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Sep 16, 2019 at 4:50 AM
Aug 27, 2017
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owo uwu owo SlightlyFilterless Atheist Science=<3, Female, 28, from Land of the Vampirrr (Transylvania, Romania)

Dozens Rilakkuma floating smoothly over the horizon. Jul 3, 2018

Rexi was last seen:
Sep 16, 2019 at 4:50 AM
    1. Adora
      Hi Rexi thank you for the follow.
      1. Rexi likes this.
    2. Streetwise
      I'm allergic to chocolate
      1. tree
        @Streetwise Really? I don't eat it, myself. I am allergic to caffeine and have had hives before when I ate chocolate. Also chocolate has sugar and sometimes cow milk in it, and I can't use those things.
        Jul 10, 2018
        Streetwise likes this.
      2. Rexi
        Ahh that would be difficult. I cant stand coffee, but no allergies that i know of, maybe onion and beer. My stomach doesnt always agree with them, onion makes me feel bloated.
        Jul 10, 2018
    3. Streetwise
      Thanks for the follow
      1. Rexi likes this.
    4. Rexi
      Dozens Rilakkuma floating smoothly over the horizon.
    5. Rexi
      Camels walk so smoothly that they don't get caught into quicksands. That is the real catwalk or butterfly float.
      1. Sabrina and Butterfly88 like this.
    6. Rexi
      Are fish in the water truly feeling like fish in the water? What is this Pollution?
    7. Rexi
      I dislike people when they call others dumb, especially when they do it on a site like this.
      1. Butterfly88 likes this.
      2. Butterfly88
        I agree 100%
        Jun 7, 2018
    8. Rexi
      If you wanna be my friend you gotta do what I want, b'cause I've been spending all my risks doing what you need. I grew tired and weak.
    9. Rexi
      Social awk/anxi pers having a HiFunctAut LDR boyfriend who kept trying to be diagnosed but they diagnosed him with other things, not autism.
    10. Rocco
      Greetings :)
      1. Rexi likes this.
    11. Streetwise
      they live(d)about 10 houses up the street from me! then 2 years ago they decided to sleep in my house and eat as well, it happened at different times socks was last hes so nervous .
      i think they were hit by a vehicle before they lived here- they run if a car is near to them
      they are hypervigilant like me .
      1. Rexi likes this.
      2. Rexi
        Aww poor darling kitties! It's good they approached you, seems they can trust you and accept shelter.
        Sep 7, 2017
        Streetwise likes this.
    12. Streetwise
      Phoebe the cat in the avatar was nervous before she lived with me ,the bigger cat socks is also very nervous don't know what happened to gizmo phoebes son -they are all nervous
      1. Rexi
        Oh, that's sad. Did any of them still stay around there?
        Sep 6, 2017
    13. Rexi
      Cetaceans are some of the most intelligent as well as affectionate creatures.
      1. Butterfly88 likes this.
    14. Streetwise
      Just watch burrowing owls on YouTube
      1. Rexi
        Fascinating. Hoppity-hop.
        Aug 28, 2017
    15. Streetwise
      Love The avatar welcome to AC /AF Love burrowing owls
      1. Rexi
        Thank you, they are pretty silent and interesting, often depicted to hang around smart people. xP
        Aug 28, 2017
    16. Rexi
      If night owls sleep in day time, why do owls not sleep at night?
      1. Streetwise
        It's an old wives tale some owls hunt day or night some active nocturnally
        Aug 28, 2017
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    Mar 1, 1991 (Age: 28)
    Home Page:
    Land of the Vampirrr (Transylvania, Romania)
    Diagnosis Status:
    Not Sure
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    Hello there! I'm from Central Europe, I have an interest in autism and I love talking to different people as well as reading and discussing their stories.

    I can relate very well to the social aspect of autism as I've been outcasted and felt I couldn't make friends, I didn't need or was interested in making friends since elementary, am an indoor person, extremely silent in real life even when I'm highly required not to be and would have benefits or good grades if I would be, I am also an introvert, awkward, anxious and very shy in public as well as having a strong preference to work alone and undisturbed.

    I enjoy being supportive and having entertaining and enlightening conversations, although I might not be in theme with most books and games or a good support for some autists although I try.

    Whaa-? Since you're still reading I'm going to tell you a bit more about my relation to autism. I have been in a long distance relationship with two people with HFA (being the multiple interests type, not Asperger's) who have been a wonderful as well as difficult experience, there have been misunderstandings and times one was irritated with me for what I thought to be "no reason," I felt inferior from a smarts point of view because he would get angry with "dumb people" generally and I was unable to please and comfort him (he has high requirements for what he dislikes but doesn't know what he needs and wants), but he's very important to me, we're very close.

    We made progress through communication and time and patience helped him open up and us both learn.

    The first HFA I dated introduced me to autism. The talks we had sparked an interest about the mind and unique nature of Low Latent Inhibition bearers. Ever since that event took place, I started discovering friends with autism whom I didn't know were autistic and have made new autist best friends. I wasn't able to rely on all of them but I can like some very much and hold them as high as best friends. The fact they're autistic as a first thing to know gives me comfort and safety, I trusted my exes a lot so they made a very significant impression compared to the rest of the people I met/dated. I'm now a bit obsessed about auties, yet can also be a little uneasy about them, I mostly don't know how to react.

    I score high enough on all ASD tests to be on the spectrum, but I don't have SPD except to some real life touch from people I don't have an emotional connection with, some fabrics and labels, water in my eyes, hot [peppery] foods, sweet smells when I'm eating salty foods. When my clothes aren't sitting well on me, I need to make them sit well on my skin because they bother me.

    I'm also clumsy with movement and body posture. I often bump my legs/feet into things, you could say I have two left feet and I'm not good at keypress-as-indicated games. I get laughed at for looks, posture, behavior and speaking weird things almost all the time since elementary. I shower with goggles due to my eyes getting irritated and red when water gets into them, but this might be due to my body rather than a mental sensory sensitivity. I'm quite eccentric in looks, I don't want to be boring and like to try new challenging styles I make or ones which my country isn't aware of, but other times I just dress in old time, manly, baggy and very comfy/practical for weather clothes. I also value simplicity in style. I can't fake lovely with people and am often misunderstood and disliked, or liked for no reason till they find my quiet demeanor and unusual behavior weird. I'm a bad liar and secret keeper. I often don't know what to say even if I have thoughts on the matter, I stall and try to decide whether to say it or not. I'm pretty bad at replying to strangers in rl, it startles me. I'm a slow thinker/focuser. I can't fit in with most people and especially groups. I prefer to walk behind others, even men. I dislike making eye contact and looking away makes it easier to focus on my thoughts; I'm told this is because of my social anxiety.

    Weird pets?

    Must just love the separate brain of cetaceans which is entirely focused on their ever intriguing and fascinating emotion. Perhaps it helps them function as one, in the group, even though other types of social marine life do not share this structural feature.

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    :rabbit:AQ - 33; :rabbit:EQ - 33; :rabbit:INFJ-T (Advocate)
    :rabbit:RDOS - 134 towards Autism; :rabbit:RAADS - 132
    :rabbit:Reading the Mind in the Eyes - 26/36
    :rabbit:Faces/Voices - 60%, 28% = 44%
    :rabbit:TFIS - 50 (proportionate spontaneous/controlled)​
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