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  1. FromEquestria2LA

    Appearing on a TV game show

    Login | Asperger's & Autism Community - Wrong Planet - I wanted to sort of expand on this recent thread of mine. What are your thoughts on appearing on a TV game show? Me, I'd be excited. :)
  2. FromEquestria2LA

    Going to Japan or Being on Jeopardy!?

    ^ Re: #2: Historically, the show would give out an address mid-show, and sometimes they would announce traveling auditions.
  3. FromEquestria2LA

    Going to Japan or Being on Jeopardy!?

    NOTE: The ! in Jeopardy! name is part of the show's title. ----- Hiya. I wasn't sure whether to put this, so here goes..... I have thought long and hard of going to Japan, fulfilling something that almost happened 18 years ago (I applied to go to Japan with my school, but I didn't make the cut)...
  4. FromEquestria2LA

    Hanging on to our childhood likes

    Hi, all. Not sure whether this is an autism thing or it's my generation (I am in my 30s, w/o being specific); but we tend to hold on to our childhoods longer than any other generation. I mean, I still like Garfield and Clifford the Big Red Dog; it could be because of myself, or how crappy the...
  5. FromEquestria2LA

    Being Focused on What You Want/Repetitiveness

    Hi, all. Well, it seems like I can't go to one of my fave anime convention this November; mostly because my dad is away on vacation, and my mom is afraid of being left alone for a whole weekend, despite the fact we live in a good area. Yeah, I wanted to go, but I guess I gotta know when not to...
  6. FromEquestria2LA

    Where does Your Username come from?

    When I joined, I loved Los Angeles and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Equestria is the world it's set in. I still love L.A, but MLP has faded for me.
  7. FromEquestria2LA

    Count to 1,000

  8. FromEquestria2LA

    Keep a word; replace a word.

    Long haul
  9. FromEquestria2LA

    6 Letter Word Game

  10. FromEquestria2LA

    7 Letter Word Game

  11. FromEquestria2LA

    "My Day of Discovery" - 8 years later

    I forgot to post this Sunday, but here it is: Sunday was "My Day of Discovery". Today is the 8th year anniversary of a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Before I begin, please note that while I've told this story to many people, it's also for the benefit of those who are new to me. What...
  12. FromEquestria2LA

    Shopping @ thrift stores

    Where I'm from, North America, we call these stores "thrift stores". In Europe, they're called "charity stores". But no matter what part of the world you're in, you will be FLOORED as to what you can find in each store. So, with that said, who here are avid 'thrifters'? I am one of those...
  13. FromEquestria2LA

    How did you get into anime?

    Any anime fans in here? Tell me how you got into it. ----- It was a slow evolution for me- first saw Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon in the mid-1990s, then Pokemon in 1998, but then Sailor Moon got me into this fandom to stay in 2000. :D
  14. FromEquestria2LA

    10 years ago, where did you think your life was going?

    Self-explanatory post. ----- Kind of nowhere. I had nothing going for me then, except my love of anime. I was still rough around the edges, and would occasionally get into a few tiffs, but not anymore. I'm more stable now - and I am a better person for it. :)
  15. FromEquestria2LA

    The last thing you bought?

    A Diet Coke, coffee creamer and sugar-free iced tea mix
  16. FromEquestria2LA

    Anybody else here remember video rental outlets?

    Oh, yes. I discovered quite a few movies from them. I miss those days.
  17. FromEquestria2LA

    Pretending to be in another time

    Hi, all. I'm not sure where this goes, but I'll put it here. ----- Do you ever dream of yourself in another time in history? I do, mostly in the 1980s and 1990s, and sometimes from the 1970s. Those were, I think, my favorite periods in history.
  18. FromEquestria2LA

    Who Loves Pizza. Here is an easy and quick recipe!

    I <3 pizza. :D That looks good.
  19. FromEquestria2LA

    E2LA's 2021 Year-End Address

    ^ He is a character from the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist.
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