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  1. Ephraim Becker

    You’ll find much better inclusion outside of Orthodox Judaism

    I finally went into a conservative synagogue and davened there and felt very accepted. The Rabbi walked me part of the way home since I walked all the way to Woodmere from Far Rockaway and had a very nice conversation with him. I tried the Orthodox minyan downstairs first but I got extremely...
  2. Ephraim Becker

    Conflict with my training friend

    Should I not tell people on the autism spectrum my problems? Should I tell them that I lack cognitive behavior therapy? This is for people I might meet in synagogue tomorrow.
  3. Ephraim Becker

    Suspicious of my every move being tracked

    I feel like my internet is getting filtered wherever I go but very little to not make it obvious. I don’t see many results for autism social groups despite people saying that there’s a lot. Just now, I remembered that my father told me a few months ago that a friend he has at work is male with a...
  4. Ephraim Becker

    Modern Orthodox Autism+ADHD Jew interested in technology and astronomy

    Modern Orthodox Autism+ADHD Jew interested in technology and astronomy
  5. Ephraim Becker

    Anyone overcome narcissism?

    Thank you. But my parents still won't take away the narcissistic label even after I told them that "I think i'm narcissistic".
  6. Ephraim Becker

    Anyone overcome narcissism?

    My parents were saying that i'm narcissistic for years and just came to accept it last night. Did you see that chart? The highlighted is what I have.
  7. Ephraim Becker

    Anyone overcome narcissism?

    Aspergers vs Narccissm
  8. Ephraim Becker

    Anyone overcome narcissism?

    Looks like I have some of both. I want to get rid of the narcissism.
  9. Ephraim Becker

    Anyone overcome narcissism?

    Are there anyone who got over narcissism in this forum? My parents are saying that I’m narcissistic and that I’m very wrapped up in myself all because I’m jealous of people in my neighborhood having an overwhelming a lot of privileges than me which makes me rigid and disrespectful to my parents...
  10. Ephraim Becker

    Autism and computer science

    I'm going for a Computer Science degree right now. I want to go for Astronomy also.
  11. Ephraim Becker

    Which generation are you?

    I'm curious which generation everyone is in? I'm Generation Z. iCloud
  12. Ephraim Becker

    Is there such a thing as low functioning aspergers?

    There was someone I met a few years ago that said that he has aspergers but he seems low functioning. He can't go to places himself and needs a driver to bring him to places instead. He lives in a residence home. He doesn't seem that smart. Can someone have aspergers and still be low functioning?
  13. Ephraim Becker

    Confused about Autism Speaks as a hate group

    “Don't like those who are pagan, wiccan, or not religious” I found this on your profile. Why should someone respect your lgbtq if you can’t respect people who are atheist or not religious?
  14. Ephraim Becker

    Confused about Autism Speaks as a hate group

    Have a sit down with him and explain how you feel. Explain to him why beings made fun of being non-binary means so much to you. Online friends mean nothing. They’re just random strangers on the internet and doesn’t doesn’t know every single perspective. Online friends aren’t real friends. Maybe...
  15. Ephraim Becker

    Confused about Autism Speaks as a hate group

    You should do anything to be friends again with your older brother. I always wanted a sibling that has autism. Maybe make some compromises with him. It’s always good to have someone similar to you that’s a sibling and gets along. Different political views is a ridiculous reason to not be friends...
  16. Ephraim Becker

    Confused about Autism Speaks as a hate group

    Why aren’t you friends with your older brother?
  17. Ephraim Becker

    Confused about Autism Speaks as a hate group

    So Autism Speaks is no longer a hate group and took down all the horrible stuff?
  18. Ephraim Becker

    Confused about Autism Speaks as a hate group

    What Is Asperger Syndrome? | Autism Speaks I came across a link to autism speaks for aspergers and it lists the strengths on the Autism Speaks website and doesn't even mention ABA therapy. For generic autism there's a quote saying " If you've met one person with autism, you've met one person...
  19. Ephraim Becker

    Super annoyed by dark humidity

    I don't think it has anything to do with humidity anymore. It has to do with masturbation. I want this thread closed.
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