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  1. AO1501

    Communication help for double autistic marriage

    It is a shame that the vast majority of autism worksheets are aimed at children, because what might help here is a worksheet which would allow each of you to define the principle traits of your own autistic strengths and weaknesses, and to each also define what you see of the other's. Then sit...
  2. AO1501

    How do you know if you are sexually compatible with a less experienced person?

    I'd almost be inclined to say that if a 'more experienced' person were to genuinely believe sexual compatibility has anything meaningful to do with levels of experience, they're probably not asking the right question. Inexperience is the place you start, not a problem to resolve.
  3. AO1501

    today i got a referal to asd test and i am freaking out

    Firstly, there's no need to apologize for your English - it's a lot better than many native English speakers! Secondly, an ASD evaluation is just that, it's not something that changes anything, it merely provides an opportunity to find out one specific reason for some, or all, of the...
  4. AO1501

    Communication help for double autistic marriage

    I read that, and I can see the frustration - and if I can see it, there must be a lot. There certainly appears to be considerable blame being aimed from both sides, and no small amount of resentment mixed in there too. I would say that no autistic person has a license to use that as an excuse...
  5. AO1501

    Communication help for double autistic marriage

    The first part of this is certainly possible. As time goes by, I find myself less and less prepared towards flexibility in my approach to something, or my thinking about it. If I catch myself with this mindset, I can - usually do - modify my responses, knowing that the inflexibility isn't a sign...
  6. AO1501

    Communication help for double autistic marriage

    There is, of course, the possibility that he is actually right, and that it is your proposition(s) that are wrong. After all, when you say he is being very black and white, that isn't exactly a choice, it's a fact of his life. It's also odd to expect him to see things from your perspective if...
  7. AO1501

    Stolen ideas ....getting over it

    We should never underestimate the capacity of humans to totally mess up a good idea, usually by trying to monetize it. Look what they did with the internet. That's only a small problem compared to the misuses AI will offer. And students have been cheating in colleges and universities for as...
  8. AO1501

    Stolen ideas ....getting over it

    The thing about cameras everywhere is that the more of them there are, the less they really see. Watching requires that something sees, takes notice, follows, keeps records, and then repeats every day, all the time. Cameras alone don't do this, it requires some form of intelligence behind the...
  9. AO1501

    I need some advice...

    I would agree with @Judge in that case - it isn't that this couldn't work out, but sounds increasingly unlikely. I know that if I was offered help moving, I'd take it because a helping hand is hard to find. As @Outdated said rather eloquently, her loss!
  10. AO1501

    Hi, I’m New Here.

    One thing about the discovery of being on the spectrum: it can tell you a great deal about your uniqueness and strengths, because when you discover who you really are, you begin to discover what you can really do, and the difference you can actually make. The way we are treated by others can be...
  11. AO1501

    I need some advice...

    It sounds like the planned move is a higher priority for her right now - which is not at all uncommon since moving is one of life's major stressful events, and as it approaches it could be overloading. You might ask if you can help her with any of the things she's busy with in the meantime, but...
  12. AO1501

    A Lonely Wave Goodbye

    You're certainly correct in the context of what is known now, but Kanner has been dead since 1981 (the year Wing identified Asperger Syndrome as an autism disorder), and much of what is now known, was built on his work. I don't (personally) know of anyone who recognize only Kanner's work in...
  13. AO1501

    A Lonely Wave Goodbye

    We know a great deal more about autism as a result of Kanner's work than we would do otherwise, but even if that's a quote of his, it doesn't mean he was always right. In the context of autism studies of the time (principally 40-60 years ago) when a diagnosis could still put you into a mental...
  14. AO1501

    A Lonely Wave Goodbye

    Not in any way contradicting your view or thoughts, but just to say that Leo Kanner was a psychiatrist who was one of the primary and early researchers into autism. Much of what we know and understand about autism derives from his work. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Kanner
  15. AO1501

    A Lonely Wave Goodbye

    The idea that we might never know 'who we are' if we don't get a diagnosis before we're 20 can really only be that by then, we have existed in society long enough to have learned masking techniques which eventually disguise the realities of us, even to ourselves. After that point, many of the...
  16. AO1501

    Is having bad social skills offensive.

    Honesty too. NTs seem to use eye contact as a measure of one's probity. Apparently, they think if you make eye contact, it means you're telling the truth, whereas if you don't, you're hiding something. I've heard people on interview panels say things such as 'He seemed very shifty to me'...
  17. AO1501

    Being patient with behaviors neurotypcials do not (generally) tolerate

    I think the point that @Judge made, that 'the reality is that the vast majority of neurotypicals are either indifferent or ignorant of autism altogether' is exactly right, so I don't think there are autistic behaviors that NTs don't tolerate. To me it's rather more simple; that every behavior...
  18. AO1501

    Data Entry

    I did data entry for a few months when I was first allowed to work in the US, and I enjoyed it. It was for a medical facilities company, transposing questionnaire responses from their clients and users into the company's database for satisfaction survey analysis. Very repetitive, very...
  19. AO1501

    Does Autism get Worse as you Age?

    I've just retired from a high-stress 24/7 job where I was definitely noticing my autistic traits worsening. I presumed with age, but as @Atrapa Almas has said, really because I had far less energy and focus, which is age related, but was resulting in a growing sense that the work I was doing was...
  20. AO1501

    Help me understand my teenage aspie

    Sadly, not reaching the actual cause means you can fix a symptom, but not change the problem. Mine refused to go because he 'wasn't being taught anything'. Which was somewhat true, because as a high flying academic achiever, he was far ahead of his classes, and usually teaching himself what he...
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