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  1. Azul

    A better autism test

    Any kind of question that uses specific examples is a bad question. There's too many variables at play in preferences for it to be truly useful instead of a mere approximation. About languages, I used to be annoyed by misspellings, grammar and accents, but I came to accept the organic nature of...
  2. Azul

    Venting. Pardoning and liking people who have done wrong to us

    I'm thinking in dropping it, honestly. There's no way she'll be never, ever sincere about this. It will probably be a show to try to gaslight me, and nothing else.
  3. Azul

    Venting. Pardoning and liking people who have done wrong to us

    Update: as I said in this thread Intrusive rumination , I was feeling ill from the rumination over it. Today I decided to talk with her. Before I get to it: Although some in this thread got upset with the discussion, the matter isn't simple at all, so it is interesting to see all points of...
  4. Azul

    What are some pivotal research papers you'd recommend reading on ASD?

    Milton Damian, 2012. On the onthological status of autism: the double empathy problem. Seems to be an essential sociological paper on autism. It's a whole new paradigm. . Now, regarding papers that I found relevant or merely interesting, but that I don't know it's impact: I found Janette...
  5. Azul

    What do you think about these autistic characters?

    I never realized Sheldon were supposed to be ND until researching about autism this year. For me he and his friends were just an "awkward nerd" caricature. Two other characters who are supposed to be a more serious representation are Entrapta, from the new She-Ra (praised for it's...
  6. Azul

    Have you learned anything interesting today?

    Artist's paints, like acrylic and oil, still contained them some time ago. We as students learned of lead white and cadmiuns (yellow, orange and red), which are very prominent in painting. I don't know if paints still use toxic metals to this day, but we still are cautious around a few colors...
  7. Azul

    Intrusive rumination

    That's what I feel too. I feel an urge to either find a possible solution, a better scene where all could potentially be resolved, or to fantasize about a better world. One thing that aggravates the feeling is the despair of not being heard, of not having no one to turn to. Having therapy help...
  8. Azul

    Intrusive rumination

    My head is collapsing. I'm ruminating over that teacher's bullying everyday for a year. I can't stand the fight or flight state. Or imaginating she ignoring and disdaining me. This is what most makes me ill. Imagining her indiference. The rumination lasts for a whole day. I can't work nor...
  9. Azul

    Venting. Pardoning and liking people who have done wrong to us

    That some people are like this I learned with the first one, the snake. After she offended me when I questioned a grade, I noticed some teachers started treating me differently. Then I naively asked her if she got angry because of the discussion. She dissimulated, put some words in my mouth and...
  10. Azul

    Venting. Pardoning and liking people who have done wrong to us

    It indeed is hard to make sense of her behaviour and conciliate how she treats others with how she have treated me. To 99% of the students I see her interact with, she's a great and empathetic teacher. She truly cares for them, and not in your typical (or NT), fake and pretending way teachers...
  11. Azul

    Venting. Pardoning and liking people who have done wrong to us

    Sorry! I think I posted in the wrong subforum. I just asked for someone to move it.
  12. Azul

    Venting. Pardoning and liking people who have done wrong to us

    Long story short, I have reasons to believe one teacher used pejorative labels for me for months, indirectly, and also done other forms of subtle provocation. I have suffered greatly this year because of that, but finally I don't have to see this person anymore. I took some courage and called...
  13. Azul

    Hand flapping.

    I never hand flapped, but sometimes, when I'm inside my head or imagining dialogues, I'll pace around, aimless, in the house. Only learned recently it can be a stim. Other things that might be light stimming too are scratching my head and holding and twisting the tip of a blanket, and when...
  14. Azul

    Implicit impoliteness and moral correctness

    Lots of interesting things in your message. About pushing people down as a means of achieving status, just as note of curiosity I mention a study where researchers found that people with high perceived social status didn't smile to other high perceived social status people, but smiled to lower...
  15. Azul

    Implicit impoliteness and moral correctness

    The original question were about "why", although I don't mind reading about the "how", too. Your opinion is welcome. I think what you said is a huge part, too. Calling someone out makes them feel shame due to their self-image. It makes sense that people will be offended.
  16. Azul

    Implicit impoliteness and moral correctness

    @Gerald Wilgus While witty remarks can be implicit, I was referring to cases when the implicit discourse isn't funny even to the sayer. @Rodafina is more on point I think. Also on the part where engaging can be more aggravating to the questioner than the commentator. It's easier to do...
  17. Azul

    Implicit impoliteness and moral correctness

    More of a "rant" post Why do some people think it is perfectly alright to constantly insult someone when it's implicit and indirect, but think it is a scandal to call it out explicitly? Like, the offender will think of themselves like the pinnacle of civilization, all the while throwing...
  18. Azul

    Question about the delimitation of 'autism'

    I'm aware that most people here consider the "autism is in a continuum in humanity" false. But could someone explain for me what is the proof that a brain either is or isn't autistic? Because a few points confuse me: First, as a condition with genetic bases whose most common gene shows up in...
  19. Azul

    Ever present film grain effect, normal for everyone? Normal with autism? Something else?

    I was super scared too. I thought that I was going blind. I don't remember the sensation, but I also felt "dumber" or weary after it.
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