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  1. Outdated

    Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

    You beat me to it. I was also going to mention Newton - Cause and Effect.
  2. Outdated

    Post something Weird or Random

    It depends on what you like, that style of keyboard is terrible to type on if you use it a lot. Go in to a large computer store and ask to have a look at a Microsoft 600 wired keyboard. Very nice to type on, and the only Microsoft product that I use.
  3. Outdated

    Electric cars...

    This is a bit off topic but sort of related, new battery technologies. Sodium Ion battery technology: The downside of these batteries first: They take a lot longer to charge up than Lithium Ion. They are no good for handheld tools or cars but they are perfect for energy infrastructure. On the...
  4. Outdated

    Restoring the environment

    If everyone just sat back and waited for others to fix things for them then nothing would ever happen. I like seeing projects like this one take off: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-02-02/ozfish-snapper-habitat-seagrass-meadow-restoration/101913516
  5. Outdated

    Pet Peeves

    A lot of women are prone to this too, I suffer from Grumpy Old Man syndrome.
  6. Outdated

    Pirate Radio Station For Aspies

    For about a year my brother owned a Violent Kombi. Kombi Van is our name for the VW Microbus, his had a hotted up V6 engine and did wheel stands. :)
  7. Outdated

    Post something Weird or Random

    When the state government looked in to pressing charges it turns out that our laws are quite outdated, the maximum penalty is $1000. I think that's about to change quite dramatically. I fail to understand how such a tiny and dangerous thing wasn't in secure and shielded packaging. I have a...
  8. Outdated

    Post something Weird or Random

    They finally found it, just lying on the side of the road. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-02-01/australian-radioactive-capsule-found-in-wa-outback-rio-tinto/101917828
  9. Outdated


    Hi Helena, welcome to the forums. Read other people's posts and join in the conversations, they're all friendly people here. As for acceptance, I found that was fine with strangers but my family and friends I had from childhood just ridiculed me. I don't know those people any more.
  10. Outdated

    Pet Peeves

    My eyebrows aren't very bushy but each one grows about 3 really long curly hairs that always end up poking me in the eye before I rip them out.
  11. Outdated

    Favorite Joghurt (aka Yogurt) Flavors?

    I'm used to talking to people from all over the world and used to different spellings. In Australia we spell it with a Y but still include the H. Yoghurt, In many european languages the J is synonymous with a Y, and in spanish the X is pronounced as an H. A common problem German speaking people...
  12. Outdated

    Small vent

    I'd suggest thinking about other types of work and getting out of retail. I don't know you very well and don't know what sorts of things you have aptitude for, but there will be other jobs out there that are much more suitable for you and probably better paid as well.
  13. Outdated

    Pet Peeves

    You're not going to show us yours first? :) Being interrupted when I'm trying to focus on a project.
  14. Outdated

    Home made junk food

    It used to be a common counter meal in pubs here many years ago - egg and chips. You get 3 fried eggs with runny yolks and a serve of chips and you'd dip the chips in the egg. Turkish friends of mine ran roast chicken shops, they used to save all the stock out of the bottoms of the rotisseries...
  15. Outdated

    Visual Learning

    Maths was my favourite subject, simply because it was so easy. I’d answer every question accurately every time, as the teacher wrote equations up on the board I wrote answers down, I always finished seconds after they did. I always scored 100% in exams. There was very little or no thought in...
  16. Outdated

    Post something Weird or Random

    We get them only in the coldest part of winter, which isn't cold at all by your standards. The two most common sought out by some people are Gold Tops and Blue Meanies. The blue meanies are tiny compared to the gold tops but they pack as much punch as their larger cousins.
  17. Outdated

    Post something Weird or Random

    As teenagers we used to crawl through misty forests in winter looking for mushrooms and we knew exactly what sorts to pick, Australia has two common species of very entertaining mushrooms. A lot of foreigners get tricked by some of our mushrooms here, we have one species that looks exactly the...
  18. Outdated

    Just invite her over for a meal and a movie and see what happens.

    Just invite her over for a meal and a movie and see what happens.
  19. Outdated


    Hi and welcome.
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