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  1. L

    Maybe I do need God in my life.

    Many of those rehab places push religion because a force external to the patient's mind can be a very powerful source of accountability. And, since God knows all your secrets, one cannot hide from said external influence. Basically, God is an effigy of a conscience - a tool teaching people to...
  2. L

    Looking for free or low cost online education options.

    There is more film history content on YouTube than you could watch in a lifetime. Binge content on Hitchcock and your feed will fill with relevant videos. This or this is a good start. Hitchcock is especially important for cinema history because he was so proper and well spoken in his many...
  3. L

    OK, this is embarrassing.

    My two cents is to ignore the accusations by the bookkeeper. Some people find weakness in people and relentlessly pound on them just for something to do AND to distract from their own incompetence. I suggest you don't take anything they say as a sincere attempt to communicate. Minimum...
  4. L

    Home made junk food

    The keys to making homemade food taste like takeout are: lots of salt (regular or seasoning salts) and fake cheese (processed cheese product like Velveeta or those individually wrapped slices). Very slightly burning things also adds to the restaurant experience. I've deduced these key things as...
  5. L

    boyfriend broke up with me but instantly regretted it, i accepted him back how do i heal?

    Lots of things in life have no answers. I think this is one thing you should chock up to that. You won't find closure or a solution to this puzzle because these don't exist in this particular case. You are looking for something that isn't there, me thinks. Two things: 1 - I'm going to go out...
  6. L

    boyfriend broke up with me but instantly regretted it, i accepted him back how do i heal?

    When I was younger I used to get stuck in these "thought loops" where I would just kinda circle around an issue or decision. I would collect any info I considered relevant (note not everything was actually relevant) then I would mull over every detail, attempting to predict every outcome...
  7. L

    Did everyone skip 80's nostalgia?

    I guess you all are right: eighties nostalgia has not been skipped and is a healthy part of culture. After some digging and thought I realized I hadn't "missed" eighties nostalgia, it had missed me. These days marketing is instantaneous and targeted with no limits on who can see what ads...
  8. L

    Did everyone skip 80's nostalgia?

    I daily a '94 Ford pickup. The headers are cracked and leak, the steering has a dead spot in it where it feels like it's not connected, the shocks barely do anything because the springs are so stiff, and it sucks to drive downtown because it's slower than everyone else wants to go. I'm always...
  9. L

    Did everyone skip 80's nostalgia?

    Huh. Maybe it's there but niche enough I don't see it. I mean, I was alive in the eighties and have always preferred shows from that era. I just don't see that stuff represented today. Maybe my issue is everything had been retcon'd or seen through rose tinted glasses. But, from what I can...
  10. L

    Did everyone skip 80's nostalgia?

    The fifties, sixties, and seventies all have well defined nostalgic markets. The Victorian era has it's devotees that wander into early Twentieth Century territory. Even Civil War reenacting is still popular. But the eighties seem to have been skipped over by the mainstream. Actually, it seems...
  11. L

    Lying and gaslighting

    IMO, ND's have the potential to be the best at lying because they are not aware of the social prompts that cause NT's to "lie." Normies lie to fit in, compete for status, or to accomplish something specific. ND's think about lies in a very different way, being more of a logic puzzle that often...
  12. L

    Lying and gaslighting

    Abusive behavior is abusive behavior, and should be addressed instead of excused. But, I will say that I see a lot of what people say and do as lies. Even insignificant interpersonal interactions are filled with dishonest feelings, omissions, and half-truths. For example, if someone asks how...
  13. L

    Entering the world of online dating, but wanting to be safe about it.

    All the otters I know are into that stuff.
  14. L

    Convenience Versus Variety ?

    This is a question of economics: time, energy, attention, yada yada. 39 years ago people had how many electrical devices to use? And now how many? Add on the attention required to keep up with social media and you've got a populace too busy to master anything in their life. Saving money on...
  15. L

    Seeking some advice to help my brother in law and family

    So, um...I don't think there is anything you can do. Or anyone can do, really. From your post it sounds like this guy is aware that those around him will change their behavior based on what he says and does, so he is manipulating others to a certain extent. And, let's face it, he couldn't have...
  16. L

    Where does everyone get their inspiration for their profile banner?

    Pretty cool. That doesn't even have a solid-state rectifier.
  17. L

    New Song WTYM

    I've wanted a drum set for over a decade. We just don't have the room for it. If we did, though... Anecdotal story: I owned a bass for almost a year and was totally uninspired. It just wasn't what I'd imagined and I only kept it because it looked great on the wall. I thought the bass was no...
  18. L

    "Curing Autism", this bothers me

    There are two big contributors to this behavior in "true believers" whether they be religiously or politically motivated. 1) They believe whatever they do in the name of their cause is intrinsically good. Even if they are concentrating on something they have no business delving into or speaking...
  19. L

    New Song WTYM

    I remembered the guitar (it's strikingly handsome) and thought it was too expressive in the mix to be generated. But, as I listened to the song, I thought to myself "These bass notes are the same. Same timbre. Same sustain. Definitely the same bass notes. Definitely, definitely the same." And so...
  20. L

    Was Jeff Beck one of us.

    And a dying group. While many pop stars play guitar (Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and H.E.R. (who just released a signature Fender Stratocaster)) there are no more guitar heroes. But, many people still play the guitar and are very, very good. Since pop music has gotten away from playing instruments...
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