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  1. Cathartes_aura

    Special Interests (Love In Particular)

    When I was younger, I would state why I was breaking up, and it literally was over, he would want to sit and talk about it, but I didn't see the point, I looked at relationships like mechanical parts, if it doesn't work, you've got the wrong part, but I really should have viewed it as an...
  2. Cathartes_aura

    Special Talent and Interests?

    - Researching anything from microbiology, virology, internet archives, indigenous peoples, material science, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, bio-engineering, structural engineering, paleo-anthropology, history, physics, computer programming, maps, literature, old towns, politics...
  3. Cathartes_aura

    Welcome to the site

    Welcome to the site
  4. Cathartes_aura


    I love thunderstorms, they get pretty rough over here in Texas. When it happens, I usually am outside in it, to get closer to the sounds, I like feeling the sounds against my body, and feel the rain. If it is bedtime, but there is a storm outside, I will leave the windows open, so I can get the...
  5. Cathartes_aura

    Thank you, nice to be here

    Thank you, nice to be here
  6. Cathartes_aura

    Pleased to meet you all....

    Thank you and a big welcome to you as well Susan, I'm still learning all the features on this site.
  7. Cathartes_aura

    I'm new so hi

    Hello, and a big welcome!
  8. Cathartes_aura

    What do you collect?

    I like vultures...thus my screen name
  9. Cathartes_aura

    Hi, I'm Sabrina

    Hello Sabrina, it is nice to meet you...welcome to the site.
  10. Cathartes_aura

    Pleased to meet you all....

    It is great that your sister has a unique spelling of Rachael, in some places that spelling is used too...more so than mine.
  11. Cathartes_aura

    NewBee, hello!

    Welcome Nichol!
  12. Cathartes_aura

    Pleased to meet you all....

    A big thank you to you all, for being so welcoming!
  13. Cathartes_aura

    Pleased to meet you all....

    Thank you. Yes, I have been told that if I at least said "haha" after a joking statement, it would help out others a lot. I'm still working on that.
  14. Cathartes_aura

    Pleased to meet you all....

    Thank you
  15. Cathartes_aura

    Pleased to meet you all....

    I think its hard for a lot of us, if I had to give myself a nickname, it would be "backspace", because I seem to have insecurities with my replies, constantly double checking, triple checking,.making sure not to offend anyone, before pressing the post button
  16. Cathartes_aura

    Pleased to meet you all....

    I thought the only time people weren't sure if they were ok, is if they jumped out of a plane or found out their coupons were expired at the register. I feel that way when sitting in traffic.
  17. Cathartes_aura

    Pleased to meet you all....

    I am well, thank you, and you?
  18. Cathartes_aura

    Pleased to meet you all....

    Hello my name is Rachel. Hope you all have a wonderful day, and I hope to learn, from those around me.
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