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  1. Vanilla

    Dating Corner

    Username: Vanilla Gender: Female Age: Currently 35 (Born 1985) Sexuality: Asexual Location: Brisbane, Australia Religion: None Politics: Not big on politics Philosophy: Be good to those who are good to you Obsessions/Interests: Drawing, writing, psychology, some PC gaming (love Fallout 4 and...
  2. Vanilla


    Hi and welcome! :)
  3. Vanilla

    Hi Everyone

    Hi and welcome :)
  4. Vanilla

    The last thing that made you laugh

  5. Vanilla

    The last thing that made you laugh

    Social Distancing at a cafe in Germany
  6. Vanilla

    Interesting read on Empathy

    It might help to know that there are essentially two types of empathy. One being cognitive and the other being affective empathy. Autistics apparently have trouble with one kind, and are a lot better at the other (I forget which, but I'm pretty sure we're better at Affective Empathy)...
  7. Vanilla

    What's the Weather Like Right Now?

    Was a bit of a drizzly night, which made for a bit of a dewy day today
  8. Vanilla


    If trust is something you are struggling with then it could be easier to take baby steps to ease yourself in. For example, rather than saying "I trust this person wholeheartedly", you could start small with "I trust that the person I am considering will/ won't (insert action)". Or with yourself...
  9. Vanilla


    Hey Tyrone :) Hopefully things will start to make a bit more sense once you get a better understanding of things. For a lot of people, learning more about autism creates a sort of light bulb effect, where life suddenly makes sense. Besides browsing through the forums, a good place to start is...
  10. Vanilla

    My new obsession - Binge watching television shows

    I'd daresay allistics do the same, as the term 'binge watching' is a rather common one. I imagine it could simply be more obvious in a person on the spectrum however, should you become quite taken by the shows. I've got Netflix as well, and have had my share of binge worthy shows to keep me...
  11. Vanilla

    I feel like my speech is getting worse.

    Hopefully some of these help - just a few speech exercises and some Dr. Seuss (there are many other books). Working on them daily on a long term basis should help your brain to rewire itself, allowing you to improve your speech.
  12. Vanilla

    The Buddy Bench

    Sorry to hear you two had bad experiences with bullies. I had wondered whether such a problem might arise with the buddy bench, admittedly, but as this place is a tight-knit community and a safe space with mods and admin watching over us, I feel it could work. I hope it helps people be good to...
  13. Vanilla

    The Buddy Bench

    "Vanilla gets up from the bench" - that's me for today, hope you two are well
  14. Vanilla

    Hugging random strangers

    Hugging random strangers
  15. Vanilla

    The Buddy Bench

    Well I wish you all the best with your pet scan. My favourite food is salmon - with crispy skin :) How about you? What's your favourite food?
  16. Vanilla

    The Buddy Bench

    "Vanilla sits back down on the bench" I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you get better, and soon. How long have you been getting treatments for? I'm ok otherwise
  17. Vanilla

    The Buddy Bench

    "Vanilla gets up from the bench for a break - waves at both parties"
  18. Vanilla

    The Buddy Bench

    Forgot to add quote in the last message Always room for on the bench (it's a pretty big bench). How are you?
  19. Vanilla

    The Buddy Bench

    Hey Bolletje, nice to meet you :) My day has been good, I'm pretty happy with how the buddy bench is going so far. Painting is cool, what have you been painting? I also have a cat, though he's pretty old now.
  20. Vanilla

    The Buddy Bench

    I'll get the ball rolling... "Vanilla is sitting on the buddy bench"
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