicidal thoughts out of your mind by...
  13. Beguiling Orbit

    Still STUCK

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with this terrible situation. Since you just expressed a suicidal ideation, the first thing you should do is write down the following number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and call it if you have another thought like that: 1-800-273-8255. Do you have...
  14. Beguiling Orbit

    24 yr son at home

    Whether she is or not, your telling her that she needs to be "a normal person" and that her actions are "questionable" is pretty disrespectful.
  15. Beguiling Orbit

    24 yr son at home

    @Hdphn33 and @Dorkasour — you're trying to impose your moral standards on @Mrs.Cut by criticizing hers. If she thought masturbation was acceptable, then she wouldn't have presented it as a problem. Her house, her rules.
  16. Beguiling Orbit

    Reliable batteries for Nikon Coolpix L52 camera?

    I tried the Duracell "greenies" a few years ago for my audio recorder. I soon discovered that the charge was only equal to about 70% of a disposable. It was such a hassle to keep changing out the batteries and constantly recharging them that I finally gave up on the idea.
  17. Beguiling Orbit

    24 yr son at home

    I'm curious — who pays for his phone service? If you do, then you're enabling him. Cut off his service. Who bought the phone? Did you? Then take it away from him. Your house, your rules. If he is paying for the service, and bought his own phone, then he most likely has a job. If that's the...
  18. Beguiling Orbit

    So Confrontation didn't go as well as planned

    No doubt I do miss out, but honestly, I just can't maintain more than a handful of relationships at a time over the long term. I did a survey a while back on this forum and found that I'm not alone in that regard. I'm much less likely to avoid people at work (even after conflict) because my job...
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