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  • There are certain topics that I can’t talk about

    Every time I talk about those topics, I’m furious and I get violent

    I tried for so long to not touch them but I’m at a boiling point
    You need to let go of anger so that you aren't a statistic that we read about. Anger serves no purpose.
    You will suffer. It's better to take that anger and channel it to a better cause. It shows you have matured and strive to be better.
    I no longer feel welcomed on this site

    So I can’t speak about issues that bothers me

    Why do people keep roasting me for having an opinion

    Again, enough is enough. I’m out
    I agree, you could use a time out.
    Hope you use your time productively.
    Once you see what’s going on, you know most are dummies

    I hate the direction society is going. I don’t give energy to people, I don’t waste my time
    The question I ask myself: do I yearn love

    Answer is always a yes and no

    It’s not a question I should answer
    Ever since I started blogging, I have gotten extra cautious with words

    I don’t want to mess with the flow nor do I want to reveal too much

    Being introverted is the best. I don’t need to communicate with others. I am more emotionally stable as a result
    After all these years I still have trouble dealing with changes

    I have a routine I stick to and I rarely change
    I don’t know why but I feel hungry at night

    I don’t know if this is a circadian rhythm thing or what not

    Or maybe because I don’t eat breakfast
    A question to ponder: what will you do if you won 50 million?

    For me, I haven’t thought about it but I doubt I will spend much as I’m happy with life and don’t need a lot to be satisfied

    I don’t know if I will spend it on women as I don’t think I need anyone

    What will you guys do with the money
    I refuse to play the lottery since everybody who wins any sizable amount of money inevitably ends up spending it on flashy junk, being constantly harassed for money, being sued by pretty much everybody, and in the end the money is all gone and they are a gutter dopehead shooting up xylazine in a tent in a park. Jesus said that money is the root of all evil, and it's true.
    I'd rather be poor and anonymous for the rest of my life, one of those people whose dead body is only discovered when the investor who bought the foreclosed house comes across the skeleton in the bedroom. I don't want anybody to care that I'm alive or dead. That's why I'm out here.
    Don’t know if this is normal or not but..

    I’m going to Florida next month for three days

    The issue is, as I believe it, I’m starting to forget about everything

    I’m so focused on the present and my day to day activities, I’m starting to worry I might forget to pack my bags
    Alright. Florida. If you are coming to Sarasota side, let me know.
    I’m going to Orlando
    Just set an alarm on your phone for the day/time you need to pack.
    For those who write blogs like me, I have a question: how many days do you put out new work?

    I can put it out daily, grind but I don’t want to spam my content

    What’s a good time to put out content, every two days, every three days?
    Forest Cat
    Forest Cat
    I think that as long as the content is good, you can't update the blog too often. People like new stuff, makes them come back. But every two days is ok. maybe even every three days.
    I usually post every two days. I might stretch it to three but still experimenting
    I normally don’t promote my work but here’s my blog for those that are interested

    I cover a variety of topics and update every two to three days with new work

    Yeah that’s it
    At the end we are all human

    Yeah we are different but we are really not that different

    I respect everyone who respects me
    Just realized something: relationships aren’t meant for me and will never be

    Fact is I’m prepared to die alone

    Truth is I deserve to be loved but I won’t be as I’m not outgoing and I’m not boastful
    I don’t know if this is an aspie trait but..

    I’m started to think maybe I’m too self centred and self absorbed

    Given I’m single, I focus on myself 90% of the time. Hard to focus on others when there’s no one to focus on
    I don’t know if I’m the only one feeling this way but I consistently feel like hiding

    I don’t know. I don’t feel safe in public

    I’m very private and I don’t reveal myself, unless it’s with people I trust

    Anyways, yeah, that’s about it
    I’m in a bad place mentally

    I’m confused

    On one hand, being isolated is not a good feeling but on the other, I really don’t want to waste time on people that’s irrelevant

    Women frustrates me. People too
    Sorry about that. Sounds like a bit of a struggle right now.
    Shake my head

    They asked me if I’m a resident of the building

    Dude why is it so hard to stay low key?

    I don’t want to brag, is that a problem?
    Looks do play a role in how people respond to and interact with another person's prescence.

    It seems unfair on the surface but it can be credited to our instinct of survival. We tend to avoid things and people that remind us (even subconsciously) of an object or person that has harmed us in the past.
    I picked a beautiful flower once but it had tiny tiny little prickliest that you don't feel until a few minutes later. There is another plant that looks similar to the Silver Leaf Nightshade but it isn't even related. I avoided both plants until I took a native plants class and learned about the other plant.
    It's easier to fix our object perceptions but not so easy to fix our perceptions of humans because humans are unpredictable. Would you agree?
    Had a bad experience at an restaurant today

    I was forced to tip

    It was only 2 dollars as I gave them 10%, but still it’s a bad look

    I feel terrible, I have to do something to make this up
    @Forest Cat I feel bad for tipping

    I don’t just give my money away for free. You want it? Earn it, don’t expect it
    It's unfortunately become quite the norm. Maybe not forced tipping, but tipping in general is. It's turned earning wages into a joke at any restaurant that supports tips. People get paid so little that tips are they only way to earn a decent amount of money. Those that force tipping are particularly extreme examples of this.
    Forest Cat
    Forest Cat
    You feel bad for giving away two dollars? It's two dollars. Don't feel bad, it could be worse.
    Weekdays and weekends, it doesn’t matter sometimes

    It can be a Monday and I might just have a chill day, playing video games and watching YouTube

    It can be a Sunday and instead of having a funday, I might just start working

    I don’t have to work like others. I’m already set
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