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  1. Nervous Rex

    I am thinking of creating a database for my movies and games collections.

    Now that you mention it, there's also Google Sheets. You can easily upload an Excel file to Google Sheets or download from Google Sheets to Excel. With Sheets, you can access the file from your smartphone anywhere. If you're an Excel power user, you'll find that Sheets doesn't support some of...
  2. Nervous Rex

    I am thinking of creating a database for my movies and games collections.

    I second Excel. Data entry is easy, sorting is easy, searching is easy.
  3. Nervous Rex

    Anagram sentences

    Coders' credos scored decors.
  4. Nervous Rex

    Always with more questions...this one's about shame

    This. 100% this. I have too many awkward memories to count - all related to me oversharing, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, misunderstanding situations, etc. If I never understood the situation, these would just be "confusing situations". But understanding will dawn on me days, weeks...
  5. Nervous Rex

    Hi there

    Welcome, @JamesKison. I hope you find this forum as welcoming and helpful as I have.
  6. Nervous Rex

    Movies you can watch repeatedly and never grow old.

    I can't even count how many times I've seen the ending but not the beginning, because I will see that it's playing on TV and just watch from wherever it is to the end.
  7. Nervous Rex

    Anyone else have this? (related to heights)

    When I was younger, I had no fear of heights and I loved roller coasters. Now I don't like either. I can't even stand to look at video of people on top of skyscrapers or at cliff tops. I can "attenuate" myself to heights for a short period. For example, I went with my family to Disney's...
  8. Nervous Rex

    Movies you can watch repeatedly and never grow old.

    The Shawshank Redemption The Princess Bride The Lord of the Rings trilogy Stardust Red, Red 2
  9. Nervous Rex

    What is your favorite animal?

    I love cats and dogs. I recently got Instagram because my kids are on it. I follow a few close family members, one friend, and We Rate Dogs. I love seeing all their cute dog pictures!
  10. Nervous Rex

    the person who's too much like you

    I have no idea - I've never met anyone exactly like me. I thought that getting into a team of engineers, I would fit in, but they all make social connections that I don't, play video games that require coordination that I don't have, etc. Even among the nerds, I'm on the edge of society. The...
  11. Nervous Rex

    [American TV] The Rookie...

    I am very interested in watching The Rookie, just because I like Nathan Fillion. I watched Castle all the way through for the same reason. Generally, I'm excited to see anything that the former cast of Firefly is in - it just makes me happy to see them successful in something else. I won't...
  12. Nervous Rex

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  13. Nervous Rex

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  14. Nervous Rex

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  15. Nervous Rex

    Self-diag Aspie at age 58

    People with autism spectrum disorder have a higher rate of addiction than neuro-typical people. Congratulations on 6 years of sobriety! I have also gone from thinking "I'm a bad person" to finally understanding that I am just different. I think a lot of ND's feel like they're "bad people" just...
  16. Nervous Rex

    General Question

    I wouldn't know enough about a childhood diagnosis to help you with whether your child is autistic. However... do remember that all children develop at different rates. The milestones that everyone looks for are just averages - the average child starts walking at X months, talking at Y months...
  17. Nervous Rex

    Tips on How To Handle Small Changes

    One thing that helps me is to consciously decide to accept it. Like, I realize that I have the choice to react in several different ways. I could argue, I could walk away and do nothing, I could go the thing by myself even though everyone else canceled, or I could go with them and do something...
  18. Nervous Rex

    Back behind my lens

    Those are all truly incredible!
  19. Nervous Rex

    Does anyone else ever worry about being made fun of for your special interests?

    Yes. I am a 50 year old man and I fold straws to make random shapes or mini sculptures. I have in my home about a dozen bags of straws that I bought in bulk online, so I can have the right colors and sizes to make what I want. I usually have a straw with me wherever I go so I can fidget with it...
  20. Nervous Rex

    Just finished watching Warehouse 13 for the I-Don't-Know-Many-th time. I cried at the end. I...

    Just finished watching Warehouse 13 for the I-Don't-Know-Many-th time. I cried at the end. I love that show so much.
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