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  1. Laughingowl1975

    Words, Phrases and Sayings you heard when you were younger, but don't hear much nowadays

    Ones I no longer hear are: As thick as a two-bob watch - meaning someone who is stupid or useless. Living off a pig's back - to be rich. Stone the crows - exclamation of annoyance Rad - excellent (only heard this in the early 90's) Couldn't lie straight in bed - hopeless at lying
  2. Laughingowl1975

    What is your preference for COLORS & MATERIALS?

    I prefer cotton or similar materials for clothing, I don't like wool (except as socks) and anything that goes round the neck like a turtleneck collar is a big no to me, tight clothing is out too. Shiny nylon-like material is not a favorite and silk is worse, it feels so slippery and weird. As...
  3. Laughingowl1975

    What is the most random song you have ever had stuck in your head for no reason?

    I had this in my head for days after I heard it and it can still stick in there when I hear it again.
  4. Laughingowl1975

    say two true and one not true thing about yourself

    No #2 is the lie, my arms really are that flexible. I'm guessing that #1 is the lie.
  5. Laughingowl1975

    say two true and one not true thing about yourself

    1): I nearly died twice due to severe illness. 2): I accidently hit my mother while having a night terror. 3): I can rotate my arms by nearly 180 degrees.
  6. Laughingowl1975

    Hand flapping.

    I used to hand flapped as a child but I don't do it now. Sometimes I pace but mostly I rub my hands together, smell my hands, rub my knuckles against my mouth or rub my head (if I'm agitated I'll scratch my head vigorously).
  7. Laughingowl1975


  8. Laughingowl1975

    Post something Weird or Random

    A Reedstilt - speculative zoology from the book After Man.
  9. Laughingowl1975

    Bad movies, with a great soundtrack.

    The Black Hole, great soundtrack but terrible and strange movie.
  10. Laughingowl1975

    How many wake up hearing music in their head and lots of racing thoughts?

    I don't know about racing thoughts but I certainty have a noisy mind. Nearly all the time there is music playing, in my head, usually short repeated phrases of a song or tune, I don't lose sleep over it but it can be a bit annoying at times.
  11. Laughingowl1975

    Direct eye contact when interacting with NTs

    I usually make intermittent eye contact and focus on the nose or mouth region (it helps with following what they are saying as well), or I end up staring at some feature of the person (a necklace or a mole). I find the more I like or trust a person the more I can make eye contact also the...
  12. Laughingowl1975

    Infodump about your Special Interests!

    I'm struggling to connect with my special interests due to a bad bout of depression but here goes with my info dump. My interests are Owls, the Titanic, Dinosaurs (Theropods) and the Planets. -- Owls eyes are tubular not round and thus cannot move in the socket, so owls have evolved very...
  13. Laughingowl1975

    Toys you wanted as kids but never got...

    Willy Water Bug, I drove my parents insane obsessing over this, thankfully it was short lived.
  14. Laughingowl1975

    What prevented you from accepting your autism?

    Being told by others that it wasn't Asperger's because they knew someone with it and I didn't match them or to be accused of faking everything outright (mostly by my ex-teachers (so-called) who always told me I knew nothing and deserved to be picked on) or just covering up for being awkward, odd...
  15. Laughingowl1975

    Things you are not good at?

    Sport Silencing my inner critic Believing in myself Controlling my anger and anxiety Concentrating when reading or work Starting conversations Remembering what I have just read or been told Saying no
  16. Laughingowl1975

    A-Z Places

    Mount Maunganui
  17. Laughingowl1975

    Do you think in pictures?

    Both, I usually think with my internal monolouge but I see pictures as well often along with sound or music.
  18. Laughingowl1975

    Hanging on to our childhood likes

    My interests have mostly remained since childhood. I still love G1 Transformers and can name all of them (84 to 87 releases) by heart and their mottos as well.
  19. Laughingowl1975

    Current book(s) you're reading?

    The Moth Catcher by Anne Cleeves
  20. Laughingowl1975

    Creepy thread

    I was out with my telescope quite a few years ago enjoying the clear night sky when I saw two lights move across the sky overhead. I thought it might be just a plane (we often get cessna's beloning to farmers flying over even at night) but there was no sound and there was none of the blinking...
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